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Friday, August 4, 2017

BJ Soper Letter to US Senate and /Senate Judiciary Comittee

When will you Sen Mike Lee, or Anyone - help We the people, Dave Bundy, kidnapped with out warrent imprisoned, by a KGB force, awaiting a Communist Judge Navaroo controlled by Sen Reid, a mafia style person. who Promised Revenge for not selling out to his enterprises.. this is real time, real families, real corruption, real evil in your days.
Are you all talk?
It seems like NO ONE in DC or local Cares about the Constitutional law anymore.
just whats profitable for them instead.  
God will bring down his wrath against this wicked nation, for the days of their rippening is nigh at hand.
Where will you stand Mike? for light/ truth or hide in the shadows like everyone else has.
S. Huls
Now BJ Soper's intelligent letter to them. I sharing.

This is my letter the senate and judiciary committee.. I've posted the links in a post before to send your message as well.. it's not going to be fast or easy, but still you words need to be heard.
Will it work? Don't know unless we try.. all avenues need to be exhausted.. I'm sick of writing letters, sick of being ignored, but that doesn't mean it's not required of us.
BJ Soper
Redmond, OR
Ladies and Gentlemen of the United States Senate and Senate Judiciary Committee:

I write each of you today to bring attention to a matter that only the US Senate can address. According to the United States Constitution, if it is still deemed the Supreme law of the land, it clearly states that oversight of the judicial branch falls squarely on the Senate’s shoulders. Any and all impeachments of the officers and judges of the judicial branch begin and ends in this Branch of government. As an American who believes that the values of “Justice for All” and due process are guaranteed to every Man or Women accused of any crime, I must bring to all of your attention the atrocities and complete disregard for the law, constitution, and due process that is taking place inside our federal courthouse in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Judge Gloria Navarro. Simple observation and a quick review of the transcripts from the case Cliven Bundy et al v. United States will show to anyone capable of speech that this judge has zero intent on being unbiased, fair, or acting in a manner that is congruent of a judge in her position. She has time and time again proven to not sit on an impartial seat as all judges are required, but in actuality, acts on behalf of the prosecution during this trial. The evidence is overwhelming to back this statement, and as you will see upon conclusion of my statement along with many others coming from many other Americans to your desks, an immediate investigation is warranted into these claims before any verdict comes in this case.
1. This case is broken down into tiers, and defendants have been grouped together in terms of their involvement. The first trial was for the defendants deemed least culpable in the case which ended in a hung jury, with the exception of 2 defendants that were deemed guilty of a few of the charges. Upon sentencing of one of these “guilty” men, Judge Navarro gave an extended personal interjection into why the crime in her opinion was so heinous. Her personal views were expressed and I ask you now, how can a judge that still has 3 more trials to preside over on the SAME CASE for the rest of the tiers be deemed impartial after stating her personal views?
2. Judge Navarro has time and time again stopped the trial proceedings to interject herself to answer questions directed at witnesses, made objections for the prosecution, and has created an environment where the defendants are made to look and seem guilty to the jury during the trial. They are not allowed to talk, look at anyone, make a hand gesture or even speak a syllable to even their attorney. One defendant was sent to a holding cell for turning around to look at a monitor. Yes that is correct. One of the accused defendants was sent away during his own trial, unable to witness the proceedings because he turned in his chair. Not a word was said or gesture made, nor was he allowed to defend what he was doing. The gallery is not allowed to make a sound, move, react to testimony, or even talk to another person while witnessing this witch hunt loosely disgusting as a trial.
3. Judge Navarro has made any and all attempts of the accused to defend themselves almost impossible. They are restricted on the witnesses they can call on their behalf. They are not allowed to explain why they chose to interject themselves into the situation at hand, explain their state of mind nor are they allowed to discuss the first amendment, second amendment, the actions of federal agencies that spurred thousands of people to come protest their actions are not allowed to be shown and Judge Navarro has even stated that the US Constitution, the document that created the very system she presides over, irrelevant and not allowed in the courtroom. Court observers were banned from even carrying a copy on their person inside. Judge Navarro is using the US Marshals to threaten and intimidate court observers, the jury, the defendants, and even their attorneys throughout the proceeding. Let us not forget the ridiculous use of force upon an attorney in Oregon for standing up and asking a question in defense of his client. He was tazed and beaten inside the courtroom for all to see. Simply look to another judge that needs investigation. Judge Anna Brown’s courtroom and you will find the abuse dealt out by the Marshals against attorney Mr. Marcus Mumford.
4. Finally, this court and officers throughout the executive branch have held American citizens in detention without bail for over 18 months now. In this case, not a single person was harmed. Not a hair on a single person of the said 3000 people in attendance was harmed, including law enforcement. Yet these men who have no prior history, shown to be upstanding citizens in their community, some even journalists simply documenting the events have been kept locked away from their families for 18 months. This same court, same judge, released a motorcycle gang who was arrested on RICO charges that included extortion, theft and MURDER, were released pending trial, yet men who acted peacefully are locked away without bail.
These are a mere 4 examples of the egregious actions that are taking place inside of The People’s courthouse. Threats, intimidation, corrupt and unjust actions, and a complete disregard for due process. I implore each of you to look for yourselves and do the job that the American People elected you to do. Be the check and balance that has been erased from our Government. Senators, if you have any sense of American value, any sense for what is right and just, any concern for due process you must act. It is your duty to the People you represent to defend us from people like Judge Navarro who disregard our founding principles and laws of the land. She must be removed from our Court, our Bench so that other American citizens do not have to face the same fate as the men in this trial listed above. This has nothing to do with politics, views or personal feelings. It has everything to do with a fair and impartial system where every accused American has the right to a fair trial in order to properly defend him or herself. This is a constitutional and fundamental crisis inside our judicial system and your responsibility to investigate immediately.
Thank you for taking the time to read and research this important issue.
BJ Soper
Redmond, Oregon