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Friday, February 3, 2017

Oregon Gov Brown Seeks to Ignore Federal Immigration Law!


Oregon Gov Brown Seeks to Ignore Federal Immigration Law!
Governor Brown of Oregon has come out in defiance of President Trumps efforts to prevent Radical Militants mostly Islamic from entering the nation. Her Email to the employees of Oregon is below.
She desires to promote her OWN agenda’s based upon her vast Non Experiance in these matters. She like Merkel of Germany openly and willingly invites potentially dangerous militants radical islamic terrorists to the State of Oregon, just because they use the ruse of we are refugees. In doing this she has broken her oaths of office.
She is in violation of Federal Law and the US Constitution in the protection of our boarders, nation and people from our sworn enemies in a time of WAR.
For the SAFETY and Security of the People of Oregon Gov Brown should be RECALLED ASAP!
She is actively endangering your people, children, daughters, women, boys, men, from the evils of terrorism we see taking place in Germany and European States where these unvetted millions have invaded in what they themselves call the population Jihad, prior to the overthrow of these nations. ReCall Brown!
Thus her hypocracy is exposed, was it not just one year ago that Gov Brown approved, ordered the Attacks in league with the Federal and her State Law enforcers to end the Malure Refuge PEACEFUL stand against the abuse and lawlessness of Federal Agencies?
She approved the Death blockaide road block and multiple snipers to prepare the area for a military L shaped ambush days prior to the event, she allowed them to cut trees in this effort for clean fields of fire.
Then she did and is now actively involved in the coverup and destruction of evidences surrounding the Assasination of Rancher and voice, LaVoy Finicum.
So now that its her turn to not like what DC is doing she wants to protest ?
Well she had arrested without warrents and killed those who protested the Feds and her State employees peacefully.
Interesting this is. She is more of a mafia style leader.
Her Email Below.
HFrom: []
 On Behalf Of Governor Brown * GOV Sent: Thursday, February 02, 2017 1:30 PM To:
Thank you for your service Colleagues, As public servants, we have all made the choice to spend our professional lives supporting and working for the success of all of our fellow Oregonians. I know that what binds us together in common cause is shared respect and admiration for Oregonians who work to provide for their family and to make our state thrive. 
In recent days and weeks, I have received an extraordinary number of emails, phone calls, letters, and social media interactions. Oregonians across the state are deeply concerned about the potential impact of new presidential Executive Orders on our State, its economy, and on our families and friends. 
  That’s why today, I took action to reaffirm Oregon’s commitment to be a welcoming and inclusive place for all, including immigrants and refugees. 
First, I am calling upon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum to bring legal action to oppose the federal government's recent anti-immigrant measures. 
Second, I have issued an executive order that renews our State's commitment to protecting our immigrant, refugee, and religious-minority communities. 
These measures are another chapter in the Oregon story. On this page of that story, we as public servants stand for those among us threatened by discrimination, and for those being placed on the far side of a false “us” and “them” divide.
Your service helps give every Oregonian the chance to write their own story.   
Thank you for your service and the thousands of hours you have committed to ensuring that millions of Oregonians have the opportunity to live to their greatest potential.   
Thank you, Governor Kate Brown Executive Order 17-04
Letter to Attorney General Ellen Rosenblumer Email to the employees of Oregon is below.
She sounds a lot like Merkel of Germany did, now Germany Burns, people raped, murdered, and she actually Kicked out Germans from their homes placing them on the streets and then placed this immigration army in those homes.
I meet a lady from Germany who was traveling the world last year, she says its safer to travel the world than to go back home to Germany in her old age, she Fears the radicals her leader has allowed into her country, does not feel safe.
Those who allow illegals, radicals from these Islamic war nations who have promised to invade America and destroy us through open immigration are committing Treason. For they are aiding the enemy of our Nation to enter freely then give then the peoples paychecks via welfare to support them in their cause of our destruction.