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For a long while I was unsure of putting a blog together with my thoughts on this, however Truth must be shared, if not to Awake American's to their dangerous situation then to record the folly of the ways of the wicked who do exist in the leadership of our Nation, States, Counties, Towns. Sad that I must add this page.

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Sunday, April 3, 2016


This story will bring a whole new meaning to “Your goose is cooked”. As the witnesses continue to contact us and continue to share their stories and first hand information, we find that the craziness of the Federal Agents and the Public Servants actions just never cease to amaze us. The truth is one we seek and in finding it we see, “we just can’t make this S*it up”, but the Federal Government sure can.
Appointed Sheriff David Ward of Harney County says he feels more protection from the Bodyguards hired to shadow him then his own deputies. Ward admitted at a meeting in Harney County last Thursday that he has the protection and when asked by members of the meeting why he has bodyguards when he has deputies to protect him he was quoted as saying, “we don’t need to go there”. He does not say who he is afraid of, but we have to wonder if maybe the one who is protecting him is the one he needs protection from?
UPDATE March 30,2016: It seems Ward got upset talking about his bodyguards and corrected everyone that they were HANDLERS not Bodyguards...oooops? If that man keeps up this charade pretending to be a good guy he may need more than a bodyguard/handler or whatever he thinks he has because his loose lips may be what scream truth and bad guys usually buy special shoes for those who cause them trouble.
Use of FBI informants/handlers needed:
Sheriff Ward has intimate knowledge of what happened inside the investigation, and what now seems to have been stalking, that led to the assassination of Lavoy Finicum. Finicum was part of a team who were given access to the Malheur Refuge and yet were portrayed to be trespassing Militants. The men set up what amounts to a Constitutional School at the Malheur Refuge, renamed the Harney County Resource Center. The buildings were cleaned and artifacts protected while proof to back up their whistle blower claims was found. The work done by this team is what led to Finicums murder.
We know emails released between Governor Kate Browns office, Steve Grasty, Oregon State Police, FBI and others, show the Federal Agents were in charge from the beginning of the Malheur Refuge Stand Up. These emails show discussions about how the group led by Ammon Bundy was “getting traction” and more people were starting to align with them. The emails give evidence to the planning by pubic servants of the ambush that fateful day on that short stretch of highway 395 where Finicum was assassinated. We believe Wards knowledge and involvement may leave him vulnerable to possible “accidents” at the hand of the Federal agencies and other groups involved attempting to cover for their crimes. Finicum was murdered by agents following that ambush on January 26, 2016.

Finicum was among several other whistle blowers who were invited that day to teach John Day locals about the Constitution and Federal Governmnet tyranny. Finicum and his team never made it to the meeting, but over 300 people were there waiting to meet them that fateful day. They were ambushed on the highway 395 in Harney County. Sheriff Ward was blamed by many for not forcing the Federal Agencies to leave Harney County as the residence ask him to do during the Refuge Stand Up.
Ward is not the only one sporting shiney new bodyguards, an Oregon State Police officer does as well. The OSP officer, Officer Weaver, has been seen with his bodyguard. Julie Carr, owner of a convenience store in Dayville Oregon, speaks to us regarding these eye witness events. Carr says Officer Weaver was on leave for a 5 weeks following the assassination of Finicum. When Weaver returned to town he went into her store escorted by a bodyguard. Another OSP officer named Officer Hutchinson, was on leave for 10 days after the assassination. We are told that both were on paid leave during the time they were gone, but that is not confirmed as yet. Are these two of the officers who were involved in the shots that murdered Finicum?
There are still teams of agents and what appear to be foregin mercinaries in the Burns area. Witness testimony says that the FBI has moved locations several times since the assassination of Finicum. They just recently left Grant County due to what they blamed on “Breasts being stripped from Geese and carcuses left as a sign or warning to them to fear for their safety.” Well folks, please watch this and tell us how in the world that holds any muster? It is HUNTING season in the county, and guess what the hunters are a huntin? GEESE! and guess how you clean a goose? TAKE THE BREAST OUT..and you leave the rest for the varments behind, a circle of life if you will. NOT a circle of death threats by “breast”.
