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For a long while I was unsure of putting a blog together with my thoughts on this, however Truth must be shared, if not to Awake American's to their dangerous situation then to record the folly of the ways of the wicked who do exist in the leadership of our Nation, States, Counties, Towns. Sad that I must add this page.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Obama, Eligible for Presidential Office?

I would not consider myself what the main stream Government White House Press would call a "Birther" However I find these things interesting, facts are facts, some have been erased from the internet, some have spent millions to hide, delete these facts. Why? is my common sense thought.
If nothing to hide Obama then why spend Millions to Seal, Hide, Forbid your History?

 Here are some of the items found over the years, some Before the election, why are people, politicians SCARED to honestly discus this without name calling etc.
This may open a can of worms No one want, well a lot called 'Birthers' may.
But they are verifiable facts. Please take the 2 minutes to read it all, and focus on bottom.

If authentic then it needs to be addressed,
via Impeachment, imprisonment, for fraud upon the American people, and Pelosi is an accomplice, and others should also be delt with.
If True Birth records and they do look pretty good & verified, It is one of the largest frauds on Earth in conjunction with Global man caused warming/iceage/climate change what ever they choose to call it this year.

If true, I see it as one Not qualified by rule of law to be President, and since he has show great disregard for the public welfare, defense, safety, economy  and has put many things in place to in fact destroy our nation and way of life. He should be treated as a foreign Spy or Enemy sent to do so.
One of the greatest attacts upon American soil. He as the enemy within has done more damage and continues to do so than any foreign nation has done since the foundation of this nation.
Our families and neighbors were deeply involved with the founding and sacrifices made for this nation.

The ball is in your courts, read carefully the whole document, then varify, then do what is Justice for America.
Or hide this travesty, and continue the fraud. and allow him to further conquer  our nation / schools / children with his Anti America, Anti Family, Anti Republic, and implement our demise.

Honor is by doing what is right before God regardless of the consequences.

God Bless the Republic of America.

Stephen Huls


Barack Obama

Here it is! You be the Judge

Subject:               Barak Obama
Date:     Tue, 15 Jun 2010 21:29:28 -0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
From:    Kittii Doherty <>
To:          Kittii Doherty <>

Subject: Well, Here it is!   You be the Judge

Interesting indeed. This was emailed to me, and I am passing it on.  That is all.  Be sure to read all the way to bottom. This is part of what Obama has spent almost $2M to decide.........

"I asked a British history buff I know if he could find out who the colonial registrar was for Mombasa in 1961.

He called me up a few minutes ago and said "Sir Edward F. Lavender"

Source(s): " Kenya Dominion Record 4667 Australian library."

Posted by Alan Peters at 11:56 PM


Testimony from a Mombasa science teacher and the Mombasa Registrar of births that Obama's birth

Testimony from a Mombasa science teacher and the Mombasa Registrar of births that Obama's birth certificate from Mombasa is genuine.
A copy of President Obama's birth certificate that Lucas Smith obtained through the help of a Kenyan Colonel who got it recently directly from the Coast General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya .

See this Alan Keyes video:

Tom Fife in the American Free Press was in Moscow in 1992 where a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences stated they had trained a Barack Obama as a communist and atheist and he will make easier the triumph of communism over the USA . The article is at the bottom of this home page regarding the birth of Barack Hussein Obama II in Mombasa , Kenya . Grandmother of President Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. reveals below the story of his birth in Mombasa , Kenya , a seaport, after his mother suffered labor pains while swimming at ocean beach in Mombasa .

"On August 4, 1961 Obama's mother, father and grandmother were attending a Muslim festival in Mombassa, Kenya. Mother had  been refused entry to airplanes due to her 9 month pregnancy. It was a hot August day at the festival so the Obama's went to the  beach to cool off. While swimming in the ocean his mother experienced labor pains
so was rushed to the Coast Provincial General Hospital , Mombasa , Kenya where Obama was born a few hours later at 7:21pm on August 4, 1961. Four days later his mother flew to  Hawaii and registered his birth in Honolulu as a certificate of live birth which omitted the place and hospital of birth."

The local  Imam in Mombasa named Barack with his middle name Hussein so his official name on his certificate of live birth below is Barack  Hussein Obama, II.

 President Obama's Certificate of Live Birth, FORGED by one of his workers named John.   Barack Hussein Obama is the first U.S. president born in Africa at the Coast Provincial  General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya.  The Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth below is a forgery and of no value. 

In USA all births are registered by hospitals and not by mothers. No hospital of birth is listed nor is this a birth certificate. A video showing how an Obama staffer forged above green certificate of live birth.

