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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

In Historic Meeting with Islamic Leader, Pope Francis Signs Cooperation Pact with Obama!

In Historic Meeting with Islamic Leader, Pope Francis Signs Cooperation Pact with Obama!

ObamaAndPope<National Report>Signaling the end to centuries of hostilities, Pope Francis and United States President, Barack Hussein Obama today, signed a historic agreement in which each formally committed to future cooperation in bringing the two ‘great religions’ together, marking the beginning of what each side hopes will usher in a new era of working together to bring about world peace.
Following the brief signing, the Pope was quoted as saying, “It brings infinite joy to my heart to realize that myself and his holiness, President Obama, have been chosen by our Gods to pursue this truly miraculous path. Just as I have been chosen by my Christ, President Obama was chosen by Allah to lead his people in these challenging and difficult times of such strife.”
President Obama, in a brief speech, promised his full cooperation and that of his country, in the building of better relations between Catholics and Muslims, stating, “Our two faiths have been too far apart for far too long. It is time we bring the two greatest religions on this Earth together and as one, becoming a force for good rather than enmity.”

A spokesman for the President, when asked by a reporter why no Jews, Evangelicals or Protestant Christians had been invited, answered, “The President’s purpose in being here today and in signing this document, was personal just as it was to act in the capacity of an emissary for his faith and the billions who follow it. It is his desire that this pact be an example to the lesser, insignificant religions, demonstrating that if they can cease their bickering and set aside their petty disagreements they can achieve the kind of brotherhood demonstrated by these two great men. And finally, it is his hope that in years to come, each of these subordinate faiths will be lead by a true and worthy leader just as Muslims and Catholics were today. Until then, it’s just sour grapes.”
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