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Saturday, April 23, 2016

David Bundy Lawyer had Note book taken from him by Fed Court = Marylynn Bundy update on Friday Court in Nevada

Dave H. Bundy
10 hrs

Yesterday all 19 defendants went before Magistrate Judge Peggy Leen to set a trial date. Before we entered the court room all 19 women that were there to... support the Political prisoners went into a corner and prayed. The pray was powerful and as we entered the court room we felt the spirit. It was actually really good to be able to see all of the political prisoners and their lawyers working together. The men looked good. They seemed to be happy and had smiles on their face.
The prosecutor over and over again pleaded the governments case that this case should be ruled as complex and that the trial date should be in Febuary of 2017. He had several reasons why he believed this. One is that there are 19 defendants and that makes it complex right there. He also said that they do not have all their discovery together. He said they still need to encrypt their machines. He said that so far they have 1.4 of terabytes of discovery. He acted like it would take months for the defendants lawyers to be able to go through all of the information.
Our lawyers did a really good job representing the defendants. Ryan Bundy did an excellent job representing himself and defending the other defendants rights. Fourteen defendants asked the judge to allow them to have a speedy trial. They do not want this case to be classified as complex. It is their constitution rights to be able to have their trial in 70 days. Dave's lawyers said he would most definitely be ready for trial in 70 days It is not their fault if the prosecutors are not ready for the case. The prosecutors have had two years to get their evidence together. They should not have to sit in a jail cell and wait for them to get their case ready against these Political Prisoners.
The original trial date was supposed to be on May 2 but the judge said because of so many defendants and because the prosectors do not even have the discovery ready yet then that day will not work. The judge told the prosecutors that they have two weeks to get their discovery together and to start handing over their discovery to the defendants lawyers. She has not made her ruling yet wether this should be ruled as a complex case.
I am praying that the judge allows these 14 men to have their constitutional rights for a speedy trial. I know there is a lot of discovery to go through but we have the lord on our side and a mighty army that will be able to help us with this task in no time (FBI and BLM I am not talking about a mighty army that will come after you physically so don't be too scared). Thank you for all of your prayers. I most definitely felt them yesterday. The spirit was in that court room leading and guiding the lawyers in the way that they defended the political prisoners. Please keep praying for the political prisoners, their lawyers, the judge and also the prosecutors that their hearts might be softened.

P.S. Just on a side note. 
 Last week Ammon's Lawyer got kicked out for using his phone. This week Dave's lawyer got his notebook taken away from him during court.
Why on earth would they take a notebook away from a lawyer?