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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mystic Hot Springs - Monroe Utah, if your driving by visit, soak, enjoy, world travelers visit here.

Visit their web site below for full details, maps, etc.

The water comes out of the ground at 168 degrees Fahrenheit (75 degrees C.) and at 200 gallons/minute. As the water flows, the minerals cool and form layers of rock. This spring has been flowing out continuously for millions of years.
Over time, the mineral buildup has created a mound that is a mile accross, 200 ft deep, 200 yards wide.

As the water travels through a channel, it cools down, and it is then contained in 8 bathtubs and 2 concrete pools. The pools and tubs are kept between 98 and 110 degrees Fahrenheit (37-43 degrees C.), so you are bound to find something you like. The temperatures can always be adjusted as necessary.
The bathtubs are cleaned every morning. The pools are cleaned once or twice a week.

The water contains lots of calcium, magnesium, and iron, which makes it best for soaking. We don't recommend it for drinking, however, if you would like to drink it, we advise you to acquire it from the source in a glass container and drink 1 oz per day at the most.
Tubs 7 and 8 are usually the hottest. Five minutes in these tubs can do wonders on aching muscles.

People come here and after soaking experience wonderful feelings of well-being! Our water is amazingly soothing and rejuvenating.
Come get the mystic glow!

The view from the tubs is incredible! Watch the sunset from here! The tubs are also the best place to gaze at the beautiful stars.
Come watch a meteor shower even in the winter!
It's beautiful to see the moon rise over the mountains.

The shallow pool is 3 feet deep, so it is nice depth and suitable for children.

The deep pool is about 4 1/2 ft deep and it is a good size for the type of massage available here. The owner, Mystic Mike, himself does the massages. He came up with his own brand he calls "transfloatation massage."

When the water leaves the pools and tubs it flows to 5 tropical fish ponds, which are kept at about 75 degrees Fahrenheit all year long. This makes it possible to keep exotic tropical fish like Koi, Mollies, African cichlids, and guppies.
We have plans to use the water for other functions, such as greenhouses. Our intention is to cover the channel from the source to where the water is split off into the pools and tubs, so that the steam produced will water the plants.
We also have plans to turn our empty swimming pool into a greenhouse.
For information on prices for staying at Mystic Hot Springs, please click here.
Contact us for further information and reservations.

Mission Statement: Mystic Hot Springs creates an authentic environment which raises self-awareness by direct experience with nature, art and antiquities.

Producer/Director/Artist Mike Ginsburg was traveling in his bus back to Denver from the last Vegas Dead shows in 1995, when he stumbled into Mystic Hot Springs. Instantly he realized that everything he was looking for was right there. Miraculously he was able to purchase the resort. Having worked since 1996, he is still at it! His artistic talent has been used to add new Soaking areas, restore pioneer Cabins, promote many wonderful Concerts, produce DVD's, create stunning Lampwork glass Jewelery and bring a special energy to this wonderful place.

We love animals. Dogs are welcome as long as they are well-behaved, except up around the soaking pools. We appreciate responsible dog owners who clean up after their pets.
We have 2 dogs of our own. Bisous loves sleeping with the campers and sharing their goodies (the campers don't seem to mind). Chancey just showed up one day and we fell in love with him. We also have a cat named Cricket and a parrot named Jackomo.

The Indians that were in this area were nomadic bands from the Ute, Shoshone or Piute tribes. They would make their camps on the warm ground near the hot springs. They would soak in the springs for warmth and comfort. It is told that the Indians would paint themselves with the red mud to keep them safe. Later as the settlers arrived the hot springs became popular as a resting place along the "Old Spanish Trail".

Homesteaded in 1886 by the Cooper family, Mystic Hot Springs (formerly known as Monroe Hot Springs) has gone through many changes in the past 100 years. During the early part of the century a collecting pool was made of wood at the bottom of the hill. Soon a dance floor was added and people would come from miles around in their horse and buggys to dance and soak the nights away. Their motto "The home of mirth and merriment" still rings true today.

When Mike first began running the hot springs, there was only one cabin on the property (the Grow cabin). He knew he needed more of them because he rented it frequently. When he realized how much new cabins would cost, he started poking around the valley thinking he may be able to aquire old shacks from the 40's or 50's. The first building he purchased was one of the first Pioneer cabins in the valley from 1865. He was amazed that anyone would want to part with such a unique piece of history. He came to realize that a lot of people in the area see them as eyesores, and many cabins have already been destroyed to make room for things such as parking lots. He started acquiring more of them, especially the ones that seemed to not be cared for. He has been putting together a Pioneer Village with fifteen cabins so far. They are all at different stages of restoration. We have a wonderful collection of cabins from the 1800's, and we are restoring them using all recycled materials.

Over time we have realized that beauty can be found in things that show their age. These old buildings are imperfect and were created by hand using simple tools. The imperfections used by the saws and the plains add to the charm of these old structures. There is a mix of different styles and eras of buildings on the property. We believe in the function as being the most important part of the design. The form creates itself.
Out of necessity, we have come to realize the importance of using what we have, and reusing what's available. Desert Patina on a recycled tin roof is very beautiful.

We have seventeen mobile home sites that house permanent residents. They live here year-round and work in the local community.
They live in single-wide trailers from the 70's.

We have a big empty swimming pool that we do not fill.
We hope someday to turn it into a passive solar greenhouse.

We take pride in keeping our facility clean and safe. We clean the pools once per week and the bathtubs every day. We want everyone to feel welcome at Mystic. We don't allow alcohol, nudity, glass containers of any kind, or any illegal activities in the hot springs or any public area.

We have had many people help us throughout the years. Some stay for a few days, others have stayed for years. We trade room and board for work.
If you are interested in volunteering / work-exchange, or if you have a specific skill you think we would gain from, or you would like to learn a new skill, please contact us.
DISCLAIMER: Mystic Hot Springs is a one of a kind place. You will not find it anywhere else. Some say it's like stepping back in time to the 60's or 70's. Things are imperfect. We realize that there's a lot we could do to improve it. We understand that things are always changing. We have learned to appreciate it for what it is at this moment.