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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Monday, February 22, 2016


[NOTE: All the people named in this article have put themselves at the forefront of what we believe is a campaign to unseat Sheriff Glenn Palmer. All of them are either in news stories being interviewed, or on public documents, like the DPSST complaints against the sheriff. In putting themselves at the forefront of this onslaught against an incredible human being, they have invited the light of scrutiny. So, I scrutinized. The contents of this article are my findings. I make no apology for exposing what I believe to be the truth. If you are one of the perpetrators of this disgrace, SHAME ON YOU.]

I read a lot of 'news' articles during my research into the John Day Senior Center public meeting on 26th January. The Ammon Bundy-led group from the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupation were on their way to that meeting when their vehicles were intercepted, they were arrested, and LaVoy Finicum was shot dead.

Most of the 'journalism' made me want to pluck my own eyes out at the utter bias and near glee of the reporters, and the majority of the attached comments. We know that the mainstream media have talking points, and they write whatever drivel fits their given directive; journalism-by-numbers, if you will. And as for the comments, I've never even seen such vile, venomous, hate-dripping comments in my entire life. You would think they were talking about Hitler or Stalin, maybe Dahmer or Ramirez, not a group of peaceful protesters. It was disgraceful. And it continues.

Totally by chance, I came across something that absolutely stunned me. It will teach you that in this day and age, you can take no one at face-value anymore.

We all need to take a closer look at the people who found, run and work for non-profit corporations, people who are environmental lobbyists and political committee-sitters, those who hold positions in local politics. We must start researching candidates before we put that X in the box. We must be aware of where their funding comes from, who works for them, before we send our hard-earned cash to that non-profit organization. There is absolutely no excuse now for us not vetting all players who enter the political arena, especially on our local level.

I've been looking into the motley crew surrounding what I believe is a deliberate attempt to unseat Glenn Palmer as sheriff of Grant County in the next election by using smear tactics, lies, agents provocateurs, staged “protest,” and Delphi technique assaults on anybody who supports him.

You will see, by virtue of simply connecting a few dots between what might at first seem to be regular local folks exercising their constitutional right to assemble and to free speech, appears to be a staged event involving employees of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge / Forest Service (and their assorted “volunteers” and toadies,) in order to marginalize Sheriff Palmer and publicly shame his supporters into abandoning him.

Firstly, let me you something – that will NEVER happen.

We got your six, Sheriff Palmer.

Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer stands in the way of several agencies and their agendas. The idea behind his removal would probably be to install a new, more agency-friendly sheriff who would be a puppet for the Forest Service et al, maybe one who has family members who work for them, and a history of working closely with them himself. This would allow such an agency (among others) to resume their aggression and lawlessness against the people of Grant County.

Is there such a person? Who is running for sheriff against Glenn Palmer?  Is there a candidate who has all these connections? A candidate with a grudge and an axe to grind? I couldn't possibly speculate.

What if somebody was running for the position of County Sheriff and did have ties to all those people and agencies, and was actively taking part in an underhanded plan to steal away from the people their last defense against the jack-booted tyranny that is waiting ahead for all of us?

Could you trust somebody who would even consider being a party to something as disgusting and disgraceful as a smear campaign against a beloved sheriff?

Would you vote for that person? Would you want somebody capable of such dirty tricks to be your sheriff?  I should hope not.

I have a belief, based on a ridiculous amount of research and my knowledge of the John Day Meeting, gleaned from news stories, personal accounts from those who were in attendance at the meeting, and research into the backgrounds of those who took part in the “protest.”

I am asking questions and stating a series of facts based on that research, based on what I have been told, based on what I have observed in video and audio of the meeting, based on what I have uncovered about the relationships of all those “protesters” to each other and the Forest Service / Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. This is the outcome of that investigation. And it has thrown out some serious questions as to certain people's motives.

I question when I see and hear things that I find jarring, things that stick out like a sore thumb, such as the suspected-provocateur outburst at the meeting in John Day Senior Center.

Sometimes what we observe on the periphery of a situation is more interesting than the main event itself. I was curious about the protest outside; what it was all about, and who some of the people attending it were. What was their agenda? Why do they despise a Sheriff like Glenn Palmer, a fair, constitutional sheriff who ended his contract for deputies with the Forest Service due to many complaints of abuse and aggression against the people of his county? Who on earth are they? Are they radical environmental extremists? Are they government employees? Are they people with a personal grudge against Sheriff Glenn Palmer? These were the questions that arose during my research.

