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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Letter to Pres. Obama, Sept. 12 2009.

Letter to Pres. Obama, Sept. 12 2009. Doubt his handlers who allow him to read it.

by Stephen Huls on Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 7:30am
September 12, 2009

This letter is for President Barack Hussein Obama , The 44th elected president of these United States of America.
Those who's job is to read and filter letters in his behalf, I would that you allow this one to go forth to this our Brother Barack. If I could deliver it in person I would have been honored to do so. But events and circumstances thus prevent such an audience with him.
These are thoughts that have repeatedly come to me over and over these last few months, thus I do endeavor to pass them along. This is not a letter with intent to do harm, but one to warn my brother and to pass along information that he may be lacking in order for him to be able to equip his mind and soul to make proper choices during these trying times.
I am of myself and in your eyes in Washington DC the seat of power for our Great Nation, one of no consequence. And one who is of peaceful intentions. I would hope this short note will be accepted in the spirit of peace and harmony and if you’re teachable, or just have the willingness to open your mind to listen, allow the spirit of truth to work upon your soul.
Thus I shall endeavor to begin. I must start with some history of this Great Land, we now call America. And then go into the beginning of what was before this time. I shall take the stance that in your upbringing your instructors were unable to enlighten you in these matters.
Barack, The current inhabitants of the Continents of North and South America are not its first. Some of my Ancestors came here long ago; some have remained to this day.
Many Nations have had the privilege to call this land home. There are many blessings that follow those who live on this nation. And many promises yet to be fulfilled. As where much good is promised, as always much evil or punishments are on the other end of the balance scales of Eternal justice.
I must begin, some times hard to organize all the thoughts that flood my mind. My body is weak as it is but human still, thus I may make errors I would hope one as fluent in the languages of today will over look my weakness.
All though many nations have come and gone, I shall begin closer to our time in the Earths history. Several thousands of years ago a group of large and mighty people inhabited the regions of North America, mainly in the north east of what we call Canada, U.S.A., they were brought forth from within upon the face of this Mother Earth to inhabit a land of promise, they came from within at the time of what in the European / Judeao belief system as recorded in the Jews record known as the Holy Bible, or Holy Book. It speaks of the Tower of Babel, when man thought to build a structure to go and visit heaven, in the arrogance of these peoples they did not reach their goal, however the God of Heaven and Earth, both above and below, did in his wrath scatter the peoples of earth out upon the whole face of the Earth, and confounded their languages.
At this time the group was promised if they were to serve the God of the land, he who guided them here they would live long and have much prosperity, and become the greatest most bless group or nation on the face of the whole earth at the time. And for some time they were. Hundreds of years they lived here but I shall show you a pattern of what is to come from the pattern of what has already come to others.
These people, desired a King for the lands, this led to captivity, wars, greed, and secret combinations as existed in the time of Adam, when Cain slew his brother Able. Thus we shall see several things, Man can be seduced by Power, greed, and so forth, as a politician you have scene what people can become.
These once wonderful blessed people were twisted by the Dark one, who promised from the beginning to create wars, and to destroy as many souls as he could. He will be detailed later.
Well this nation after being blinded and deceived by the Dark one, who promised them so much if they followed his ways of secret combinations, eventually as always stood back and watched this nation implode. Great civil war took place, many millions died, they were warned by messengers, and we would call them prophets to return to the God of the land and to peace and love. They refused, thus the last messenger Ether wrote their saga in his old age. All of these once great people, perished. All but one, one remained as promised to see, witness their lands given to another people for their inheritance, then he would be buried by them, and thus it so happened. And he was buried at their hands. Today we call these peoples either Jaredites or the Adena culture of the North East.
Thus we see the Dark one, Never did protect his followers, he just allows, leads them to destruction. And he laughs as humans destroy one another.
Their history is chronicled in another book, one people consider a Holy Book as well.
We shall now speak of these new peoples, actually several came. And we see, or our fore fathers over 3oo yrs ago found the remnant of their civilization only did not know at the time who they were.
