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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Rimrock Gold Corp.....The BLM Land Grab In Nevada...and Harry Reid

Rimrock Gold Corp.....The BLM Land Grab In Nevada...and Harry Reid

A relatively unknown, small operation hits pay dirt when the daddy of the head BLM guy oversees land that's chock full of gold....and Reid's hands are all over this land grab too.
May 2, 2014 at 7:10pm
There's a very good reason Harry Reid wanted Neil Kornze as the head of the BLM. It traces back to Neil's father, Larry Kornze.

Neil Kornze was Harry Reid's Policy Advisor from 2003-2011.
Neil was instrumental in the Western Solar Plan, which established 17 solar energy zones on public land, and in approving nearly 50 utility-scale renewable energy projects. Those are the 17 zones that were found in the leaked BLM document for the Dry Lake area.

Neil was appointed the principal deputy director for the BLM in 2011. He replaced acting director Mike Pool, who stepped in after Bob Abbey retired in May 2012.

November 11, 2013 Barack Obama announces Neil Kornze as the choice to head the BLM's Western's Division. Overseeing and managing almost 245 million acres.
So, we have established Neil's involvement with environmental policy shaping and his influence within the BLM since 2011.

Now, let's look at what Neil's father Larry has been doing.

Larry Kornze has an lengthy background in the GOLD Mining Industry. He was the the V.P. of Exploration for the Dynasty Gold Corp, he was also the Exploration Manager for Barrick Gold and he was the Chief Geologist for Newton Mining Corp, just to name a few. Larry has quite the pedigree and background.

In March of 2103 Larry was appointed to the Advisory Board of Rimrock Gold Corp, formerly known as Tucana Lithium Corp. Mr. Kornze was in charge of business decisions regarding conduct of the operations of the Corporation as well as toward new corporate acquisitions and joint-venture strategies, and evaluation of the potential worth of mineral properties.
You need to understand in the late 80's through the early 90's Barrick Gold, with Larry in charge was buying gold mines in Nevada and they paid just $9,765 for 1,950 acres in Nevada that held an estimated $10 billion in gold.

May 8, 2013 Rimrock Gold announces the acquisition of Silver Cloud in the Battle Mountain area of Nevada. The purchase agreement was with Geologix Explorations out of British Columbia.

The Battle Mountain area in Nevada is a BLM CONTROLLED AREA and heavy in gold and silver deposits. Extensive exploration of the Battle Mountain area and the vast deposits can be found here:

With that acquisition, Rimrock's land package in the region increased from 1200 12,880 acres. Thus making Rimrock one of the largest landholders among junior exploration companies operating in Nevada.

Why such interest in Nevada. Might have to do with the fact Nevada is home to some of the biggest Gold and Silver mines in the US. Not to mention the minerals worth.

In July of 2013 Rimrock annouced it had identified 4 new drill sights on wholly owned Rimrock gold/silver project in Elko, NV. The land is overseen by the BLM and they have applied for a drill permit with the BLM. Now that Larry's son is on charge, I'm guessing they will receive approval.

Rimrock announced September 24,2013 it had received the Silver Cloud project drill core from Geologix Explorations. Rimrock Gold now holds 100% interest in the Silver Cloud Property. The Silver Cloud project happens to be located on BLM Land.
Another area located for development on the Silver Cloud Property is the Hollister Mine Open Pit. Rimrock knew this area would be open for development because in June of 2012 the BLM was seeking public comments for the EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) for the Hollister Mine Project.

The Silver Cloud project has produced approximately 4.0 million ounces of gold to date.

Rimrock went on to announce on October 11, 2013 it had completed the acquisition of the advanced Ivanhoe Creek gold/silver property. The Ivanhoe Creek property consists of 22 unpatented lode mining claims (440 acres) on land administered by none other than the BLM.

There seems to be alot of BLM gold/silver land deals suddenly being cut with Rimrock Gold, a company that was pretty much non existent until Neil Kornze's daddy Larry took the lead in 2013.

One has to wonder if such deals would have been possible had Harry Reid not appointed Neil to oversee land his daddy now has significant interest in.

This needs looked into deeper, as on the surface it appears corrupt and nefarious, at the least. How many more 'deals' are in the works for Rimrock on land overseen by his son Neil Kornze?
Rimrock now holds 100% interest in four Nevada GOLD Properties, RIMROCK, SILVER CLOUD, IVANHOE CREEK AND PONY SPUR. All coincidentally are on land overseen by the BLM and his son Neil. All this has been acquired since May of 2013.

Least we forget how many mines containing gold Harry Reid has laid claim to in Searchlight NV. 14, to be exact.