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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Irish Citizens Stand Against Muslim Invasion

Irish Citizens Stand Against Muslim Invasion

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439 islamic ireland takeover stand against by irish people

Many Muslims in Ireland are shocked by a letter posted to schools and mosques declaring a war against them. They should be shocked that it has taken as long as it has for people across the world to start standing up against their campaign of intimidation.
Gutless politicians don’t stand with the people anymore. In seemingly every country across the globe, the political positions are occupied by self-serving, pandering wimps. This letter is clearly born out of a frustration with a lack of positive action on the part of government officials and a willingness of the Irish to defend their nation by taking matters into their own hands. After all, the people are the ones who are chiefly affected, not the bureaucrats.
The anonymous letter has made the rounds of Muslim schools and mosques in Dublin.
While the Muslim groups have and will try to negatively label it otherwise, it is a call to arms for the Irish citizens to recognize the impact of the invasion and the deliberate efforts to supplant the Irish people, their culture, and their traditions with Islam and Sharia law.
The language of the letter is described as intimidating and extremely violent. The obvious neglect to mention the Islamic violence is so outlandish that it is barely deserving of a comment.
A rapid, demanding and threatening spread across the world towards their caliphate is a much publicized goal of Islam. Yet the non-Muslim citizens of the world still continue to ignore the truths that the Islamists themselves acknowledge.
439 irish islam letter
The letter mentions a failure of Muslims to assimilate into the Irish culture, and this is true of every culture they invade around the world. The mass migration is not reflective of a Muslim desire to integrate into a new homeland for the individual immigrants. It is a claim of turf in the global acquisition. These Irish don’t intend to sit quietly as their nation is stolen from beneath them.
The website also calls the letter racist against Islam. That is ridiculous, Islam or Muslim is not a race anymore than Christian or Buddhist is a race. It is an ideology , a political movement or a religion, but it is not a race.
The publishers of the website would do well to direct their outrage and anger towards the blood-thirsty members of their own ranks who kill innocent people in the most ruthless of fashions for political gain.
Played against a backdrop of the Kenyan Mall Massacre, or any of the other numerous examples of senseless cruelty conducted in the name of their religion, the claims of an unfair or undeserved attack on Islam ring hollow.
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