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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Patrick Richards is a sixteen year old student from Arkansas. His presentation on Common Core is well researched and devastating.

Patrick Richards is a sixteen year old student from Arkansas. His presentation on Common Core is well researched and devastating.
The first part of his presentation covers the copyright issue related to Common Core. Unlike past standards, Common Core is held under a public license rather than an open license. After taking on the license issue, Richards then moves the presentation to the question and answer session by Sandra Stotsky of Jason Zimba, the primary author of the Math Standards.
In that session, Zimba admits that the term “college ready” really means ready for a trade school or junior college, not a four-year institution. Zimba even admits that the University he teaches at would not accept a student who had completed only the Common Core math sequence.
Richards then discusses the falling test scores in Kentucky and New York. He includes the phone call from the Superintendent of Schools in New York to parents regarding the test scores. He discusses the data collection and how PARCC and SBAC have agreed to turn over their data to the federal government. Richards covers how the data is what is used to map out a student’s life and ultimate career irrespective of what they may want to be.
A unique feature of Richard’s presentation is the perspective from which it is given. He shows how his freedom to choose his path in life is eroded by Common Core. He shows how the structure of the industry has become concentrated and how government and big business are working together to form a structure of tyranny. It is refreshing to see a young man on top of the game in this way. Perhaps there is hope for the next generation after all.

Utah Against Common Core.