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Friday, January 13, 2012

Obama orders expansion of Native educational opportunities

Obama orders expansion of Native educational opportunities

Obama orders expansion of Native educational opportunities
1/13/2012 8:32:40 AM
To help expand educational opportunities and improve
educational outcomes for all American Indian and 
Alaska Native students, 
President Barack Obama issued Executive Order 13592,
establishing the White House 
Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education. 
The mission of the initiative will include opportunities for 
students to learn their Native languages, cultures and histories 
and receive complete and competitive educations that prepare them
for college, careers and productive and satisfying lives. 
The executive order states that “to facilitate a new partnership
between the Department of Education and the Department of the Interior, 
to improve AI/AN (American Indian/Alaska Native) education, 
the executive director shall work with the BIE director and 
develop a memorandum of understanding between the two departments
that will take advantage of both departments expertise, resources and facilities.” 
The memorandum of understanding will be completed within 120 days of Dec. 2. 
The understanding will also address how the departments will collaborate in
carrying out the policy. 

Why does this make me nervous as a Native American, I feel that Obama is promising 
to help when in reality he is seeking votes, control of more children's education of 
the American Indians,
He and his Wife have repeatedly told All American's "You Must accept a NEW History" 
So they control the Government Schools via the Dept. of Education, NEA and ARE 
Changing American History
to be more like that taught by the Cold War Enemies of America over the last 60 yrs.

Spooky thought. Beware.
The Cherokee Nation should seek to be Self Reliant with out a need of any handouts from a Government that has historically Taken, Taken Taken from them, regardless of any promises given.