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RENO, Nev. (AP) — U.S. Bureau of Land Management officials said they agree with a Nevada sheriff’s position that rancher Cliven Bundy must be held accountable for his role in an April standoff between his armed supporters and the federal agency.

Rancher Cliven Bundy speaks at a news conference near Bunkerville, Nev., Thursday, April 24, 2014. (Image source: AP/Las Vegas Review-Journal, John Locher)
Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Bundy crossed the line when he allowed states’ rights supporters, including self-proclaimed militia members, upon his property to aim guns at police.
The case remains under investigation and the bureau is “working diligently to ensure that those who broke the law are held accountable,” bureau spokeswoman Celia Boddington said in a statement Saturday.
But she disputed Gillespie’s contention that the agency mishandled a roundup of Bundy’s cattle 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas, which was thwarted by Bundy and his armed supporters.

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Why hold him responsible for his actions when every other Government agency and Government employee is allowed to lie, cheat, steal, falsify and delete data at their slightest whim?
After all… Bundy isn’t even an elected representative. He’s just protecting his legal business from Federal intrusion.

So let me get this right. It’s okay for Feds to point their weapons and civilians, but it’s not okay for civilians to point their weapons at Feds?
Forget that. Screw the tyrants. Support Bundy!

Actually, he’s protecting his business from ILLEGAL fed intrusion, as the federal government (per the Enclave clause) DOES NOT “OWN” THE WEST. Neither does the BLM have ANY AUTHORITY TO EVEN EXIST!
THANKS Beck, for throwing Bundy under the bus! You really showed the world WHO’S SIDE YOU’RE ON, when it comes to LAWFUL INDIVIDUAL VS. LAWLESS GOVERNMENT.

The Government is allowed to do all these things you’ve posted and more, it’s just you and I (and everyone else in the country) that are are not allowed to do these things.
The Government will go to this Man’s House (Mr.Bundy), in the middle of the night, the government will say they went there to arrest him, but they will kill everyone, just to make a point……………….

How exactly under the law does that work? Unless Bundy asked individuals to do it he cannot be implicated for the actions of individuals acting on their own. What was his crime? Allowing strangers to hang out on his property? When did that become a crime? Unless they find evidence to implicate him in conspiracy they are just making up the ‘law’ as they go. If they can do this then cannot everyone working in government (and for the airlines involved) on 911 be held accountable for allowing terrorists to hijack jets and murder ~3,000 innocent citizens? We know several agencies had information prior to 911, and agencies allowed them entry into the country. Are they therefore not also accountable? Seriously, where does the line get drawn. This government is violating the law and the Constitution every day, ignoring law they choose to and making up laws on their own as it suits their purpose. The story says they want to hold Bundy responsible for the actions of others. As far as I can see Bundy allowed strangers to inhabit his land as self defense knowing the more around him the safer he was. He was surrounded by agencies destroying his property and shooting his cattle while they hired rustlers to cart them away. In that situation who wouldn’t feel there is safety in numbers. Did Bundy at any time point a weapon at anyone? Why then charge him for the actions of others. He had no control over such a large crown of strangers each with their own agenda.

BTW, the Bundy Ranch is located in Mesquite, NV. My son and daughter-in-law live there. We went to see them in May. He took us through the ranch, and militia members where still hanging around several weeks after the incident. They waved and smiled as we drove by and we waved and smiled right back at them. Let’s face it, like it or not, the militia are our very last line of defense against tyranny.

Really? Than i expect the Sheriff to arrest every law breaker in the federal government that is in Nevada.
They are just pissed that someone had the balls to stand up to them and tell them to F-off

Wasn’t this the same sheriff that said supporters better make funeral plans? If it is, it’s clear where he stands

I sure hope they do arrest all the law breakers here.
It would create a lot of job openings at BLM. Theft. Tresspass, Assualt, Battery, Unlawful detention. Just to name a few.
I will ask here again. Why does BLM, NEA, EPA, FAA, FDA or any other federal agencies besides the FBI have a swat team? Why do they have any police powers. They are regulatory agencies! Defund all federal police powers not under the FBI now.

Well, isn’t this a$$ backwards. They aim guns at him WELL BEFORE any militia showed up They KILL his cattle and now HE’S the villian? SERIOUSLY!!??

I fully agree with 10:37pm post when he stated: “They are just pissed that someone had the balls to stand up to them and tell them to F-off”.
I’ve stated before on this site that what REALLY infuriated the feds about the Bundy situation was that those armed patriots who showed up to stand in solidarity with Bundy exposed a deep dark secret that the feds desperately wanted to keep hidden from the American people; that if people are willing to take a stand, especially an ARMED stand, against the federal government, that the feds really ARE scared of a firefight with the American people DESPITE all the armament they have been accumulating in the last few years.
The response of those armed patriots who came to the Nevada desert clearly caught Obama TOTALLY by surprise and he didn’t know WHAT to do, so he meekly backed down.
The plain and simple fact is, the feds were running a bluff in the Bundy situation – and those armed patriots CALLED it and caught the feds completely with their pants down.
And what REALLY scares the feds NOW is that, as we saw earlier this week in Murrieta, CA, the spirit of successful defiance to the federal government that was on display in the Nevada desert is starting to spread like a wildfire among the American people.
The feds WANTED us to think they’re a bunch of automatons with ice water in their veins who would kill us robotically if we dare defy them. The Bundy standoff exposed this as a big fat lie.

Here is the admission by the Feds that the property belongs to Bundy, “when he allowed states’ rights supporters, including self-proclaimed militia members, upon his property to aim guns at police”. Case closed, they just made the original argument null and void. How can you hold him accountable for allowing militia on his property that he doesn’t really own because it belongs to the federal government? The government screws up again! LOL!

