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Thursday, April 24, 2014

HOAX EXPOSED: Full Clip Of Cliven Bundy’s Non-Racist, Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican, Anti-Government Remarks vs Liberal Media version


HOAX EXPOSED: Full Clip Of Cliven Bundy’s Non-Racist, Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican, Anti-Government Remarks vs Liberal Media version



In the full video Bundy explain how we need to keep things from going backwards for black Americans, and how the Federal government has created a neo-slave class via entitlement dependency that is so bad it is arguably worse than plantation slavery was.

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In the full video you can see that Cliven Bundy is not saying that black people should be slaves picking cotton. He is saying that the Federal government has created conditions so terrible for them that their current situation may actually be worse.

He is not blaming black people for the issues of abortions, crime and broken families. He is blaming the government. This is not racist. This is an advocate for the welfare and best interests of black people. He feels that the government is holding them down.

Just as important, at the end of the video he gives passionate praise and defense of hispanic illegal aliens, praising them for “better family structures than most white people.”Of course the liberal media loves to paint people as racist.

Ask yourself, why would a “racist” say some Mexican families are better than white families when it comes to family values? I guess the sheep will follow the leader anywhere.

Watch the un-edited video:

Now watch the liberal media’s edited version:


I Will add additional information that Star Parker has written on this topic, as millions have this same question that Bundy put forth here. Her remarks are in her book but here is a web and some information on it. 

BiographyBuy from
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Uncle Sam's Plantation: How Big Government Enslaves America's Poor and What You Can Do About It Support CURE's mission and get an autographed copy of Star Parker's book.
America has two economic systems: capitalism for the rich and socialism for the poor. This double-minded approach seems to keep the poor enslaved to poverty while the rich get richer. Let’s face it, despite its $400 billion price tag, welfare isn’t working.
The solution, asserts Star Parker, is a faith-based, not state-sponsored, plan. In Uncle Sam’s Plantation, she offers five simple yet profound steps that will allow the nation’s poor to go from entitlement and slavery to empowerment and freedom. Parker shares her own amazing journey up from the lower rungs of the economic system and addresses the importance of extending the free market system to this neglected group of people. Emphasizing personal initiative, faith, and responsibility, she walks readers toward releasing the hold poverty has over their lives.

Uncle Sam's Plantation: How Big Government Enslaves America's Poor and What You Can Do About It
Star Parker - Uncle Sam's Plantation:  How Big Government Enslaves America's Poor and What You Can Do About It
Star Parker - Uncle Sam's Plantation:  How Big Government Enslaves America's Poor and What You Can Do About ItStar Parker, freedom fighter and social policy activist, has written a blistering indictment of today's culture of government dependency.
"Uncle Sam's Plantation: How Big Government Enslaves America's Poor and What You Can Do About It" traces the benign origins of the welfare state and its evolution into a $400 billion plus monstrosity of programs that effectively enslave America's poor.
Parker, a former welfare mother, has seen first hand the damage that a life of dependency renders. Years of massive government spending have left America's inner cities in shambles, black families destroyed, and youth uneducated and directionless.
It's time to cut our losses, get government and bureaucrats out of the way, and return our precious and limited resources to where Americans know how to use them best - to the control of private citizens. Perpetuation of the lie, says Parker, that government programs can solve the problems of individuals has left a generation of black Americans with a loss of a sense of self, hope, and responsibility.
In Uncle Sam's Plantation, Parker reveals how:
  • The welfare system enslaves the poor on a subsidized, legal plantation
  • The left and right continue to look in error to government approaches to poverty
  • Government undermines the framework of morality and values without which poverty and adversity cannot be overcome
  • Politicization of welfare, education, our tax system, and our retirement system perpetuates the cycle of poverty
"Thirty-five years of Great Society social engineering have forced the disadvantaged to live under the control of the federal government.
Politicians control their housing, their food supply, their schooling, their wages, and their transportation.
A centralized government makes decisions about their childcare, healthcare, and retirement. It controls their reproduction through abortion and wants to control their deaths through euthanasia."
Through the welfare system, "Uncle Sam has developed a sophisticated poverty plantation, operated by a federal government, overseen by bureaucrats, protected by media elite, and financed by the taxpayers. The only difference between this plantation and the slave plantations of the antebellum South is perception."

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Sean Hannity

Star Parker rocks the world. She is an iconoclast that must be listened to and reckoned with.

Rush Limbaugh

Daniel Patrick Moynihan's identification, in 1965, of the self-destructive roots of the Welfare State was prophetic. Star Parker's new book seizes on this theme, adds her personal sense of "been there and done that" and casts new light on the redemptive power of freedom.

George Gilder

In Uncle Sam's Plantation, Star Parker has written her declaration of independence from the grand illusions, slippery safety nets and moral muddles of the Welfare State. In this compelling and inspirational book, she presents a devastating critique of the socialist plans of the welfare bureaucrats and blasts into orbit her fireworks of faith, family and freedom like an angelic avenger.

Larry Kudlow

Star Parker's important new book helps advance the understanding-critical for all Americans-that prosperity does not come from government and politics, but results from men and women of character and high moral fiber living and working in freedom.

Rosey Grier

I have known Star Parker for almost 20 years. Her background gives her the experience to challenge us to get off the fence and get involved in creating a better society for all. I admire her for speaking up and expressing her fresh and compelling ideas. She is not striving to be popular; she is striving to be right. We all should be open to read and to learn from Uncle Sam's Plantation.

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