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Friday, August 11, 2017

ALERT! Camp Liberty Shut Down By Las Vegas Metro - SSG Moe Peltier - 8/11/17

ALERT! Camp Liberty Shut Down By Las Vegas Metro - SSG Moe Peltier - 8/11/17
Published on Aug 11, 2017
Yup, just when things are starting to get all spiffy and organized for the symposium that was scheduled to take place this weekend, Camp Liberty Annex has been closed by the Las Vegas PD after a call saying there were "squatters" staying there. Uh huh. Soooo...since the owner of the property could not be reached when Metro showed up and the demand to leave was made, Moe, Jamey, Robert, and Neil were given 2 hours to pack up and get out until the situation could be resolved. Protect and Serve.

Needless to say, the symposium scheduled for the 12th is not going to be able to use the facilities.

From the description of the events, it looks like to ME, that some troll made the call, since Camp Liberty is under observation anyway, they came over. They get all chest thumpy and bully, just because for some reason they always have to when it has anything to do with "The Bundys". It's another case of these LEO's being fed a bunch of BS about how "dangerous" all the supporters are. They come in half cocked, then they find out we're just normal people. The guy seemed surprised that the place was so clean and all the work that was going on in it. He was expecting totally different people, he was mistaken, no...he was deceived.

Another venue for the meeting is being checked into. Hopefully the speakers and supporters coming from out of town to hear them won't be I am with the LVPD right now. Sigh. Updates when available will be on this channel. Please share in case someone you know is headed to Las Vegas and is expecting to have Camp Liberty as a safe and free place to go. Protect and Serve. Love your neighbor. With liberty and justice for all. God bless America.... Sad