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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Open letter to the Israeli Embassies around the world from Senior Chief Ross US Navy (Ret)

Open letter to the Israeli Embassies around the world from Senior Chief Ross US Navy (Ret)

Geoff Ross 2

Dear Israeli Ambassadors around the world,

The government of the United States headed by the Communist/Muslim Barack Hussein Obama has just signed an agreement with the terrorist nation of Iran. This agreement has released 6 billion dollars of Iranian cash. This money can now have the potential to be delivered to Hezbollah, Hamas, al-Qaida and others.
Be advised the Obama led Communist government does not recognize the best interests of your nation. His allegiance lies with the Muslim world and the Muslim Brotherhood. Even the people of Egypt recognize the threat Barack Hussein Obama brings to not only the United States but to Israel.
This deal was done without congressional approval with China, Russia and others. We are now in a dictatorship. Secretary of State John Kerry is a Communist who was elected by a Senate that either failed to verify his qualifications or ignored the facts about him. He too is a threat to our nation.
Our government does not represent “We the people” anymore. Our Congress should be drawing up impeachment proceedings against Barack Hussein Obama for crimes against the US constitution but they have no leadership, no backbone and no courage. They too are part of the problem.
It will soon be left up to us to protect this Republic using all legal constitutional means available starting with the 1st Amendment and going down the list ending with the legal and constitutional removal of this Communist from our White House.
The American people stand with you and support you. Even as over 200 of our military leaders are purged from our armed forces by the Communist Obama without a word from Congress, we still stand with you.
Do not share any intelligence with our Congress, Senate or the White House. You cannot trust our government. We have 435 Congressman who will not protect this nation from the Communist in the White House. Not one has attempted to impeach him. We have 100 Senators who refuse to stand up to Obama. We are in a constitutional crisis.
The Iranians are now celebrating the Kenyan/Muslim Obama yet they still wish to kill us Americans. They still hold an American pastor in an Iranian jail. No provision was made to release him. We are living in times that are bringing this nation closer to a revolution as allowed for in our constitution. We will not fail in securing our liberty from this tyrannical Communist government and the rogue Secretary of State and we will not fail you either.
I urge you to remove yourself from any dealings with the Obama administration. Cut off all secure and classified communications and pull your Ambassador out of Washington DC and bring him home to Israel.
Reroute all your E mail and internet communications around our NSA spies. The Russian’s did this also. This is the worst moment of western foreign policy in our nations history. Valerie Jarret, the Iranian- American, is implementing the final solution to allow Iran to build a nuclear weapon, to free up all sanctions and to witness your destruction.
Listen to me.
Trust my words.
Senior Chief Petty Officer
Geoff Ross
United States Navy Retired
Surface Warfare / Air Warfare / Airborne
Veteran of Foreign Wars VFW Post 7674 FWB
Navarre Beach Florida USA