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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Update on Ryan Bundy Abuse

Why in America are non convicted ranchers tortured, beaten, abused, Constitutional Rights, Bill of Rights are illegally removed from them by the Corrupt Government's local and Federal.
If these were Al queda, ISIS, or other known terror groups taken on the battle field who had murdered thousands, killed our American soldiers. They would be treated more humanely, given more rights, and then Obama / Clinton would set them free with millions of dollars to spend.
I pray for the liberty of these Patriots who stood against the KGB / Gestapo of our days here in America, who are now being tortured, abused, etc. by the American KGB / Gestapo.
If liberty is truly lost in America and these abuses go unpunished, I will start praying for God to smite this land and destroy the wicked as he has done in days of old. I am tired of the wicked and their ways, of their generations of harming, killing, stealing, abusing innocent people for their own power, control, greed. God shall punish them and soon. A great punishment will soon come, and an awakening will happen. Evil and darkness shall not long rule.
Ammon Bundy calls and tell what took place, witness's tell of the abuse of Ryan Bundy, later the guards laugh at what they did, this is truly like the gestapo / kgb mentality.
Sarah Redd-Buck
UPDATE 6:21 Ryans phone call to Angie live on Bundy Ranch Page. Ryan DID NOT RESIST ARREST. He simply asked where they were taking him and that is when they attacked. Call the number below and email and demand that they release the video footage from the jail of the incident. No excuses.
UPDATE 6:13 witnesses at the jail said they witnessed the guards this morning after Ryan was taken from the jail, mock and laugh at "the Bundy brothers". Witnesses say what they heard "made us sick to our stomach".
UPDATE 5:57 when I requested video footage from jail starting at 6am we were told by officer Steve Alexander that "oh there may not be video footage from the incident." Now sir why would you automatically assume that there was no video footage? EMAIL: and call 503-988-2300
UPDATE 5:50 Ryan on the phone now with Angie.
UPDATE 5:45pm Capt. Peterson called Angie and said Ryan would call her within 30min that was 2 hours ago. Angie has not heard from him still.
UPDATE 5pm Kelli Stewart live with channel 6 news on periscope
Gavin Seim
UPDATE 4:50 Oregon time. Nobody has heard or seen Ryan yet. I want to make this very clear with this Oregonian article that came out about today's incident. The article confirms what we have been saying there was no hearing scheduled for Ryan today. Nobody knows where he was being taken. What we do know is that prosecution has been trying to get their hands on that bullet in Ryan's shoulder for some time now SECRETLY. That bullet is important for many reasons. It is very important evidence. They are saying its shrapnel, Ryan is saying he saw the X-rays and that it is definitely a bullet. Which kind of bullet will tell us if it came from the FBI or the Oregon State Police. FBI is already being investigated for lying about shooting when LaVoy was killed.
When 5 guards awoke Ryan out of his sleep I'm sure he refused to go with them not knowing where they would take him and knowing full well what the prosecution wants. That is when they attacked him. Ammon and 2 others witnessed exactly what happened. Everybody so far that has told us Ryan is ok has not personally seen him.
UPDATE AT 4:18 Oregon time
We are being told that Ryan will call Angie here shortly. She will update her Facebook when he calls. Facebook wasn't liking Kelli Stewart's live feed so she switched to periscope. Still Live at the jail. Under Kel Stew @bundystrong. PLEASE EVERYONE stop what you are doing and PLEASE say a prayer for Angie and her kids, Lisa Bundy, Ammon (he has been in a panic all day in distress with what he witnessed this morning), Carol Bundy, the Bundy family. Today has been a day of ALOT of emotion. PLEASE stop what you are doing and pray for comfort for all of them and PLEASE GOD PLEASE TAKE OVER PLEASE TAKE THIS HELL AWAY!!
UPDATE AT 3:42 Oregon time.
Call 503-988-2400.
1.We want the video from 6am inside the jail so we can see what really happened. Eyewitness accounts are completely different than that of the officer
2.If this was for a hearing that had been scheduled why didn't Ryan know about it?
3 They have been trying to bribe Ryan into allowing them to remove the bullet from his shoulder. He has said no several times. They keep doing these surprise hearings aka visits on him why when he refuses to go with the marshals for fear of his life is he beaten and placed in solitary?
4. There are several of us on our way to Oregon if he is not allowed a simple phone call or visit to show us he is ok TODAY.
