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Those leaders who seek to 'Keep their Oaths of office' and those who seek only self glory, power, tyranny and the destruction of America as it was founded, hoping to turn it into a Dictatorship, Marxist or other state of Tyranny.

For a long while I was unsure of putting a blog together with my thoughts on this, however Truth must be shared, if not to Awake American's to their dangerous situation then to record the folly of the ways of the wicked who do exist in the leadership of our Nation, States, Counties, Towns. Sad that I must add this page.

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Sunday, April 3, 2016


A Harney County resident, Kristy Potter Davis, had planned a wonderful event for the ranchers. It was to be an emergency weekend celebration from April 2-3 and include food, fun and fundraising, all in support of the local county ranchers. Steve Grasty, the Harney County jack of all trades and master of the county in his own mind, killed the music.
The event was billed as the event to help the ranchers heal. It was an event that had people from across the nation talking about attending and offering support, there was even talk about getting some a list country personalities on stage. Grasty would have none of it. He has made it clear that there will not be an event or meeting that he does not approve of. How does one man get so much power? We really seriously want to know.
Do you remember the meeting that was to be held at the fairgrounds on January 24, 2016 in Harney County and hosted by the Committee of Safety and Ammon Bundy was to speak? Do you recall that it too was not allowed to be held? Grasty would not allow it. The Virus was spreading and it would not be tolerated by the Circus leader of Harney.

Steve Grasty scheduled a meeting of his own with a notice to the county saying, "locals only and tickets limited", if you were not a resident of Harney you were not welcome to this Public meeting he made Private. The meeting caused quite a stir, people were mad and put out their own notice that an unlawful meeting would not be tolerated.
Citizens 4 Constitutional Freedom Page Liked · January 23 · Edited · ALERT! Harney County Judge Grasty was outraged that Ammon Bundy showed up at the last public meeting. He was also upset that these meetings continue to reveal a lot of local support for what Ammon is doing. So Grasty has issued a press release dictating a number of newly imposed restrictions on who can attend future meetings. He is gerrymandering the audience to suit his own personal tastes and making it difficult for people who support Ammon to be able to attend the meetings. Only 150 tickets will be issued per meeting and those tickets are to be issued by his courthouse. A photo ID and proof of residence is mandatory - so visitors are not welcome. However, visitors are unwelcome unless they support Judge Grasty's position. He has reserved 30 of the 150 tickets for himself to issue to special guests. Something tells me that none of those guests are going to be supportive of the efforts of Ammon Bundy. Grasty is stacking the public meetings with fellow pro-BLM supporters and snuffing out voices of dissent. He also is imposing a firearm ban for the civilians who attend - further weeding out pro-2nd amendment supporters who are mostly favorable to the efforts of Ammon. The judge's position on limiting guns is quite hypocritical. He doesn't mind guns being carried. As you can see in this photo, a citizen in Burns cannot walk to the courthouse right now without passing by one of the armed guards that Grasty has posted. No, he doesn't mind guns - as long as he is in charge of who gets to carry them. It is Grasty and the FBI, not the men out at the refuge, who are inflamming the community and putting them in a state of fear by turning the town into a militarized zone and bringing in hundreds of FBI vehicles. What's worse, future town hall meetings will now be moderated by PBS, which we all know is a staunchly left-wing, government controlled station. The PBS moderator will be the one asking questions, not the audience members as in previous meetings. He will direct his pre-scripted questions to the audience and the entire charade will be recorded to be broadcasted by the government-run station. This is an incredible assault on freedom of speech. It is nothing less than the effort of a radical left-wing politician to stack an audience full of pro-government residents (63% of the local population is employed by the government), weed out the voices of the opposition, and control the conversation in a way that serves their leftist, big-government agenda. In short, Judge Grasty has turned the public town hall meetings into a controlled, pro-government propaganda show. Speaking of his own plan, Grasty said: "I can’t think of a better way to give Oregon a taste of the real Harney County”. Well, I can think of a better way - and it starts with Judge Grasty obeying Oregon's "Open Public Meetings Law" which he is violating: Judge Grasty has made his phone number available on the press release for feedback on this issue: Steve Grasty 541-573-3071. If you call to express your outrage, please be courteous. Watch a video report on Judge Grasty's actions here: You can read Judge Grasty's full press release here:
The fiasco ended up in numerous stories written and national attention paid to the Grasty Private Circus. In the end Grasty cancelled his closed Public meeting and shortly after the cancelled meeting Lavoy Finicum lay dead in the snow, assassinated. Do we infer from these attacks on the people that if you go against Grasty or Harney county sheriffs you have a killing of some kind?
Handlers, bodyguards and massive federal presence continue to make Harney county their destination location. Harney County is getting a reputation for death, from bodies buried in controversy over the years, to few short weeks ago Lavoy Finicum’s assassination and this weekend the music? Did Grasty kill the music because he was not satisfied with the body of dead man so much he had to kill the music too? Why?
RIP Freedom, RIP Liberty, RIP First Amendment and RIP those who have been victim to the tyranny known as Judge Nasty. Time for a resurrection, music revolution? It is time for a change, that we know for sure, what we do not know is the limits to what the public servants will go to to silence the American Patriot. We also do not know where the good guys in public service are, but we know they have to be there watching and working to fix this mess.
If you value your land, home and life and are not part of the bureaucracy of government, if America matters more than your government paycheck, if you are an American Patriot you may want to turn your radio up and think about your Freedom. The killing of the music and the attempted assassination of the Constitution must not be accepted. We have had enough killing and death at the hand of tyranny and usurpers of America! Let Freedom and your music ring.
Pinky swear you will stand for freedom!
TURN UP THE VOLUME! Pinky swear that you will not be silenced!
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Cindy Lue eliminate elected officials by going after their insurance bond if they get dinged over 3 times they cannot get elected again, and that go from other offices in state and from state to state.
Jacqueline Shults Censorship in the purest form. If they are so concerned why don't him and Brown just call the FBI back? Jack_ss' Anything to keep the truth quiet. The only safety concern he has is his own ass!!
Kelly McGirr He is abusing and trampling on the 1st Amendment! He needs to be brought up short.
Ray Coon We have a Republic, but only IF you can keep it. When you can be charged with a weapons violation and NOT have a weapon on you, you no longer live in a Republic, you live in a Democracy!

