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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Grass March Cowboy Express - Regulation without Representation

Grass March Cowboy Express - Regulation without Representation


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Published on Oct 31, 2014
What we’re hearing all around the West is that under increasing federal control access is being restricted to the public land, the health is diminished and productivity is depressed and our western way of life is at stake. So what we got here is a group of folks who are trying to protect their way of life and exemplify that to highlight that we have a cowboy express ride from California to Washington DC, we’re carrying a bunch of legislation and resolutions from States and Counties and groups all over the West, all over the Nation carrying that back so they understand that what’s happening isn’t working.

I met up with the riders from the Grass March at the beginning of the month at the Utah / Nevada border. We followed them for a ways across the Salt Flats to get some footage for a story about the ride. The next day I had the opportunity to follow Commissioner Bruce Clegg and Representative Ken Ivory up 1700 S to Parley's Canyon.

That evening I attended the rally the Grass March Riders held at the Utah State Fair Grounds. I feel honored that I had the opportunity to spend that evening with people who have a very important cause. The speeches that night and the energy in the room were very exciting because here was a group of people who are standing up to an injustice.

It's sad that some things have gotten so bad that it is necessary that people are forced to make some noise but it really is incredible to have the opportunity to see how our system of government works.

There is the opportunity to say hey we don't think this is right, and begin working towards a solution. I really believe we are seeing history being made.

I'm excited to share this weekend's program with all of you because this is such an important topic. We will examine the Grass March in a long form conversation that we had with some of the participants and follow their journey to Washington DC.
With the recent passing of Grant Gerber, the organizer of the Grass March and Elko County Commissioner, I would like to dedicate this program to his memory.

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