This other group came from the Middle East as we would call it today, from the tribe of one of Father Abraham’s family. In the lands we call Israel, Saudi Arabia, these people came also lead by the hand of God to their promised lands, they came 600yrs before the meridian of time and just before Babylon took into captivity the remnants of Jerusalem, They were lead here, and this is where some of my ancestors come from. As the story remains.
Some would call these peoples today Lehites, Nephites, or more common the Hopewell Culture of the Midwestern, Eastern states of America. Mainly from the Mississippi to the Atlantic region, although they did travel beyond this area.
They too were promised peace and security as long as they followed the God of the land, however over time as chronicled in their history they would go back and forth in following their God. They would become what we call ripened in iniquity, they would choose to follow the traditions of the Dark one, who would beguile them into false beliefs, promising them great power on this earth, to do what so ever they desired. Secret Combinations once again existed upon this land. Over hundreds of years it lead to the almost extinction of the culture, however in the meridian of time, the Creator of Heaven and Earth as promised since the days of our First parents Adam and Eve, did come and visit our Mother Earth.
He is called by many names all across the world, however he is the same, In the East across the great sea he lived and died, and as prophesied Resurrected three days later, overcoming Death of the physical as well as the spiritual death we shall all have to go through.
In the Early America's he also was called many names, but in their record also was know to these people as the Christ, the Son of God, just as in Israel .
I mention this for the next phase of the Hopewell’s history, as this Jesus Christ did come and visit them in the spirit and in the flesh and did heal and teach and save these people, or those who remained after a great destruction took place on these lands. For several hundred years they did live in what we could call a Utopia society, all things in common no pride, greed, or evil, but then once again the Dark one entered into their lives, and beguiled them once more with his secret combinations, and shortly some 400yrs after the coming of this Christ, the Dark one did lead them, another nation into great destruction.
Many millions once again perished with the sword. The account is written and witnessed in a book, and in the histories of some of the remnant of these peoples, mostly the victors. You see the nation divided again, Evil, great robbers, and then those who did not believe in a Christ, against those who did follow the Christ. Eventually all but a few choose to deny the Christ, the God of this land, and in open rebellion sought for much power, revenge and blood shed unto the utter destruction of one of the nations, I shall call the Hopewell's. known as the Nephites, their last struggle is still told in N. American Indian traditions, My ancestors were those who destroyed, and hid some remnants of this culture, as well as recorded by the last survivor of these people in a book that came forth in the early 1800's. His name as recorded was Moroni, his father Mormon compiled the book as a micro-history of his peoples, and those who came before. Today this book is considered a holy book, known as the Book of Mormon, or the Stick of Joseph as mentioned in the Stick of Judah or the Holy Bible of the Jews and Christian.
Now this short history is to allow me to mention what is to come in your Nation.
We have two records which span two hemispheres, about who God is, who the King of this Earth really is. Thus the name of one Jesus Christ comes to both nations, separated over time by the Great oceans of Earth.
With this knowledge I continue. For in the mouth of two or more witness' shall every word be established upon the Earth? These records speak of Heaven and Earth, I know not your true belief system on this matter, but I shall endeavor to speak on what is, and you don’t have to accept, that is the wonder of Free Choice granted to us by Father above in the Great Council prior to the Creation of our Mother Earth.
There was a Great Council, you were there although you do not remember, that is fine, and most do not who are living in this temporal realm of existence.
However, in this council two plans were proposed, much like in congress, on whom / how to live on Earth.
One was produced by one of the Great Ones in the Councils Above, he was the Star of the Morning, Lucifer a Great spokesman, and leader of spirits, billions liked his plan. Such as it was, He promised his Father to make sure all of his spirit children as they came to dwell in or on the Earth would return to His presence. What a knobble thought, we would all return to our Father in Heaven in his home after our sojourn here on Earth. No one would be lost. All could be successful, all saved. With this great idea, Lucifer our Elder Brother in Spirit asked but one thing, He desired All the Glory, Fame, Power for doing this Great Deed be granted him before the kingdoms of the Gods in Heaven.
