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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Florida Sheriff Finch Wins Victory For Constitution

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Sheriff Nick Finch, Liberty County, Florida
*(photo courtesy Ammoland)
Florida Sheriff Finch Wins Victory For Constitution

Oath Keepers, Sheriff Mack, and the Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Association Back Sheriff In
Powerful 2nd Amendment Victory
This report is a synthesis of several reports from various sources, which I will note at bottom of this email.

It could have become a Halloween curse, but instead it became a blessing for freedom in America. The trial of Sheriff Nick Finch ended in a victory for Sheriff Finch, CSPOA, Oath Keepers, and the people of Liberty County, Florida on October 31, 2013, when a jury of six peers gave a verdict of "Not Guilty" on behalf of Sheriff Finch.

First up, let's read the official report from CSPOA's Sheriff Mack, who personally went to Florida to attend the trial:

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Liberty in Liberty County!

On October 31, 2013, Sheriff Nick Finch won his case at trial in Liberty County, Florida. The charges were complete nonsense to begin with, and the laughter in the courtroom was difficult to suppress as the prosecution presented its flimsy, farcical case.

Sheriff Finch was charged and arrested and booked into his own jail last June. Sheriff Finch had done something nearly unheard of, yet noble and courageous. He nullified the arrest of a law abiding citizen who had the audacity of carrying a gun in his pocket. Sheriff Finch said "not on my watch." So the State moved in, arrested the Sheriff and re-arrested the citizen, Mr. Parish.

The end result was Finch was removed from office and went to trial. Mr. Parish once again had the charges dropped, but he was ordered to perform 50 hours of community service and pay $200.
Let's be very clear here: Neither man was guilty of anything! There were no victims and no evidence that a crime had ever occurred. Today, a jury consisting of six Liberty County citizens nullified the charges against Sheriff Finch and told the State officials who brought this case to trial that they were having none of their shenanigans. Sheriff Finch was reinstated as Sheriff just 15 minutes later.

The Sheriff nullified the arrest of an innocent man and the jury nullified the arrest of another innocent man. Liberty won this Halloween day in Liberty County and a tremendous example was laid before us all; do what's right, keep your word, and have the courage to stand for the little guy. As Sheriff Finch testified in court before a badgering prosecutor who demeaned and assailed Sheriff Finch's dedication to his oath and the Constitution, Sheriff Finch calmly and firmly told the prosecutor and the court, "The Constitution has to count for something."

Sheriff Finch and his good wife are to admired for their courage and commitment. I am proud to call them friends and proud that I had the opportunity to witness for myself the humility and strength of these good people as they stared adversity in the face and won! Now perhaps it is for each of us to learn from this and realize that Liberty and the Constitution only "count for something" if we make it so.

We owe a special thanks to all those who contributed financially, called or emailed to voice your support, or prayed in faith that truth would prevail. It's encouraging to know that sometimes the good guys still win.

In liberty,
Richard Mack
P.S. What else can you do to help? Please spread the word by forwarding this email to everyone you can, and please post links to on your own web sites and social networking pages (facebook, etc.) We desperately need to increase awareness if our message is to have a widespread effect!
Now let's hear from the Bay County, Florida, chapter leader Joe Metsa, who stood to the forefront in this fight from day one:

(Quoting) We have been in court all week. We have been looking at this all week. The judge is on one side and it is not ours. The whole case is about whiteout on a piece of paper. They have no case, their witnesses for the prosecution committed perjury right on the stand and the judge did nothing about it. There is a very clear case of corruption that is going on in this case on the state level and county level.
They targeted me because of what we stand for and were trying very hard and finally did throw me out of the courtroom for doing nothing, I was sitting there taking notes and people next to me were talking in two instances and they targeted me! They have been watching me the whole time I was up there. I was not feeling good today so I stayed home and I was advised from an inside informant from the courthouse they are using listening devices on us there. I was advised the best thing I could do is stay home, that today they were going to try something to arrest me. I decided I could do better by staying here - I can not fight for this from jail. They are on the final deliberations today. We will have a verdict this afternoon. As soon as I get the verdict I will email it to you. They are going to call me as soon as it comes down from the jurors. We have Oath Keeper members of my chapter there. I feel that they have no case and this has been nothing but a circus going on. We feel that he will be found not guilty.

As I was writing this the jury has made their decision. He is found not guilty on all charges!
Joe Metsa, Bay County Oath Keepers

As a follow-up, Joe sent this to Oath Keepers national:

(Quoting) I would like to announce to everybody that Justice has prevailed.
Today Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch was found not guilty of all charges and was immediately reinstated, with back pay, by executive order by Governor Rick Scott.
This is a great day for Liberty and Freedom. This is a perfect example for the rest of the Sheriff's in the state of Florida, and in the United States, that the Constitution still has authority in this country, not the feds, nor any other state agency that thinks they can take our Sheriffs' authority away. We have worked very hard here at Bay County Oath Keepers to pursue the authority that the sheriff has in his County. They can not and will not prosecute any Sheriff here again for standing for the Constitution of the United States of America and the peoples' rights. I can almost guarantee that. The people have shown that they are not going to put up with it. I would like to thank everybody that was involved with us to make sure that Justice prevailed, especially my members that stood by my side and made sure the job got done. Thank you for your dedication.
I would like to thank our state President, Mike Austell, for all his guidance when I needed it. Sir you are the man.
I would like to thank my teacher on this, who made me who I am, our Northwest Florida Regional Director, Coy Surprise. Thank you Sir.
I would like to thank my right hand man, Bobby Lago, brother and comrade. You are the man and I am proud to have you stand at my side. We stand as one, and you also taught me a lot.
I would like to thank Richard Mack of the CSPOA. Sir, thank you for all your help, you are a great man.
I would like to thank Stewart Rhodes and all of the board of directors for all your hard work on this.
This is what we Stand for, this is our job, and I think we all have done an awesome job!
Liberty has been restored in Liberty County and Liberty County Sheriff Nick Finch is back in his Office.

(end quote)

Photo courtesy CLJ News: FROM LEFT: Sussex County, Delaware Sheriff Jeff Christopher; Nick Finch, former Sheriff Richard Mack of Arizona, Bay County Sheriff Frank McKeithen and Brad Rodgers, of Elkhart County Indiana are shown at Saturday's fundraiser. (This was August 30, 2013, coverage of the CSPOA / Oath Keepers fund-raiser organized by Sheriff Mack. See link below.)

Bay County (Florida) Oath Keepers
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Pro-Gun Sheriff Found Not Guilty
Pro-Gun Sheriff Found Not Guilty
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