Who's goose is really cooked in this hot mess of murder and deception being orchestrated by the Federal Government?
Leading up to the assassination of Finicum there were hundreds of Federal Agents, State Police, Sheriffs and other public servants who swarmed into Bend, Harney, John Day and other parts of Burns and Grant County. Other witness testimony gave us a story about a delivery man who spoke with Julie Carr. He told her that he saw the OSP officers at 2:30 pm, he was talking to them and said he was going to the meeting in John Day and the OSP officer told him there was not going to be a meeting.
On another occasion Carr was asked by the OSP if she was an anti government person. Carr told them, “No I am anti *ss hole.” Her answer must have not made them happy as from that day forward they “gassed” up with their own fuel brought in special from STAUBS Oil as not to frequent her station. Remember, the town of Harney had a boom of business during the Stand Up, actually welcoming Ammon Bundy and Militia members to their businesses. The stories out of Harney were showing how the Federal Agents were scaring the locals and the Whistle Blowers were no threat.
As we see further evidence of the crazy methods and situations used by the Federal Agents to entrap, scare, intimidate, and yes, murder Americans, we have to ask, “if we get the geese hunters to leave the breast in tact will you just leave and never come back?”
TR/Thom & Rene’
LETTER FROM JULIE TO OSP: (OSP never responded)
January 30, 2016
John Day Worksite 545 East Main Street John Day, OR 97845 Dear Officer Hutchinson, It was with a heavy heart filled with a slight amount of disdain that I reach out to you. It is, to say the least a weird, trying and eventful time for our county and area. First of all, I have the utmost respect for law officers and authority in general. I come from and continue to have numerous LEOs in my family, both immediate and extended. I can not even begin to assume I know what it is like to be in a situation like the ones that your officers are put in on a daily basis and still committ to serve and protect and WANTING to continue to do so. I will not pretend to know what I would do if put in similar life threatening situations. Even in the current situation with regards to the shooting of the gentlemen last week, I will not even assume I would have done things differently and although I have a discerning mind and certainly an opinion that I sometimes I inflict upon others, I will not speculate as to what I would have done or think should have been done given I be put in a similar situation. I merely want to speak to you from an honest position; that of a mom, a community member and an American. As I said, this letter is not in regards to the actual decisions and actions that were made and taken on that fateful day, no matter how grossly unjust or unnecesary I think they were. I guess I am sad and to be honest very disallusioned with an organization that I once placed a significant amount of repsect, trust and honor in. I do now and forever will; believe that Blue Lives Matter and will always repect the authority of an OSP officer. I am however sadly so disallusioned. I went to your website to try to sort my feelings out, try to gather some ‘reckoning’ if you will, as to the actions that followed the shooting. No attempt was made to attend to or even secure the assailant (Mr. Lavoy) even though he was deemed so dangerous that he was shot. The website indicates that deadly force is used as the last attempt. I can not speak to the mind set of the officers, although I make the assumption that they are trained to read a situation. Again, this letter is NOT to question the actual taking of a life. (although I wonder why he was not tazered and subdued). I am thinking out loud here and you are stuck having to read my thoughts, why did no one go to secure him or his weapon? Did they know they shot him dead? Is that why? Where they worried about others in the vehicle shooting? Perhaps.Why did they throw his hat when they walked up to him? Why, with a woods full of ‘peacemakers’ was this the only option? I have so many whys and believe we will never know the real truth even if we believe the audio is authentic IF it is EVER released. I teach my kids (and will continue to do so) to respect law enforcement but I say to you today with regards to OSP, that respect is no longer unconditional and is contingent upon alway wondering what the officer may do to manipulate the situation, the evidence or the circumstances. Sir, I write those words with much sadness and almost shame in my heart to say to you. My 20 year old daughter said, “Mom, I will always respect the state troopers, but I will always be in fear of them.” She of course won’t always be in fear of you, because, for one, we serve the Lord and know that fear is not really an option in everyday life. But at this moment, in this time, she does fear you. It is no secret that the events have torn our hearts, our communities and the entire country apart. Further, most of us have the awesome ability to interact with state troopers on a daily basis, especially in this county and neighboring counties. Yesterday at the Burns courthouse, as I left, I thanked an officer, shook his hand and told him to be safe; meaning every word! (I also offered him some cheez-its—he said no) It saddens me further to think that if blame is ever assigned, if answers are ever given, I believe with all my heart that some OSP officer will be ‘hung out to dry’ by the very people sworn to protect us all. When this happens it will continue to rip our communities apart, all the while business as usual continues. I sincerely thank you for listening, I do not require a response, time to heal I guess is what is necessary in a situation like this. The 3rd side to the story seems to be screaming to come out!