As Father thought on this, another stepped forth with an option, another plan on how we were to live on Earth.
He is known as Jesus the Christ of this Earth, The only Begotten of the Father in the Flesh.
He stood before the countless billions of our spirit brother and sisters, and presented his plan.
This in not as easy as Lucifer’s plan, this will take work, however you will Not be Forced to be Good, you shall Not be slaves, you will have the ability of Freedom, the Freedom of Choice to make your Own way on Earth. To know Good from Evil, to choose what you shall do.
Granted many billions will not return here to Fathers presence, but it will be by your choice not another’s. However those who do return will have earned the right, the privilege to come home in honor. Since we shall be exposed to Evil, and sin, I shall come and become a Savior to the world, to over come Death of the temporal bodies you shall receive in your evolution of your spirits. To become more like Father. You shall become a Soul, one spirit one body together become a soul. I shall become he that will allow you to survive, by over coming death of the body and the spirit.
The Glory, Fame, and all goes to the Father of us all for the opportunity to grow and become more like him. For as his Sons and Daughters, we shall feel honored to do so, and give him the Glory and praise he deserves. For he is our Father. I ask only that we learn to follow his messengers while on earth. We shall loose our memories of this pre-life however we shall have faith, and the spirit of truth, will guide us. I shall give you all the light of Christ to know good from evil in your youth to help guide your life into the right course.
Thus Two plans were provided us all, There was a Great battle of these two ideas, through out the heavens, many like the idea of no work and be rewarded thus, as Lucifer promised, and one third of the hosts (multiple billions) of heaven did believe Lucifer’s idea was best for them.
The others choose to follow the path of personal Freedom, Freedom of Choice.
The Votes were cast and Lucifer was denied his Glory, as we voted for personal Freedom.
In the time to come after this, Lucifer became angry and declared War on his Brother Jesus, and thus the Great War in Heaven began. In the end Lucifer was tried and convicted of his crimes against the laws of Heaven and he was sentenced with his one third of the hosts to live on earth, the great punishment was they would never receive a physical / temporal human form. As Fathers. And thus it began. His Eternal Progression was damned, stopped.
And he was Lead in Chains out of the Realm of Heaven and was imprisoned upon this World. Thus Lucifer is the Star of the Morning, a Great one who fell from the Stars upon this Earth.
Barack, this brings us to the situation in which we find ourselves today. I had to do some background in order for you to possibly understand what is next to be said. You needed some background, if you do not fully understand where you came from, how can you understand where you will be going.
Barack my brother, due to the fact your here in mortality I know for a fact you did keep true to the cause in the first estate or pre-earth life. In so doing, by following the Christ in the Freedom of Choice movement you are awarded a physical / temporal life, your body. This is a Great and wonderful present to you from our Heavenly Father for your service prior to Earth’s life.
Now we have had a veil of forgetfulness placed upon our heads, in order to grow and learn to walk in faith as well as having true freedom of choice. Good, vs. Evil, light vs. darkness.
This has been going on worlds without end for longer than the human mind is capable of comprehending.
So now your here, you have had a varied education in your youth, and later on in life, have not always made the correct choices that would lead one in to a life following the light, or goodness of life. But not to Judge, for that is not my calling, that is left to Christ only.
But in council I suggest some things that can improve greatly your life here on Earth and in the afterlife. None of us are Perfect, Always remember that.
All of us need to work on our weaknesses and as we seek to overcome them, with the help of the Great Creator, Christ, anything is possible as long as it leads us towards the Light.
You are in possession of a Great Earthly position. You are the President of the United States of America. The Only Nation on the Face of the Earth that is Still allowed almost Full Freedom of Choice, as once granted to us by our Father in Heaven.
The US Constitution grants us alot of rights, but remind us that the God of Heaven has given us our Freedoms. Not the Natural Man, nor his laws.