The Washington state case also alleges, "Wayne Madsen, Journalist with Online Journal as a contributing writer and published an article on June 9, 2008, stating that a research team went to Mombasa, Kenya, and located a Certificate Registering the birth of Barack Obama, Jr. at Coast General Maternity Hospital , to his father, a Kenyan citizen and his mother, a U.S. citizen.

 Video of Grandmother stating she was present at Obama's birth in Mombasa , Kenya .

Letter from Kitau in Mombasa , Kenya .
I happen to be Kenyan. I was born 1 month before Obama at Mombasa medical center.
I am a teacher here at the MM Shaw Primary School in Kenya .
I compared my birth certificate to the one that has been put on by Taitz and mine is exactly the same.
I even have the same registrar and format. The type is identical.
I am by nature a skeptical person. I teach science here and challenge most things that cannot be proven.
So I went to an official registrar today and pulled up the picture on the web. They magnified it and determined
it to be authentic. There is even a plaque with Registrar Lavenders name on it as he was a Brit and was in charge of the Registrar office from 1959 until January of 1964.
The reason the date on the certificate says republic of Kenya is that we were a republic when the "copy" of the original was ordered. I stress the word "copy". My copy also has republic of Kenya .
So what you say is true about Kenya not being a republic at the time of Obama's birth, however it was a republic when the copy was ordered.
The birth certificate is genuine. I assure you it will be authenticated by a forensic auditor.
We are very proud Obama was born here.
We have a shrine for him and there are many people who remember his birth here as he had a white mother.
They are being interviewed now by one of your media outlets.
Fortunately they even have pictures of his parents with him immediately after his birth at the Mombasa 
hospital with the hospital in the back ground.
It will be a proud day for us when it is proven that he was born here and a Kenyan became the most powerful man in the world.
I encourage anyone to come here and visit.
I will be happy to take you and show you the pictures at the hospital myself as well as my document and many others that are identical to what Taitz posted.

God Bless.

Obama has fooled the entire USA which gives him the only award he deserves, The Imposter of the USA Century. Foreign born are not allowed to be US President:

Kenyans know Obama was born in Kenya:
Kenyans and Sarah Obama testify Obama was born in Mombasa , Kenya:
Kenyan U.S. ambassador is very proud Obama was born in Kenya:
Obama's grandmother on phone states Obama was  born in Mombasa , Kenya .

Largest hoax perpetrated upon
the citizens of the United States in over 200 years.

Barack Obama the New World Order Puppet

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Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate

Kenyan-born US Senate hopeful, Barrack Obama, appeared set to take over the Illinois Senate seat after his main rival, Jack Ryan, dropped out of the race on Friday night amid a furor over lurid sex club allegations.

The allegations that horrified fellow Republicans and caused his once-promising candidacy to implode in four short days have given Obama a clear lead as Republicans struggled to fetch an alternative.

Ryan’s campaign began to crumble on Monday following the release of embarrassing records from his divorce. In the records, his ex-wife, Boston Public actress Jeri Ryan, said her former husband took her to kinky sex clubs in Paris, New York and New Orleans.
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"It’s clear to me that a vigorous debate on the issues most likely could not take place if I remain in the race," Ryan, 44, said in a statement. "What would take place, rather, is a brutal, scorched-earth campaign – the kind of campaign that has turned off so many voters, the kind of politics I refuse to play."

Although Ryan disputed the allegations, saying he and his wife went to one ‘avant-garde’ club in Paris and left because they felt uncomfortable, lashed out at the media and said it was "truly outrageous" that the Chicago Tribune got a judge to unseal the records.

The Republican choice will become an instant underdog in the campaign for the seat of retiring Republican Senator Peter Fitzgerald, since Obama held a wide lead even before the scandal broke.

"I feel for him actually," Obama told a Chicago TV station. "What he’s gone through over the last three days I think is something you wouldn’t wish on anybody."

The Republican state committee must now choose a replacement for Ryan, who had won in the primaries against seven contenders. Its task is complicated by the fact that Obama holds a comfortable lead in the polls and is widely regarded as a rising Democratic star.

The chairwoman of the Illinois Republican Party, Judy Topinka, said at a news conference, after Ryan withdrew, that Republicans would probably take several weeks to settle on a new candidate.

"Obviously, this is a bad week for our party and our state," she said.

As recently as Thursday, spokesmen for the Ryan campaign still insisted that Ryan would remain in the race. Ryan had defended himself saying, "There’s no breaking of any laws. There’s no breaking of any marriage laws. There’s no breaking of the Ten Commandments anywhere."


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