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Saturday, May 3, 2014

BOMBSHELL Breaking Meeting @ Bundy Ranch On Stewart Rhodes Oathkeepers!

With showing Stewart Rhodes Oathkeepers response to this video.

I find it interesting the DC / FEDS are most likely happy about this split in the defense of the Bundy's.

Seems to be a lack of communication between the groups.

The other video speaks of missing equipment as well, and physical unprovoked attacks upon a older member by a militia memeber. And the reasoning for the intel shared from 2 sources on the possible drone strike seems 60% probable from professional experts, so they shared it. Prevention of a pysops or actual attack beats an actual one hitting. Both sides working on pysops.. these folks should also listen to those with experiance / combat / intel, vs. just normal citizen militia who may have no or less experiance in the matter.

As for this above video, if Oathkeepers had funds from their foundation or personal used for equipment for their part of the opperation, they have or should have the right to use said equipment, the missing FLIR Rhodes speaks of, and a lack of those in the above video to address it seems interesting.

Best this here is to watch this one, and the Oathkeeper one  posted link below, and go from there.


I will say, there is most likely Fed insert elements into this whole area, making waves, confusion, disinformation, to break up the groups who came to support the Bundy's. And regardless of  both videos it is working.

Both parties should be able to rationally, non emotionally sit down and figure out a command structure, a rule system, a respect system, and a member of the Bundy family should have last say in the happenings with these multi groups, to keep sanity, security, and peace on their property.  Just a thought.

There is more here than it seems, and the Bundy's have been put into the middle of it. As far as the protectors/militia/ oathkeepers etc. more will come to light in the future, facts vs. opinions or guess's.

It is based upon my listening to the above video, these folks working more on emotion, vs. facts, seems to be an attempt to support their agenda at the camps vs. others.

Get both sides views.. that is best.