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Friday, April 11, 2014

Two Brothers Detained, Cited By BLM In Bundy Cattle Dispute- Tyler and Spencer Schillig

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    15 hours 41 minutes ago

    Two Brothers Detained, Cited By BLM In Bundy Cattle Dispute

    NEVADA - Two protesters scuffled with federal rangers at the Cliven Bundy cattle protest near Bunkerville Thursday evening.
    The Bureau of Land Management says Tyler and Spencer Schillig were trespassing in a federal holding pen near the Overton Marina, where some of Bundy's cattle are being held. The BLM rounded up the animals a short time earlier.
    The men are brothers. They say rangers surrounded them, threatened them with tasers and detained them for hours.
    "I decided, you know what? Enough is enough," Tyler Schillig said. "I went down and confronted the officers, and then I was also arrested."
    Tyler Schillig wasn't hurt. Spencer said he was. "They took me to the ground," Spencer Schillig said.
    He says the marks on his face are a result of the encounter. He says he did not provoke the authorities. "I showed no signs of aggression," Spencer said.
    The BLM has been moving the cattle off public land since Saturday, because BLM representatives say Bundy allowed the animals to illegally graze on the land.
    The BLM detained the brothers for two hours and cited them for interfering with agency functions, disorderly conduct and violent behavior.