UPDATE: Kelli Stewart is live right now on her Facebook at the jail trying to get some answers and on behalf of Angie trying to physically see him to see the damage done this morning. Angie has the flu and has been sick all morning. Goal is to possibly get her out there tonight...if not Angie, possibly Carol or Lisa even.
UPDATE: I just left Lisa and Ammon's house after being there all morning with Lisa and Cliven's sisters. Ammon was on the phone as I left. He said the person who called from jail and said the bullet was taken out was someone who was suppose to call earlier this morning, so it is possible that because Ryan refused to go to surgery this morning they beat him up and is now in solitary with the bullet still in his shoulder. He still has not been allowed to see anyone or talk to anyone. Sorry for the long post and many updates. With all the shares I figured this was the easiest way to keep everyone updated as we receive the info.
UPDATE: we are still being told by the jail and Lisa, Ryan's standby council, that the bullet was not taken out and that Ryan is in solitary. He is not being allowed to talk or see anyone and we have been told he has a "few" bruises but don't know how or why he has bruises. Angie said if he is in that jail then I should be able to talk to him and they told her she couldn't because he is in US marshal custody.
UPDATE: An inmate just called anonymously from the jail. He said I am suppose to call and let you know that they took the bullet out of Ryan's arm and then he hung up. PLEASE SHARE!!! PLEASE SHARE!!! HOW THE HELL IS THIS EVEN LEGAL!?!?! HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING IN AMERICA.
UPDATE: The jail and the Sheriff's office have now stopped answering phones. I will be posting info for news outlets to report this assault this morning by the Multnomah Guards and the reason for it....the prosecution doing whatever they can to get that bullet from Ryan's shoulder. why would they be trying so hard to remove the bullet without any witnesses??
UPDATE: just talked to Ammon. He is saying these 5 officers/guards jumped Ryan at 6am. He has the name of two other witnesses who watched this happen. Ammon said Ryan did not refuse to go to a hearing. He went to the hearing last week. Ammon said remember what this is about. This is about the prosecution wanting that bullet in his shoulder and Ryan refusing to allow them. Ammon said he tried to fill out a kyte form to explain what Ammon saw, demand answers, and report abuse and the guard wouldn't let Ammon fill out a kyte. Ammon also said at 6am this morning after they beat Ryan up and took him from the cell Ammon and two other witnesses watched them bring a garbage can over and start throwing away Ryan's stuff. Ryan is his own attorney and keeps his legal documents in his cell. Keep in mind trial is in 4 weeks. Call the jail, the first number and ask for Officer Penia and demand that they allow Ryan to call his wife and tell her exactly what happened today and let her know he is ok. If he is not allowed to call his wife and let her know he is ok by the end of today we will start calling all the news stations and reporting this assault of the Multnomah guards against Ryan Bundy. They want that bullet and they will do whatever t takes to get it. Ammon also said he got the names of the guards who were involved in all of this this morning. He doesn't want to release the names publicly right now but we do have them written down.
UPDATE: Ryan is now in solitary confinement. Jail is saying that to or from the courthouse Ryan got into it with one of the deputies so they put him in solitary. Interestingly enough Kelli was told that he refused to go to court LAST WEEK so they put him in solitary. Which is it?? Just some history on these harassments with Ryan. 2 surgeons refused to the prosecution to remove the bullets from Ryan's shoulder. Word is that they have now found one willing and so they are trying to jump through loops to remove the bullet asap. Cover-ups...lies....and deceit!!
UPDATE: Ryan's standby attorney Lisa said that she thinks they took him to a meeting. She isn't sure why they ganged up on him and beat him in the process or even what the meeting is for. She is trying to find out more info.
Mona drove to OSU hospital and he is not there.
Please share! Ammon just called and said Ryan was just beaten up by 5 US Marshals. They slammed his head into the floor and dragged him out and bagged up all his stuff. There were several witnesses including Ammon. Nobody knows where they took him. They may be taking him to get the bullet out. They have been trying to get it out for weeks and Ryan has been refusing to allow them. Who can we call to put a stop to this? Can someone in Portland go down there? Please start making phone calls this is not ok. Call the jail and see if we can get them to tell us where he was taken. Call all the hospitals in the area OSU....I think there is one named providence?? Please post on this thread any info you get from any phone calls.
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