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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Glenn Beck Talks About ‘1984’ & Big Brother Technology | Video |

Glenn Beck Talks About ‘1984’ & Big Brother Technology | Video |

‘Say Hello to 1984’: Beck Explores the Frightening New World of Big Brother Technology

Glenn Beck Talks About 1984 & Big Brother TechnologyGlenn Beck devoted much of his show Wednesday to the growing surveillance technology in the U.S., drawing comparisons to 1984 and Big Brother.
Among the developments that are cause for alarm: President Barack Obama’s proposal earlier this month for a national ID card for the online community, where instead of having different accounts and passwords for different sites, there would be an “identity ecosystem” that would centralize personal information and credentials through the government.
There’s also the “Media Monitoring Initiative” — the Department of Homeland Security’s OK to collect information from journalists or anyone who uses “traditional and/or social media in real time to keep audiences aware and informed” — and the Congress-proposed “Internet kill switch” that would shut down private sector or government networks in the event of a cyber attack.
“You can see the Internet is a very big concern for those in power,” Beck said. “Why? Because they do not control it.”
Other points of discussion: A recent article on whether Google has the responsibility to stop the spread of “fringe” beliefs on the Internet, including: 9/11 truthers, people who believe HIV and AIDS aren’t linked, global warming deniers and those who oppose the Darwinian account of evolution. And don‘t forget the search engine giant’s recent announcement of new changes to their privacy policy, which users are forced to accept.
A few more security concerns: The capability for using passports photos in facial recognition software — the reason you’re instructed to keep a neutral face — and the possibility for someone using the right equipment to steal credit card and identification information even from several blocks away.
“Say hello to 1984,” Beck said.
Watch the segments below, via GBTV:

Visit site GBTV links above to see the Rest of the Story, the segments are a must see.