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Friday, February 3, 2017

Thom Davis Letter to President Trump on BLM USFS ABUSE

Thom Davis to Rural Land Rights Advocates (Cliven Bundy's Army!)
Dear President Trump;
I'm writing you with concerns over the illegal actions taken upon fellow ranchers by the BLM and the USFW and the USFS.
Thru harass...
ment of Ranchers Bundy's and Finicum's and Hammonds and various ranchers and farmers thru out the USA. The eventual plan of these agencies are to steal their lands and cattle. The Hammonds have been harassed from employees of these agencies that have fenced off their water and close their right of ways to water their cattle and move their cattle to other private properties that they own. They were tried twice and under the Domestic terrorist act were sentenced to prison for five yrs. The result of a back fire that burnt 137 acres of scrub ground. The funny thing is the fire improved the land that was burnt. In doing so made it better for wild life. What is amazing there's 5000 acres west of me burnt by Jeff Rose and BLM employee that was out goofing around and got his BLM pick up stuck and caused a fire that shut done Highway 20 from burns to Bend. Oregon. He wast fired or forced to serve time as a domestic terrorist. Then Last yr some kids were playing around with fireworks and burnt 1800 acres of private and government land and their not in prison. I guess it goes to the actions of these people were ok because they weren't ranchers and the agencies didn't want their ranches. I could go on with actions of Government agencies that is common against the good of the people in Harney County for yrs. Then we have LaVoy Finicum who was killed by government agents using a illegal road block that broke no laws but stood for the Constitution.
They stood on ground that belongs to The State of Oregon and Harney County. The FBI came in and started to threaten Harney County resident to scare them into submission is this what we people in America should be treated as enemies of state? Then we have the trail of the Bundy's were you have a Magellanic name BLM Special Agent Danial Love that killed private property and abuse and mistreated and killed Cattle that belong to a Rancher named Cliven Bundy who has been running on Nevada State lands that owned by Nevada since statehood was established by the Constitution. The government has squatted this land illegally under Constitutional law. They now sit in Federal Prison being abused and mistreated by Prison Guards and US Marshals. This whole thing was perpetuated by Harry Reid who wants their ranch after he sold government land to a Chinese Solar Company that enriched his bank account and that of his friends and son.
What does all these and more have in common is greed and corruption to enrich Politicians and their friends under the color of law. This is illegal and should be taken care off and all these people and more should be released and put back upon the land as free men and women. The ranches returned back to the people. The Antiquity Act, The endangered Species Act, The Monument Act all should be revisited and removed so it's not used as a stick to beat and kill Americans.