Sincerely, Julie Carr Dayville, Oregon
February 14, 2016
It was with much sadness and to be honest a disallusioned heart and mind that I reach out to you at this time. I own a store/gas station in the small town of Dayville, Oregon. IE: incredibily small town USA! We sit right on Highway 26 and are a mere 8 miles from the Sheep Rock Unit of the John Day Fossil Beds. We are blessed to have the fossil beds in our back yard. It provides us with a hand painted beauty that only nature and God can do and it provides employment for several local people here as well, which is always a good thing. In light of recent activity in our neighboring county, we have seen a natural increase in concern, NOT by local or visiting citizens, but government agency personnel who, by their own admission (and the fact that we know nearly everyone who lives out here) do not reside in our county or neighboring county. I can understand an increase in awareness that situations exist, but frankly that is all I can abide by or even reckon with. The behavior and issues I am about to tell you about sicken me and if they do not move you in some way also, then you are not upholding or standing for what the NPS mission states and portrays. Last week, when two (2) FBI agents with assualt rifles in tow showed up here to fill their vehicles up with fuel, I engaged in conversation with them. I eventually asked, “To what do we owe your very armed, very provocational presence here in our town of 108?” I was told that they had a report of suspicious and threatenting behavior in the form of an incident that had happened the previous couple of days. I confirmed with a park employee later as to the validity of the officer’s (if you wish to call them that) claims. It appeared that someone had shot 3 geese, had cut the breasts off the said geese and threw the geese out up at our local lookout which is on federal property. The park management took this as an obvious sign of aggresion by the locals and also as an indicator of a local threat against park employees. THEIR WORDS NOT MINE. I laughed at first; I mean how ridiculous and the park employees are my neighbors. In the past few days, the weather has been nice and I anticipated that folks would be traveling to experience and enjoy our fossil beds. When I say OUR, I mean an all encompassing statement to mean every Oregonian, every American and we are gladly and joyfully also sharing them with any amazing person on the planet that happens to wander by our neck of the woods…albeit on purpose or because they don’t realize that neither cell phone or GPS work out here! This being said, without any public notice or indicator on any NPS or state website, the museum is closed and am armed guard is stationed down by the entrance Today as the 6th vehicle left my store saddened and confused and asking as to why the museum and park was closed, stating that they had come over on Wednesday of last week to find it closed also, I decided this ‘wasn’t funny anymore.” I am always careful not to inflict others with my opinion (although the residents of Dayville may state otherwise) so I simply answered with “well, I’m not sure”, “Here let me show you on a map of some other areas you can visit that I think you will enjoy”, “let me share some pretty rocks and pictures of the fossils that the kids may enjoy.” Frankly, I was trying anything to prevent them from leaving the area not feeling satisfied and believing it is the most beautiful and amazing place on the planet. This got me to thinking…earlier I mentioned this being our park, our woods, and our natural resources. We have trusted your agency to manage them. I will address at a later time detailing why I believe and know your agency to be fraudelent and unconstitutional in its exsitance; but for sake of argument, I will let you continue believing that you are an up front agency working under proper direction, and I will let you continue believing you have duped myself and the American pulic into not believing your existance is nothing short of useless and detremental. Your websit states that you value dynamic conversations that enhance public engagement. Why is the park closed? Why have you threatened your own employees? Why have you asked your employees to lie about the reasons the park is closed? WHY IS OUR PARK CLOSED? Respectfully, Julie Perkins Dayville, OR
Time to end the wild goose chase for American Patriots
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