It is too bad we don't know the difference, and that is why we
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Ron Rue Shoot the SOB
Denise Foley We should do simultaneous music events across the country. Instead of saying "rally", use the word " concert" and people will come. Have information and speakers ready between acts.
T.c. Williams Grasty is not ruler or KING of Harney County!
Derek N Joyti Lermeny Why don't you all organize something in Grant County and host a huge event there where LaVoy was trying to get to. That would be fitting and Sheriff Palmer would probably support it. Get in touch with the person who does the Facebook page The Voice of Grant County, Oregon. It would be so awesome to do a procession of thousands of vehicles with flags flying and different signs and symbols fitting of the event right past the spot where LaVoy died. Maybe it should be a memorial event and happen every year. I think that we have to fight hard to keep this opportunity for spreading the virus of freedom from dying out. They are working hard to keep us down. Please stand with LaVoy's family and continue his mission. I will personally come from South Dakota to Oregon if you host this type of event. It would be an honor to be there.
Kristie Potter Davis It was not Grasty that postponed the concert. It was me. I did. other look far enough into the promoter background, and the amount of time were big reasons, some health issues, and the qualifications from the health department were others. We still plan on having the event, just after haying season. The event is on privately owned land, but we still have requirements with the health department we have to obide by, and they are many.
Talmadge Pollard This event was what we were organizing at We Are One America....This was our event and he did everything he could to stand in the way of it, denying permits, making unjust demands that water fountains be installed every so many feet (on PRIVATE LAND), requiring unlawful ordinances, etc...he is indeed NASTY Grasty...

With that being said, everyone there needs to support the recall effort there in Harney County, and have him AND Sheriff David Ward REMOVED from their positions...for violations of the Constitutional Rights of the Hammonds, the Bundys, the protesters, and the HERO they KNOWINGLY allowed to be assassinated....YES THEY KNEW THE HIT WAS ORDERED, as Sheriff Ward called the Narrows RV park to advise them he already knew of the convoy coming their way and to not panic (keep in mind that Sheriff Ward and the RV Park manager are FAR FROM FRIENDLY with each other)...

They are TRAITORS to the citizens of not only Harney County, but also to the citizens of the United States if America...

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