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Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Powers of Procreation

The Powers of Procreation

To all the people of the Earth.

In these days I find many on Earth and in America much confusion on many topics.

I shall seek to address a few of them, they are controversial and my comments though they be based upon facts and rules of Eternal Laws that are unchanging may cause those who read these words to choose anger, hate, retaliations, or other choices that lead to the dark side of the soul.

That said, I seek not to anger, nor to persecute but to educate and to enlighten the world on this topic. Many will not understand, many will reject, many will find any excuse to ignore and many will not accept my sources or not all of them. That is fine with me. Think and believe as you wish for that is your Eternal Moral Agency and Freedom to do so.

Now with no anger nor negativity in my soul on this issue I shall endeavor to speak facts, truth, and assumptions based upon the knowledge I have gained over my lifetime. I shall be blunt and to the point. Where you go from there is completely up to you.

What is Marriage?

According to a very few minorities in America and on Earth it is whatever the person invents it to be in order to feel better about their choices in Earths mortal life.

According to the Holy Books that have been compiled and brought forth for us to learn from in our current days. These references I shall use. The Holy Bible is the book or stick or scroll of Juda a Tribe of the Ancient House of Israel. This book contains the remnants of the massive knowledge from the Creator to his creation of Humankind on this Earth. He the Creator is God, our Heavenly Father. He has always spoken his wisdom and guidance to humanity since the days of our 1st parents Adam and Eve. To guide and to educate us in the correct paths that lead to peace and true happiness during mortal life on Earth and our future lives in Eternal realms to come. 

After the countless Prophets and others who have received guidance or revelations from him for their personal lives or for the whole of humanity we find many of the written accounts are lost, destroyed or hidden. Some are actually kept in great vaults on Earth purposefully hidden from the whole in order to have those in power abuse and control others, as these records do teach against their ideology or ways of corruption. But that is another story.

So because of the house of Juda or the Jews we have today the Holy Bible, most used is the King James Version so I will have that as a source.

My other reference book is another witness to the truths found in the Holy Bible; it is the sacred record like unto the Holy Bible of the Eastern lands but deals with a branch of my ancestors who were guided out of Israel before the Babylonian captivity around 600 BC. This book like the Bible contains the Creators dealings with a branch of the house of Israel that was guided across the great oceans to their promised lands, they are a branch of the house of Joseph of Egypt as spoken of in the Holy Bible. They are the principal ancestors of the Native Peoples of Eastern Northern America. This is the Book of Mormon, For such are my people and my ancestors and our legends. So I will use these two witnesses’ as a team in my attempt to enlighten and teach the wisdom the Creator has given us through these two sources.

Marriage as Defined by God, Creator, Father in Heaven.

Marriage is only between a man and a woman. Adam and Eve were married / bonded by the Father for the purpose of eternal progression and for life on this Earth.

There is in Eternal principal of this, Before the Earth and this Universe was created there always has been male and female spirits, humans, eternal beings.  So marriage is required for eternal progression and for procreation.

The act of procreation was designed only to be used under the lawful marriage of man and woman. To assist in the commandments given to our 1st parents to multiply and replenish the Earth with children and families. For the family also is an eternal element.

Nowhere in any Holy Book in the last 6000yrs do I find this element for human growth and joining for the blessing of creating life and families ever nullified. It is simple and truth. All society throughout the world be they Christ followers, Jehovah, Creator etc. All have this natural desire to be joined  or to be married / bonded a woman and a man prior to creating families. From the most modern city to the deepest jungles or distant Islands. All humans understand this as a necessary and natural process. Because God our Father instilled it in our very souls.

These are the facts of marriage and the basis for human families and the only designed place for the powers of procreation to be used.

What are the procreation powers? To keep it simple for the masses its termed Sex in our modern society.

The power to join God in the Creation of life on this Earth was only designed to be used under the bonds of marriage to create families and to bring the unity of the couple closer together in their relationship.

Today as history repeats we find society has chosen to abuse this rule of natural laws for humanity. They desire to take the sacred act of coupling from the civilized and intended use. To no more than that of the animals of nature, to be used as a toy, for pleasure only, no responsibility for its uses nor its consequences. Thus we see again the degradation of society and the destruction of families and the harm such practices of abuse of this sacred power of procreation bring upon humanity. Due to pride, selfishness etc. we see people use all forms of excuses to make themselves feel comfortable in the abuse of this eternal law. If they feel better it matters not, it is still breaking an Eternal principle and law. Sex is only designed for a married couple. The two Holy Books I reference and the legends, myths, teachings outside them of old all state the same thing. Abuse of this, ignoring this, we see it destroy families, society, and human kind all over the world. Creating much abuse, much hardship, pain, suffering even unneeded deaths all because of the selfish abuse of this eternal law.