The Constitution was set up by Divine providence, and designed to be use only by a Righteous people, a Christ like people. A Moral society.
This is a Great responsibility on your shoulders, as Your Actions, or In-Actions; your Example will lead this Nations People for Better or Worse. You can help the people remain a moral civilization of Peace and Light or you could help them dissolve into a immoral dark spirited culture controlled only by the Dark Forces that only exist to see Humans suffer and die in wickedness. Your choice.
Granted, everyone’s up-bringing has great bearing on how and what they think in life, you know this, your advisors and those who seek bad things for American's also know how to re-educate the populace. This is not new, over 7000 yrs old. I do not know what is truly in your heart.
Your behavior is of one who followed Lucifer in the beginning, as you desire to make everyone do as you wish. And to you give the Glory. This is a false belief system that will only lead to much misery and pain in your life.
You told us to see who you surround yourself with, and that will be the judge of your character. Well it is getting interesting. Dark Forces surround your Home, and total environment.
The Doctrine of Marxism, Progressivism, what ever the new tag name is for it, all began as stated above in the pre-existence, with a spirit named Lucifer. Nothing new.
However the out come is always the same. Over the last 6000 yrs of human’s existence on this world we have seen many nations, many peoples in the battle of Good vs. Evil. And eventually Good always wins in the end.
I can tell you the end game results now, before hand. Those who seek Peace, love, righteousness in America and the World will eventually win over those who prefer to seek Lucifer’s Dark circles of promises. Many have made blood oaths, sacrifices of humans or animals to The Dark World Lords, in order to achieve Power, Glory, and Riches of the World.
I would hope that your not one of them.
As your spirit brother I suggest if you have fallen in with the dark spirits, the workers of Secret Combinations, those who seek to destroy the Freedoms of the peoples of the Earth, to enslave the workers under Unbearable Taxations, to build your spacious palaces, and pay for the wickedness in the capital of our nation, to pay for those who surround you who seek whore domes, great wickedness of all manor and kind, the pleasures of the natural beast of man, this inner natural man is and always will be a Enemy to God.
As a spirit creature part of your mission is to learn to control your physical form, to gain wisdom and help our fellow brothers and sisters here in this life in a good and spiritually light way.
What I fear from your behavior is that you have been taught incorrect principals, that you may have become part of the secret combinations that have existed since before the Earth was. These led by the Father of all Lies, Lucifer , the fallen star, the Devil and so many other forms and names he uses. He seeks to destroy all of us, and to use you as a pawn in his war against his Father in Heaven. To spiritually, physically end our, Your Eternal progression.
He has no more authority over you than you allow him to have.
You seek for power, for ultimate control over America, its people, to subject them to your beliefs, which most come from the Deceivers play book. Again not new.
You are now on the brink of what every other king, leader of this land has been at.
The brink of total destruction of their people. If you insist to follow the Darkness, and seek to make your brothers and sisters slaves to tax's, to immoral thinking, and to teach and encourage Immoral acts, You dear brother Obama will be held accountable before the Throne of God after you pass from this life.
Everything you think, see, do, are recorded in your own mind and will play out before the Creator some day, and you will have knowledge of everything, you will be judged by what you have done or not done, good or evil. And a just reward for it.
I would that you should kneel down before your maker, ask for forgiveness for any darkness you may have caused in your life to date. And ask to have the light, the Angles of Heaven protect you and allow you to turn from any mistakes your making and become a leader for Peace, for the Freedoms of the People of the Earth.
If you can humble yourself to do this, than the curse which is to come will be stayed.
If not, then you will help bring to pass the many prophesies concerning this land, you will in your pride, destroy most of us.
You see What you will or your advisors will put into place will eventually lead to spiritual death of the soul, then of the enslavement of the body, Since we are born to be Free, you may cause the largest civil war since time has begun, greater than any on this continent.
I Pray for Wisdom of the Creator to rest upon your heart, to enter your spirit and burn within so that you will turn to Christ and become a Truly Great President, a Great Human, leading as did King Mosiah of Old, by example in the ways of light and truth.