I know none of these people. I have no history with them. I have no personal experience of them. What I present here are simply facts based on gleaning info from publicly available data, freely available on the internet, and most of which they have offered to the public themselves. I did nothing special or out of the ordinary to find this information. 

The whole thing made no sense to me. I figured that the objectors had to have either an agency agenda, or an enviro agenda. There were some obvious speculative answers, but I like evidence, I like proof. I like corroboration and confirmation. Sometimes none of those things are forthcoming. When I can't find any supporting evidence, I do not publish. When I have nothing to corroborate my gut feeling, I do not publish.

I got tips (personally) from several different sources (all of whom attended the meeting,) that most of the protesters were agency-connected. So, naturally, I was curious and felt compelled dig. I never publish anything based on hearsay, but there were so many people talking about it that I had to check it out. Could it possibly be true? I was sure I wouldn't be able to find anything to back those witnesses up. Surely such slick, sophisticated, educated people who are so far above us mere mortals wouldn't put information out in the open, on the internet, that would back up the accusations I'd heard, read, and been told, would they?

Enter something a friend mine calls institutional arrogance.

One particular article I read on The Oregonian rag stated that a woman by the name of Judy Schuette was the organizer of the protest against Sheriff Glenn Palmer and the Malheur Occupation. [Delphi for Dummies – associate your target with something you think is universally viewed as bad.] I used her name as a search term to narrow down articles that were particularly about the meeting and “protest” in John Day, instead of the whole Malheur debacle in general.

You might think she's insignificant. Just some old lady. Until you learn who her husband is. He is Steve Schuette, John Day City Councilor and Council President. And he used to be a senior trooper with OSP's Fish & Wildlife Division.  FWD are the enforcers of the laws, rules and regulations concocted by various state and federal agencies.

PDF LINK for document above -

Another of the protesters was Kay Steele, (AKA Kathleen A Scheurer) a “volunteer” for the USFS at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and who worked for eight years to establish the Chintimini Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, a wildlife refuge Non-Profit Corporation. Her husband, Terry Steele, is a “photonaturalist” (a pretentious way of saying nature photographer,) who has delivered presentations to Oregon Natural Desert Association, Audubon Society, USFS, and Malheur National Wildlife Refuge among others. Read Terry and Kay's bios.

Apparently, Terry enjoys watching injured wildlife being captured by predators.

The Steele's may seem largely insignificant on the surface. But could they actually be government contractors? According to, a site that provides "tools and data to help federal government contractors" they may be just that. (Data may be out of date or incomplete. Confirmation of any contracts between the Steeles and the USFS will be FOIA'd.)


We believe the photo above is Kay Steele, the old lady trying to intimidate the rest of the crowd with her camera. Her double-sign demands that the Bundy bunch to Leave now! Take our sheriff with you, and Support Our Elected Commissioners. Well, of course she would say that, wouldn't she? It would be rude not to support the husband of the “protest” organizer!

A simple search for Judy Schuette, whom The Oregonian proclaimed as the organizer of the “protest” threw out all sorts of other things – like one of Judy Huntley Schuette's Facebook Friends being Valerie Luttrell, one of the useful idiots who submitted a frivolous DPSST complaint against Sheriff Palmer. Another of Judy's bosom buddies is the wife of a certain wannabe Sheriff, a man who is the son of a former USFS employee, the father of a USFS employee, and the uncle of a USFS employee.

[I'm not going to link to this stuff – you can find it easily under their names if you want to look at it – it is all openly available and shared by them on their Facebook pages. I just don't want to drag people's innocent family members and friends into the treachery their relatives have conjured.]
I would also like to remind everybody of the enviros in the corner at the John Day meeting, particularly the one on the left, holding up a piece of cardboard with Backcountry Hunters & Anglers  on it.  The non-profit corporation's board and staff are infested with ex-Forest Service employees. Take a look at the STAFF and BOARD OF DIRECTORS bios.

