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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Obama’s Own Words Create the Profile of a Stealth Muslim Infiltrator of the Presidency

Obama’s Own Words Create the Profile of a Stealth Muslim Infiltrator of the Presidency

by Lynn Woolley

This link below covers the videos and audios for this story. And is where the story was found.

You can now remove the word “apparent.” This was not workplace violence. But liberal Democrats, including the President of the United States are hesitant to use the term “Islamic terrorists.” My producer, Ben Barrack, said something profound. Some leaders call this scourge what it is. Some, like Britain’s David Cameron and Germany’s Angela Merkel are appeasers. Some leaders seem to openly embrace Islam – and that is where President Obama falls.
Many times in his presidency, he has made it perfectly clear that he reveres the religion of his birth while claiming the mantle of Christianity. Best case in point – the administration’s refusal to call the Fort Hood massacre what it really was.

President Obama in his own words.
Does the current president of the United States openly embrace the Islamic religion? Watch these clips, and make up your own mind.
First, here is the President reacting to the massacre in Paris.
This is, of course, mostly a bunch of mumbo jumbo about freedom of the press and our “solidarity with France.” It is not a bold statement against terrorism perpetrated by Islamists.
In this clip, Obama tells Larry King that he is NOT a Muslim, but we worries about insults against Muslim Americans.
In fact, President Obama is quite concerned with slandering the Prophet of Islam as he made clear before the United Nations.
Here is the famous clip with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos where George corrects a slip of Obama’s tongue:
Here, Obama talks about the Koran and the Bible:
In this sequence, Obama explains that America is more Muslim than you think:

But, as the Muslim population grows in America Obama seems to think Christianity is on the decline.
And here is Obama bowing to the Saudi King:
What religion Obama claims is his own business. However, based on his own words, it is bizarre that this man ever became president of the United States of America.