The Feds were trespassing on Bundy’s property and they were stealing and killing his property that HE was cultivating and making usable. They admitted their guilt when they reversed and backed away, whether that was at gunpoint is debatable. I don’t recall anyone raising a weapon at all. What DID happen was a bunch of Americans showed up and the Feds were caught red handed. They have yet to be held accountable. Like the irs, like the state dept, like the so called ‘justice dept’ and yes, like CORPORATIONS – Govt agencies are made up of PEOPLE and it is time Govt be held to the same legal standards and punishments.

Before Bundy faces swift and sure justice, could we have a little for Obama, Hillary, Holder, Jarrett, Lerner and Mr. Reid? Or are they permanently above the law?.

Given that Bundy may be his own worst enemy, it is still shameful the way Beck, Reid, and the media has indulged in some of the most low life character assassination of this man possible. They have twisted his words, edited his video, and displayed a childish vindictiveness to this day. Blaze & Beck, you have lost so much credibility over this feeble old man, did Harry pay you enough to make it worth the loss of trust with your audience? You have put Bundy through the same treatment MSNBC put George Zimmerman. We would have thought you were “bigger” than this being such a high moral character Christian icon and all. Apparently not. What the hell is wrong at the Blaze? Has Media Matters taken over? Is Soros calling the shots? Reid will not be happy till the Bundys are dead and he can give the land to his Chinese masters. Beck, are you going to help Reid kill him? Looks like it. Looks like you’ve joined the club that “punishes their enemies.”

Meanwhile, the political class gets away with murder:
Bill and Hillary Clinton should be in prison for crimes against humanity for what they did to their fellow citizens at Waco, TX, on April 19, 1993. The Waco Massacre and church burning (it was not a “compound,” it was their church),was the most brutal, heinous violation of civil, human and Constitutional rights in this nation’s history. Innocent men, women and children were attacked with tanks, poison gas (CS gas turns to cyanide when heated) and burned alive. Those who ran from the church were machine-gunned as documented in the movie “Waco, The Rules of Engagement.” If you doubt how bad this was consider that you never hear the left stream media talk about it. They want it erased from history but this memorial site will remain forever:
www . wizardsofaz . com/waco/waco2 . html
And if that weren’t bad enough, Clinton’s thugs then stuck a machine gun in the face of a 5 year old boy and sent him to the communist gulag known as Cuba: www . therealcuba . com/elian_gonzalez . htm
Let’s hope Clinton isn’t teaching President Prompter too many of his old tricks!
Here is a list of the children murdered at Waco:
Lisa Martin 13, Sheila Martin, Jr. 15, Rachel Sylvia 12, Hollywood Sylvia 1,
Joseph Martinez 8, Abigail Martinez 11, Crystal Martinez 3 Isaiah Martinez 4
Audrey Martinez 13, Melissa Morrison 6, Chanel Andrade 1, Cyrus Koresh 8
Star Koresh 6, Bobbie Lane Koresh 2, Dayland Gent 3, Page Ge

And WHO? will hold the Sheriff / Fed agencies for their CRIMES against the Bundy Family? Terroristic threats / actions / killing cattle for fun / arresting family members on no charge but for FUN and entertainment value and to send threat messages, for actions NOT in their charter, for breaking their own rules / laws, for Breaking their Oaths of Office and Constitutional laws.. who shall have the courage to stand, to demand the feds harry reid who will profit from the destruction of the Bundy ranch in the millions, who will hold them accountable for their Evil actions upon a rancher? Note the leaders of the BLM have been implicated already in the deaths of others by their terrorist actions in Utah, the BLM & EPA both have lead to deaths, starvations, and destruction of business, property, livestock, crops in the states of California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and it continues… their Anti American agenda’s and pro agenda 21 UN etc. is in violation of their oaths of office. they are as the puppet army of hitler, stalin, mao, during their reigns of terror where over 1 hundred + Millions died… that is the issue, that is the wrongs done, not to a defender of his lands against tyrany for profit.They drew 1st blood, they used mercinary hires to destroy / and threatened / had orders to Kill ALL the Bundy men on site.. this is not new.Tyrantical Gov now has egg on face so they must punish those who Exposed their Crimes. Who will stand now? will anyone be left when YOU are targeted.

There’s an old country song, “I fought the law and the law won”, is more then just a country song, it’s the absolute truth today.
No one goes up against the Federal government and wins. Everyone in the judicial system is paid with tax dollars and will always come down on the side of the government. Everyone, from the dog catcher to the judge. Government employees never bite the hand that feeds them (signs their pay check).
If that isn’t a big enough advantage, the cost of court will finish even Donald Trump off at some point.
See the government can spend whatever it takes, taxes (you) pay for it, but the poor sap looking for justice gets drained and usually in a short time. The government can lose and appeal until anyone not a rich as Donald Trump is bankrupt.

Cliven Bundy was and is right about negroes in America today. They were better off as slaves than they are on the current Democrat plantation. Isn’t it funny how p_ssies like Glenn Beck go running at the slightest mention of racism? What Cliven Bundy said was not racist! What the Democrats are doing every day to the Black community is totally racist. The Feds are sorely mistaken if they think they can go after Cliven Bundy. He has a LOT of people in America behind him and supporting him against the continuing Federal attack on our freedoms

(go visit for more comments, there are some that are against Bundy's as well. I find it interesting that most of the media if not all were wrong in their reporting of this, very few got it right, I have posts on this blog many of them about what was happening, I sought out all sides, and found truth, so why me a normal person unpaid for sharing can find things, yet those who are paid extreme amounts of $$$ to do the same thing are unable to discover the Truth of the Bundy Ranch Stand Off? that is a very good question, either they found it, then refused to report it, or chose to disregard the truth for their Own agenda's, reporting in American media sure has disapeared, even for it would seem.)