You still have a chance for hope, to turn from the ways of Darkness, the ways of Lucifer, he cares Nothing for you, he only seeks to distract and destroy your soul, to use you as a tool in his great cause of darkness, then he will throw you aside as yesterdays trash and find the next gullible victim to continue his Evil upon the earth as long as he can.
You must I would advice read in the book, Called The Book of Mormon, chapters called Ether, through the end of the book, Realize that These leaders as yourself were promised much from the dark forces, the secret combinations in their times, yet time after time they led themselves into destruction. Sometimes these leaders were by the arts of the secret pacts killed by the ones they trusted most, so they could take the power from the one they helped gain it in the first place.
Barack, when you surround yourself with darkness, evil spirits, who seek to control and for power and dominion, be careful, as those closest to you may have designs to gain the power they helped give you.
This I warn you, with No knowledge of any forms against you however it only makes good sense, I pray and hope the Secret Service Guards may remain sharp and keep you safe.
If you run your course and those who are in authority over your actions no longer deem you necessary for their ultimate goals, cause, they may let you pass on, and replace you in order to further speed up their agenda, the agenda of the Dark forces on this planet.
So Beware.
God will not protect you, nor allow you to take happiness in wickedness for long.
Repent and turn to your Father, he does love you, and wishes only for your best both here and in Eternity.
You see Barack, Earth life is but a short moment in time. Its like one blade of grass in the length of a string tied from the earth to the sun, it goes quickly, so think on how you wish to be remembered on Earth and in Heaven when you return.
We all Die, it’s a graduation from this life, I fear not death, nor any man, only my inability to always do righteousness in my own sojourn on Earth, yet I repent and start over.
You too can do so.
Seek Righteousness, Seek to Keep Americans Free, and the world as well.
Seek to Follow the Constitution of the United States of America to the letter.
Seek to Publicly apologize for your mistakes, lies, etc. and show the populace you mean to by your example become a new man, become Born Again in Spirit, and lead this country back into a nation full of Righteousness, those who love peace and not the sword.
Seek to Read and Teach the Truths found in the Holy Scriptures.
You Have Your Freedom of Choice, Barack.
Choose Wisely.
If you choose to seek dominion over this people to bind them down in the chains of debt, taxation, control their vary lives, and injure the spirits, and physical forms by death or injury know this you will be held accountable before the bar of justice in the presence of Jesus Christ, the God and Creator of our Heaven and Earth.
You are still young in your leadership, listen to your heart, to you soul, and you will do well.
Follow the dark sides of thoughts, and secret combinations, and you will lead this nation into the greatest civil war in the history of the Earth, as well as encourage foreign nations due to our weakness to seek our destruction and over throw, the Chinese, Russian, South American countries, and others led by the Muslim brother hoods all will join for a moment to destroy America. And if you survive , alls you will have to rule is ashes.
You must choose soon the Light or the Dark, which shall you follow one leads to Eternal life once you return home from this life or to Eternal Damnation having your progression stopped.
Your choice.
You may think me mad? That is of no matter to me. I have enough to worry about; I just had to get these many reoccurring thoughts for you out of my mind.
Look into history, how many who sought for power and dominion on earth actually lasted very long? Why is it the Righteous Always with Gods help eventually wins against the hosts of evil, Good in battle has destroyed many armies that vastly outnumbered them, why because God loves those who seek freedom.
Return back to the instruction book of this nation, the Constitution, Return to the Teachings of your Heavenly Father through his servants in the Holy books mentioned above.
And you will find peace.
God Speed Brother and May you choose wisely, and for the light. Peace my Brother.
Thoughts of one fellow traveler of our Mother Earth,
Wau Pa Nu
PS. those servants of Obama, who read this, please allow him to read it in its fullness.
Less the shame and blame and responsibility fall upon you forever.
If I could hand deliver it to Barack I would. But alas not to be this time.