There are many more names I could drop right now, but I'm not going to. I think what I have published here on this blog is sufficient to cast doubt on the authenticity of the “protest” and the motives of the participants. But that doesn't mean we don't have more treacherous toadies expose.  We do. And we will.  We're on it.

On of the most interesting things I came across were the USFS employee posts in an open forum named THE BIRDING LIST

Using his federal government email address to post, Clark Reames, the Wildlife Program Manager for the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, is frustrated that Sheriff Palmer is “...not getting the message.” Pretty sinister sounding. But what does he mean? The message about what?

I'm using a couple of his posts as an example, but you can read all his posts here.


No big deal? He has a right to protest whatever he wants. He's a citizen. The constitution of the United States assures his First Amendment. No problem there.

But then it gets a little bit strange and creepy.

Mr. Reames recounts the story of the fateful night as he gathered with several of his USFS / Malheaur Refuge co-workers and his wife with her "anti-militia sign."  Just as he's about to enter the door of the Senior Center in John Day to attend the public meeting his boss, MNWR Forest Supervisor (also in attendance at the protest,) gets a phone call from the USFS Regional Forester (who I would deduce is Jim Peña, Region 6 Pacific Northwest.) They were instructed not to enter the building. He was then informed that there had been an incident with the Bundy et al, on the road to John Day...

From here, you can just read for yourself so you can see the context, and that I am not being selective with what you see, or taking something out of context. In fact, reading all the posts as a whole, and seeing the complete character and context together, as I did, is far more damning than picking through it for something sensational. I mean, the man longs to have David Ward from Harney County as his sheriff, for the love of God!

You can see how a strong, righteous Constitutional Sheriff doesn't suit these people, can't you?

I interpret the whole tone of the conversations as arrogant and superior. But if you've ever dealt with a federal land agency employee, that will come as no great surprise to you. 

The only thing I am interested in is the truth. Nothing more, nothing less. Everybody should want to know the truth, no matter how painful it might be to learn it.

I believe that this group of people are deliberately trying to unseat Sheriff Glenn Palmer. He does not deserve this. This is a gross injustice. But they know their task is impossible without utilizing dirty tricks, intimidation, and lies. That's what we are here for – to expose their lies, expose their dirty tricks.

People of Grant County - do not allow yourselves to be intimidated by these people!  You are strong, smart, good people.  I know you will stand for your sheriff as he has stood for you. He is surrounded by vipers right now. You are his anti-venom.

We here at End the BLM blog will do everything we can to keep shining the light of truth on this Astro-Turf group of usurpers and prevent their plan from coming to fruition.

Blue Mountain Eagle Newspaper -
Terry Steele Nature Photography
Backcountry Hunters & Anglers
Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife Division


  1. No comment, just point of clarification. USFS is under USDA. Malheur Refuge & BLM are under USDI.
    1. Concerned Individual,

      Not sure what your point is or if you maybe think I misspoke somewhere? I don't believe I did. We're well aware of the different government bodies who run the agencies. If I am wrong about something, please let me know. I'm interested only in the truth and will amend something if it is not correct.

      The people involved that we identified as part of the "protest" are all associated with the USFS, including the ones who work at the refuge, like Clark Reames. HE says he works for USFS and is the Wildlife Program Manager at the refuge. The exception would be Steve Schuette, John Day City Councilor who is an ex-DFW trooper, which is run by OSP.

      There are many different agencies involved with the day to day running of the refuge, not just BLM/DOI. There are state and federal agencies aplenty who all have their finger in that pie. There always is when there's money to be made.

      - End the BLM
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  3. Replies
    1. You're welcome, Josie.

      - End the BLM
  4. Great job!

    I was at the fairgrounds in Harney County when Ammon and the rest walked in the refuge and again to speak with ranchers about a week later. Stayed a few days and learned a lot that is not being put out in the media.

    Keep up the good work!
    1. Hi, Fix America,

      Love your article! I like the concise bullet-point format of you facts.

      I did leave you a comment on it, just to correct one little thing - that Sheriff Palmer didn't invite the Bundy bunch to the John Day meeting. They were invited by Tad Houpt, the organizer. Sheriff Palmer was to be a speaker at the meeting, but had no part in the organization or inviting other speakers.

      You keep up the good work too! We all need to stand together...or we fall apart.

      - End the BLM