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Friday, April 8, 2016

Pete Santilli and Dave Bundy were released from segregated lockdown/solitary confinement

The Oath with SSG Moe's photo.


The Oath with SSG Moe
8 hrs
Update by Deb~


As of one hour ago Pete Santilli and Dave Bundy were released from segregated lockdown/solitary confinement, and are now in general population. The two men greeted one another with a smile and were happy to see one another. Pete said to let the Bundy Family know Dave looks good but was kind of shocked to be out of his cell. 
Both men are relieved to be moving about.
 They will now be out of their cells -- 3 hours in the morning -- 3 hours in the afternoon -- 3 hours in the evening.
Pete says even the guards are glad to see them out and about.
They have been told the others are also being released into GP --
Thank you to everyone who prayed, made calls, and sent emails. If not for your support this would not have happened.

Also today -- Alex Jones said Pete Santilli does not belong in jail --
While it didn't sound 100% sincere -- I'm not going to complain -- Thank you Alex Jones & David Knight for finally doing the right thing!!