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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Military Member Involved in Obama’s “Jade Helm” Provides Key Details About the Operation

Military Member Involved in Obama’s “Jade Helm” Provides Key Details About the Operation

When it was announced that a large-scale, multi-state military exercise was set to take place across the southwestern region of the United States, it immediately triggered red flags for everyone from conspiracy theorists to sitting U.S. congressmen.
And rightfully so. Operation Jade Helm 15 is an unusually large domestic military training exercise, involving special operations personnel from all branches of the U.S. military conducting field training exercises across several states both on government and private property.

 Recently, a U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary member spoke to Western Journalism in an attempt to address some of the mainstream conspiracy theories that have cropped up since the announcement of the exercise, including the sudden closure of several Walmarts in the states where the exercise was to be held. Dakota Durham explained that he’ll be involved in the second phase of the exercise, involving “routine anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism drills.”
The first phase, he explained, was meant to “simulate a large-scale war in the Middle East … especially with Iran.”

But his next point is what had the most impact. When asked if he knew of any other personnel taking part that may have questions about the true nature of the exercise, he said he didn’t know of anyone and further explained that they were taken aback by America’s response.
“The majority of us are pretty offended and hurt by how everyone has been treating us,” Durham said. “We’ve been called invaders, occupiers, Nazis, you name it.”
He wished to remind everyone that many he knows who’re taking part in Jade Helm 15 live in those areas, including himself, a native of one of the “hostile” states.
“I live in Utah,” Durham explained. “We come from these areas; these are our homes, our families, the things we love. All of a sudden the people treat us like enemies who wish to take their rights when that is not true at all.”
He even labeled most of those taking part as “conservative” and said that him and his fellow troops “would die for the Bill of Rights in a heartbeat.”
So why were the states labeled as hostile, non-hostile and other designations? “Texas became Iran,” Durham said. “Utah became Turkey. New Mexico is Iraq. Nevada is Greece. Arizona is Jordan. California is Israel. Southern California is Palestine.”
He said that there were not any dark intentions for the various designations of the individual states, rather, it was set up to mirror a portion of the Middle East in which the U.S. military could be spending a lot of time soon.
Durham’s primary message to his fellow Americans was simple.
“We do this job because we love you, our homes, and our freedoms,” he said. “We would like to be seen as such.” (H/T Western Journalism)
While we’ll always question the true intention of President Obama’s administration and our government while it’s under his control, the men and women taking part in this exercise are some of the best that the U.S. military has to offer and they’re our brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, children and parents.
There’s no need to treat them otherwise at this point.