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Saturday, February 27, 2016

LaVoy Finicum - Tributes, origional songs, funeral slide show

Tributes to Lavoy Finicum
Original music, etc. There are many tributes on line, youtube done by many people who honor this American Cowboy who's One Cowboys stand for Freedom was paid for as his blood now joins others on the hallowed ground under the Liberty Tree.
These are just a few.

Jordan Page - Ballad of LaVoy Finicum (Cowboy's Stand for Freedom)
  Published on Jan 27, 2016
Performance by Jordan Page
Dedicated to the memory of Robert LaVoy Finicum; AZ rancher, father of 11 children, patriot, and member of Citizens for Constitutional Freedom who was killed by police with his hands above his head on 1/26/16 near Burns, Oregon.

The Ballad of Lavoy Finicum (Cowboy’s Stand for Freedom)
(copyright Jordan Page 2016)

He was a man who loved to walk the land
To turn his cheek but also take a stand
When his conviction called he followed what he felt was right
There’s no telling just what time will bring
You can live for nothing or for everything
But when the pushes come to shoving tell me will you fight

I’m only talkin bout a cowboy’s stand for freedom
I’m just talkin bout a name carved in a stone
A friend and brother to anyone
He’s riding off into the setting sun
Drive on cowboy, he’s heading home

Well there’s almost right and then there’s nearly wrong
As you live your life from sunrise to dawn
And then its over and the moment’s gone
You can testify to the things unseen
But the world is blind, and can’t see a thing
All you can do is try be a human being

I’m only talkin bout a cowboy’s stand for freedom
I’m just talkin bout a name carved in a stone
A friend and brother to anyone
He’s riding off into the setting sun
Drive on cowboy, he’s heading home

I know not what course other men may take
Can’t see that far down the road
But as for me and mine, make no mistake
The weight of justice is a heavy load,
And I’m living by a code

He left his home to go and take a stand
His voice rang out across a deafened land
And in the end it was a bullet that exposed the lies
A truth remembered is a battle won
And though his murder cannot be undone,
It rings out like an echo, thundering across the night

Here’s to all the cowboys who stand for freedom
Why do we watch them from afar with hearts of stone?
He’s riding off into the setting sun
The thoughts of many from the voice of one
Drive on cowboy, your work is done
Godspeed cowboy, we’ll carry on
Published on Feb 14, 2016
Original song

Got to stand up
Freedom’s Cry
Published on Jan 30, 2016
We are our father's daughters.

Made to honor and show our love to our Dad
LaVoy's Last Ride - The Road Less Traveled

Tribute to Lavoy Finicum and the Oregon Patriots

    Published on Feb 3, 2016
    Our song " You Have the Right to Say " was written in support of the Oregon patriots and the senseless killing of Lavoy Finicum. For more information contact Baronvongroove


    The Ballad of Lavoy (A Cowboy's Stand) - Brian Elmore