If you believe in a divine being a Creator a God, then you must also agree this being would give us guidance and council to live our lives here on Earth. As any loving parent would do.

Based upon my knowledge both of temporal study as well as spiritual learning and interaction with knowledge granted by the Spirit of truth, Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost or messenger of truth whatever term fits your understanding. The spirit guide from God to assist us in our learning here on Earth about truth. I find there is a common understanding of a life before we were born on Earth.

I understand this to be a pre Earth life. During this time we had a great council of all the spirits in the heavens. It was about how we were to be governed, to live when we came to this Earth as mortal beings.

In this council there were 2 plans put forth, 1 by Lucifer who became a fallen Angel and a Devil. For he demanded he be in control of all the billions of spirits during their lives on Earth that he would force all to do good, so non would be lost or damned. He is the father of all known tyranny since the Earth was designed.

The 2nd plan was put forth by the Messiah, Jesus Christ. His was a harder road for it allowed us to continue along the eternal laws of Free Moral Agency of choice. Be they correct or incorrect we would learn and be responsible for our choices made in life. Knowing we would break the laws / rules of God pertaining to mortality Christ knew a Savior would be needed for the process of Repentance and Forgiveness of our mistakes would be needed. Thus he offered himself as the sacrifice to overcome the laws of eternal justice and to overcome the natural laws of mortality – death. So we would all be able to one day after our graduation from this life (death) be reunited or become immortal and eternal beings. This has taken place.

We as spirits chose to follow the plan of Christ. Lucifer was angered and being a huge narcissist he rebelled against God and was able to convince 1/3rd of the hosts of Heaven to follow him and there was a War in Heaven. This rebellion was put down. The punishment for those who rebelled was to never be able to receive their own physical mortal body, thus their progression or evolution of eternal nature was stopped or damned from that point on.

So I mention this in order for all to understand where my thoughts are about what is to come next. Thus placing it in context for your understanding.

Lucifer and his minions were denied mortal bodies, they were angered by this and promise to do all in their powers to destroy all who came to this Earth, all who would receive the blessing of a mortal body. This is their goal to stop, abuse, destroy, pervert all of Fathers laws, rules and abuse all of humanity on all levels.

This being their goal as stated you will now hopefully understand what follows.

Intellectually thinking, since Lucifer wanted to degrade and to abuse the powers of procreation how would he do it?

Therein lays his many devices, tactics and twisted ideologies. We have the power of procreation to co-created life. The act of procreation designed to bring pleasure in the bonds of marriage to strengthen the bond of the couple.

What Lucifer has been able to do is tempt humanity since the days of our 1st parents to abuse, corrupt, degrade this act. From whispering in the minds of humanity you no longer need be married to enjoy these pleasures of the flesh. That do what feels good, for it mattered not. For there is no God, thus no punishment. Pleasure yourselves that is what your designed  to do.

So humanity became immoral after listening to Lucifer and his billions of spirit followers who even at this time do whisper in our ears falsehoods to deceive us all.

Being successful at this Lucifer took it many steps further; he suggested the perversions of intercourse with children, with animals, with same sexes. All he could design to pervert the act of procreation to insult his Father in Heaven in an attempt to punish the Father for punishing Lucifer for his rebellion. This is his desire to destroy and pervert the act of procreation thus destroying families, society, and eternal laws. This is Lucifer’s attempt to get even with his Father for punishing him for his choices.

So we come to same sex desires, attractions. This is the followers of Lucifer whispering in the ears of mortals and after a time the mortals starting to listen the desiring these lifestyles. They eventually feel its natural, they were born that way, they were meant to be or God made us this way.

All due to Lucifer’s deception. 
You see if Lucifer can convince mortals that it is ok for same sex or for desires to pleasure themselves with children, animals, and so forth. This destroys the Eternal nature of Families this destroys the Plan of Creation and the Plan of Happiness for humans upon this Earth.

Think about it, some of the sex acts take what is sacred to the levels of perversions so awful and so in your face to God the Father as to use the tools of procreation and to place them in the orifices of the refuse or waste disposal devices of the human mortal body. 
What greater form of hate towards the Father and Creation than to use those items in such a way.

