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Monday, February 6, 2017

"The beautiful thing about the truth is that it is so easy to tell." Marylynn Bundy Speaks

Monday, February 6, 2017

"The beautiful thing about the truth is that it is so easy to tell."

My brother-in-law Ammon has stated, "The beautiful thing about the truth is that it is so easy to tell."

 He is exactly right. 
As I sat in the court room on Tuesday to attend my brother-in-law Ryan Bundy's pre-detention hearing I was left speechless.
  On one side of the room you have Ryan Bundy who is representing himself clothed in his jail scrubs and sitting beside him is his court appointed lawyer who is only there to assist him,  All he did was humbly tell the truth.
Then on the other side of the court room, you have nine prosecutors who are dressed in their high-end clothing.  
I couldn't believe how much our tax dollars were being spent on the government side, and all they had to tell is lies!  
These prosecutors had to take several breaks. 
They took these breaks in my opinion so that they could come together to figure out what lies and misrepresentations that they would tell next. 
They would not have to take these breaks if they were just simply telling the truth. 
Telling the truth is easy and will set you free. 
I was so proud of Ryan and the way he handled his case. 
He was amazing. 
He agreed to take an Oath because he has nothing to hide and has always been taught to speak the truth. 
My question is why don't these prosecutors take an Oath each time before court starts? 
They should only be speaking the truth. 
Our government should not lie to the American People.

The government has lied about our Bundy Family and the other Patriots that came to participate in a peaceful protest in 2014.  
They make you feel that we are deceitful, dangerous and anti-government.  
We are exactly the opposite as to what they are portraying us to be.  
I want to give you two examples on how they have portrayed my husband, Dave Bundy.  
Please for yourself be the one to judge us and decide if the government is correct in their statements.

1.  The first incident took place on April 6, 2014.  
My husband was on the side of the state highway leaning against his car taking pictures with his Ipad. 
All he was doing was recording the BLM and contract cowboys coming down the road. 
He was exercising his First Amendment right. 
He never moved from this site until he was thrown to the ground, stomped on and arrested. 
The government states in the Indictment against my husband that, "On or about April 6, 2014, R. Bundy and D. Bundy, interfered with impoundment operations by positioning themselves to block a BLM convoy." 
Does this look like he was positioning to block a BLM convoy?

2.  The second incident took place on April 12.  My husband and I traveled to the bridge on I-15 to simply participate in a peaceful protest. 
When we arrived there the undersheriff Lombardo came over and talked to my husband. 
I have attached the video of what was said.

 This is what the government said during Dave's detention hearing in Nevada, quote, "And when the officers -- Metro officers went to Dave Bundy and they asked him, "what are your intentions here at this impoundment site?" he said that they were there to get the cattle. 
And when the officers said, "Well, you know, BLM might need more time to negotiate that, they're not ready to give up the cattle.  
The government said, "Dave Bundy's response was that was unacceptable."
  Is the government correct in how they quoted the Metro officer and Dave on April 12?  
They are absolutely wrong in how they quoted Officer Lombardo and Dave Bundy.  
It is correct that Metro Officer Lombardo said, "We had huge progress already.  We got the BLM to stop their operation." 
So why was it that five minutes after this talk that the BLM and National Park Service were dressed in their swat gear threatening American Peoples lives? 
The BLM were supposed to be packing their bags not threatening American People.

I am only asking and pleading that everyone would be held accountable to tell the truth. 
But we are all given free agency and we can choose to lie or tell the truth.
These lies have caused so much heartbreak.  
It is because of the lies and deceit that have been told in this case that these men have been locked away from their families for a year now.  
It is because of the lies I as well as others are forced to act as single mothers, and our children do not have their dads at home. 
Because of the lies we had to hire a lawyer instead of building our home.  
Because of the lies these true American patriots have been denied bail and their rights to a fair and speedy trial.

I know that the truth will prevail. 
In John 8:32 it states, "The truth will set you free." 
Please continue to pray for all of the families.
Pray for the defense lawyers that they will be able to convey the truth.
Pray for the Jury that they will be able to discern the truth from the lies.  
Pray that the prosecutors will begin to tell the truth. 
Pray for the judge that she will be able to listen to the truth.

If you are able to help with any amount towards Dave's attorney fees then that would be extremely appreciative. 
I didn't realize how much money it would take in order to rebuke the lies they have said against Dave. 
 We appreciate all your help and support. 
 God Bless all of you and America.

Marylynn Bundy