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Monday, April 25, 2016

The shooting death of my personal friend LaVoy Finicum (Rancher/Patriot)

Few of you have read my letter that was posted over a dozen times it is signed Mark West: An open letter written to those who have given an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Re: The shooting death of my personal friend LaVoy Fin
icum (Rancher/Patriot)

Dear Reader,

Please do not take my correspondence lightly. Writing you is very personal to me and I regard my integrity sound. I am a 59-year-old Father and Family man born and raised in Salt Lake City and presently live in Draper, Utah.

I have spent my entire life studying politics and religion. My religion is my politics and my politics is my religion and I pride my self in being a God fearing FREEMAN (Constitutional Conservative). I have a great love and respect for our two party system and what uses to be know as the greatest Republic in the world. To call our form of government a Democracy is a misnomer.

I am a Cowboy/missionary at heart and value mostly God, Family and Freedom. I honor Patriots especially American Patriots, as did my brother LaVoy. It does not get any more personal then when an American can be shot down in cold blood and his friends are sent to jail for defending the Constitution of the United States of America.

My thoughts are for my life, my liberty and my pursuit of happiness and the same for every American whose great mission is to share our successes with the world. I am appalled that since January 26th, a date I will never forget, Americans and Leaders are not up in Arms (Second Amendment Right) with what is taking place across our great country. Americans are being shot down and hauled off like Rancher/Patriot Bundy’s cattle in Nevada now found in a mass grave. Since when is any animal life less valuable then a Desert Tortoise of which has become the Icon of Land grabs in the West by the Federal Government.

Since the death of my Friend/Patriot LaVoy I now know personally the importance of my 1st amendment God given Right. And now know unequivocally why my 2nd amendment God given Right exists today which are both being abused by our present administration!!! I demand answers from those I have elected and all who participate in Washington D.C. whose responsibility it is to represent our citizenship and uphold the Constitution of the United States.

Why are we not hearing from our legislator’s? Why are we not hearing the truth from our national news agencies of the atrocities associated with Ranchers or any other Industry across our good nation? Why are we not hearing from those who are running for the Presidential Office? An assault on any American is an assault on me!!!

As an American I am not interested in a “One World Government” and my only protection from such is the Constitution, which our elected officials are to uphold by rule of Law, which is Constitutional.

Since January 26th I have done my homework and have tried to connect the dots or followed the money trial as it is usually stated. The following is a list of dots I feel that are responsible for the death of my friend LaVoy and those American Patriots, which have been falsely imprisoned.

• Federalism, which I use as a very broad term. Examples are the “Patriot Act”, Creation and Militazation of the “BLM”, Martial Law and FEMA Camps.
• The Obama Administration, Agenda 21, Executive Orders and the breach of our boarders.
• The former President Clinton’s Foundation and suspected ties to Oregon Governor Kate Brown and the Land Grab, which has affected local citizens, like the falsely imprisoned Hammond Family and will line the pockets of those who help International Corporations such as the Russian owned Uranium One whose interests are in the Malheur County Diamond Craters Volcanic Field of Oregon.
• Senator Harry Reid and his suspected interests in the Land Grab, which have affected local citizens, like the falsely imprisoned Bundy Family, which will line the pockets of those parties interested in the Gold Butte Volcano Fields of Nevada.

I have recently read an open letter written by Dr. Rich Swier who is a “personal friend of Governor Rick Scott and an assigned body guard to Governor Sarah Palin (as needed by her) and [he is] also a weapons expert – US Navy retired”, of which I quote:

“Today the Malheur County District Attorney Dan Norris in Oregon said the fatal shooting of rancher Mr. LaVoy Finicum, one of the protesters who took over a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon in January, was ‘justified and necessary’”.

“The liberal media portray Mr. Finicum as armed but the U.S. Constitution permits him to be armed so the liberal media bias trying to make this man out as dangerous is ridiculous.”

“…I am sure you have already reviewed the below video of this event and can see Mr. Finicum with his hands in the air surrendering to law enforcement as he was brutally shot and killed while standing surrounded by the FBI and the Oregon State Police.”

“Mr. Finicum was shot and killed January 26th by Oregon State Police after he tried to drive around a traffic stop.”

I ask the same question as Dr. Rich Swier and I again quote:

“The question is why were ten shots fired at a man standing in the snow with his hands in the air? If he had a weapon it was holstered and covered. Why did law enforcement not check on the condition of Mr. Finicum as he lay on the snow bleeding out?” ”…This video clearly shows a man with his hands in the air surrendering to law enforcement. This looks more like an execution of Mr. Finicum just my opinion. In this situation I would not have pulled my weapon nor fired a shot.”

And I concur with his opinion and I again quote Dr. Swier:

“I respectfully request the DA of Malheur County, the Oregon State Police and the Oregon FBI be fully investigated in regards to the death of this kind God faring family man. A stand up American indeed.”

“…I believe a full Congressional investigation into this matter is warranted. The Hammonds, the Bundys and all ranchers should all be released from prison. They are, in my humble opinion, political prisoners of the Obama administration. These are God fearring folks fighting for their Constitutional land rights.”

“…You are going to find that this matter is not so much about grazing cattle but it is about a giant land grab by the Communist forces in the White House using the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as the enforcement arm of the Obama regime.”

“They are operating through the Governors office in Oregon via the Justice Dept. to remove the last remaining holds outs of private land owners in this neck of the woods so the Federal Communist forces in the White House can get the Uranium in this rich mineral filled land.”

“…I look forward to the investigation moving forward. The Federal government have no constitutional authority to manage state land and the BLM has no constitutional authority to be funded.”

I think Dr. Swier has it all covered. I couldn’t spot anything he left out.

God bless the families of LaVoy and other patriots and for the families of those who shot him.

Mark West