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Friday, August 26, 2016

Have Chosen the Plea Bargain Roulette wheel of Justice? Blaine Cooper, Jerry DeLemus plead guilty in Nevada standoff near Cliven Bundy's ranch

These two for their own reasons after months of imprisonment, emotional and psychological dramas by the Federals, and others have made this hard choice.  They Have Chosen the Plea Bargain Roulette wheel of Justice, the Justice department is known for creating this drama and then unleashing hell upon those they seduce into their plea bargaining to help their cases. Known to be able to LIE to defendants for creating their cases as well as under oath the lack of justice system is more about punishing, guilty till one day proven innocent so the goal is to seduce anyone to make a plea deal that the law usually breaks later on. Thus is the game,
 Blaine Cooper, Jerry DeLemus plead guilty in Nevada standoff near Cliven Bundy's ranch
I've been seeing a few inaccurate comments and post from people and I felt the need to post what I know. First of all this was NOT an easy decision for Jerry or Blaine. Both of them have been praying and fasting for awhile now trying to figure out what God would want them to do. This was not an easy decision all the way up to even standing before the judge. Even right in front of the judge Jerry and Blaine both stated their questions and how they both felt so uneasy about this but felt like they had no other choice. They both stated how it could even be ethical to lie and say they did something they didn't. How could that be ok but lying under oath is not ok? Isn't that contradicting? Neither of them were even at the standoff. What led them to plea any way I don't know but I do know that it WAS NOT an easy decision for either of them.
A few months ago Blaine was told if he would snitch on a certain someone they would let him walk free. He said absolutely not. And now he faces a very long time in prison. It says 6 years but the judge could sentence him to 20 years if she wanted to. He was shown a picture of him holding a gun. They told him because he is a felon that is all the proof they need and if they can prove it was loaded it would be 2 more years for every bullet. He also was told his crazy Facebook videos would not sit well with a jury in court and would have a negative impact on everyone. Or he could take the plea for a possible 6. He went with what he felt like he should do. Nobody talked him into fact many of us encouraged him not to do it but he went with what he felt he himself needed to do. I am not saying I agree with pleaing out.....I am stubborn and don't trust the federal government and would not plea out......everyone is different. Also people are saying he has 18 felonies or more and I've seen posts showing a record that is supposedly his. Krista his attorney is saying he has one and I'm pretty sure she would know. We have to stop with the negativity and false information. This is a very difficult time for ALOT of people. Please be respectful. My mom always told me if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all.
Rusty Hammond called me a few days ago and one of the things he said which I 100% agree with is he said he tells people all the time....some who agree with what went on and some who do not. He tells them well we all agree on something. Had they not taken the peaceful stand that they did nobody would know who my family is. Now people all over the world know who the Hammonds are and Ammon could not have taken that initial peaceful stand alone. Every person that risked their life to peacefully stand I commend and I say thank you to each one of you. I wasn't there because I wasn't brave enough but I am glad that there are some who are brave enough and are willing to sacrifice all for me and my family. I am glad that there are some who are not ok with corruption and will be proactive in doing something to try change the corruption and make America great again.
Gerald "Jerry" DeLemus and Blaine Cooper became the first of 19 defendants to…|By The Oregonian