Lucifer relishes in such an in your face narcissistic thinking towards God and his creations.

This destroys the Goal of Families, the goal of co-creation of bringing more spirits to this mortal experience on Earth. These perversions of creation powers are to only bring selfish pleasure to those deceived by Lucifer’s ideologies which are many. 

So you see, Lucifer is behind all such incorrect behavior.

However it is up to us and humans to learn and to change, to overcome and to become better than our natural selves. We must change and all become better at avoiding, denying the temptations Lucifer places before us to destroy or damn our souls.

We have our Free Moral Agency of choice; let’s work hard to follow Gods laws, not Lucifer's agendas of destruction.

You see this is just one part of the path leading to darkness, Lucifer has countless ways to deceive us. Many have been able to overcome this deception by Prayer, fasting, and working with loving Christian Churches or groups with God’s help they have been able to overcome these temptations and thus reestablish the eternal way of things in their lives.

No one is born with desires for same sex, for sex with children or with animals etc. This is either taught or tempted into becoming a reality in these people’s lives. How this happens is countless to describe here. 
But due to pornography, incorrect education by atheists or by those under the seduction of such unnatural desires they are able to brainwash and confuse children into becoming or choosing the incorrect paths of same sex or etc. lifestyles. 
This is why Lucifer has desired to control the education system, to propagandize or to brainwash young children that its ok, natural and by teaching as young as they can they then create a new crop of people who were convinced in their youth to become whatever form of perversion they choose to be. With support groups to assist in their choices we have what we have today.

Most deny there is a God, for if there is no God there is no Law thus no punishment for whatever they chose to do in Mortal Life.

These are the times we live in today. Lucifer has removed God from society on most levels, he has convinced many there is no devil nor no God. Thus whatever you desire goes. He cares not for humanity, only for their destruction on an Eternal nature and the destruction and perversion of Gods Plans for us on Earth.

Keep in mind the laws and example of Christ. He did not hate those who sin, those who make bad choices for whatever reasons during our mortal probationary state on Earth.

He loves and will accept us, if we but rely on him, turn to him, allow him into our lives.

He cannot condone any form of sin, sexual perversions; he cannot break the eternal laws of procreation and justice. This is why he sacrificed his life and his great suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane where he did in fact take upon himself all the suffering of humanity in order to be able to open the door for all of us to be forgiven, to avoid the Eternal Justice that awaits every one of us upon our graduation from this probationary mortal life.

Christ did these great things for us out of love for each and every one of us.  None are forbidden to accept his love and gift and sacrifice. As long as you breath air you have the opportunity to be forgiven of our mistakes no matter how awful you feel they have been. Christ showed us he loves the sinners (all of us) but hates the sin/act of sin and this will self damn our eternal progression if we but allow it.
A extreme example of today is below.

You see even today members of ISIS and other groups of hate, full of Luciferian ideology of destruction and control taught from birth to be so. Having personal revelations and experiences with Jesus Christ and coming to the realization that they have done wrong, they can be forgiven if they but accept him and his teachings and then live them. We have seen a few of these lost souls turn around and become humans again. All is possible with Gods help.

We must open the door, he has but unlocked it for us. He knocks will we answer?

He offers us help, will we accept?

He loves all, will we also?

All that is good and of light comes from God, Jesus Christ the only true and living God of this Earth.

I have stated facts, I have also invited all to throw off the chains of suffering, the chains of eternal damnation, the suffering Lucifer desires for each one of us.
We must love each other regardless of the lifestyle we choose to live, for all of us are on different spiritual levels, different paths, and all learn at different speeds. 
We are not the judges of Justice, God is. So do not act like a judge anyone.

We must choose what we shall believe and whom we shall follow as a guide in this life.

Jesus Christ the Messiah of the World. Or Lucifer the deceiver and destroyer of all souls.

The Choice remains in your hands. You are the master of your Eternal progression.

The Eternal battle of light and darkness, good and evil continues. The battle field in here on Earth, the choice of which team you shall fight and live for is up to you. However keep in mind we know who wins at the end of this war. Light, Truth, God. So it would be wisdom to join the winning team.

You can change, Today is a good day to discover the Grace and Love of Jesus Christ.

May your life be a good journey, full of experiences that will help you grow and to overcome.

God Bless.

Stephen Huls 
Tsul’ Kalu
Remnant of the House of Lehi.