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Monday, October 13, 2014

Ted Nugent Has Something to Say About Islam and You Should Read It [FULL TEXT]

Ted Nugent Has Something to Say About Islam and You Should Read It [FULL TEXT]

World-renowned rock musician Ted Nugent has written another column that’s bound to have liberals cursing his name again.
According to BizPacReview, Nugent’s latest piece warns Americans that their nation is in serious trouble and that the November midterm elections may be the country’s last chance to save itself.

“Everything good about America is in a dire, suicidal tailspin into hell,” he wrote, “and none of America’s ailments has anything to do with coincidence.”

“The Republicans aren’t exactly the knights in shining armor, but compared to the Democrats, they could very well be the only chance we have,” to protect the individual liberties that make America exceptional, he wrote.
Check out the list of items that Nugent gave as evidence that American citizens believe the government is conspiring against its own people, just as the Founders warned that it eventually would:
We don’t believe for a minute that the terrorist attack on Fort Hood was anything close to workplace violence.
We refuse to believe that all those children showing up at our southern border just happen to make that near impossible journey all on their own.
We don’t believe that the mindless, wasteful, unaccountable spending orgy by our government has anything to do with good intentions or anything close to the nonsense of “social justice.”
We don’t believe that our president is a Christian.
We don’t believe that denying any semblance of security in Benghazi was due to simple ineptitude.
We don’t believe the Affordable Health Care Act [sic] has anything to do with providing better health care to needy Americans. What we are convinced of is that Obamacare is just another redistribution scam by the scammer in chief and his socialist/commie supporters.
We don’t believe that president Obama and his sidekick, Attorney General Eric Holder, were unaware of the Fast and Furious gunrunning scam to Mexican gangs.
We don’t believe that the criminal conduct by the IRS was isolated or rare.
We don’t believe a government or president can be trusted when they trade a U.S. Army deserter for five dangerous terrorists.
We don’t trust or believe in a government that would fail to get our own U.S. Marine out of the criminal Mexican anti-justice prison system.
We can’t believe that both Republican and Democratic representatives of we the people of the United States of America would allow our military and national defense to be gutted like it is.
We can’t believe that our so-called justice system would allow for the incarceration of good law-abiding citizens for simply firing a warning shot to save their families’ lives, and no one says a damn thing to help him.
We can’t believe our government squawks about so many living in so-called poverty when the vast majority of such poor people have cellphones and every imaginable luxury known to man.
We are astonished that any organization in America can force the removal of the Ten Commandments from our courthouses or government buildings.
We cannot believe that our government continues to send massive economic aid to countries that stand against everything we believe in.
We cannot believe anybody is stupid enough to still claim Islam is the religion of peace.
Ultimately, however, Nugent placed the guilt for the fall of America not on her elected officials, but on her people.
“Tragically, the ultimate guilt for America’s demise rests squarely on the shoulders of her citizens,” he said. “So many otherwise good citizens who are more than aware of the failures and crimes of our elected officials but do very little if nothing to demand accountability are the worst offenders of all.”
He concluded his column with a simple call.
“It is now or never, America. Are you American enough?”
America cannot stand as the bastion of individual freedom that she has always been unless conservatives do more to protect that liberty.
Take advantage of your First Amendment freedoms to educate yourself about how government works today versus how the Founders designed it to work. Then gather others together and discuss, debate, harangue, and persuade.
That’s why we have those freedoms in the first place. If we don’t use them, there’s not much point in keeping them, is there?
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