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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Inconvenient truth … - The Richfield Reaper: Letters To The Editor

Inconvenient truth … - The Richfield Reaper: Letters To The Editor: or … convenient lies

Inconvinient truth
or … convenient lies
For years, many of us have cried hoax, lies, untruths, manipulated science and many, many other things. Finally, it is coming out into the media. The truth about the greatest scam, hoax to be played out upon all Americans, and all the peoples of the Earth.
If any company on the planet was to be exposed for such obvious frauds, cover-ups, manipulations of data to create power and wealth for the chosen elites of the Earth we would cry foul. But, since so-called scientists - assumed the leaders of their fields -claimed their computer modules were accurate and cried global warming, the planet is doomed if you don't revert your lifestyle to that of 120 years ago. That you are killing the planet and all its creatures by using electricity, driving an auto, and so forth nonsense.
Having grown up in Washington and Oregon states I have witnessed the destruction of freedoms, jobs, whole industries vanished all in the name of protecting whatever the people would buy at the time.
So, these snake oil salesmen have sold us a bill of fraud, and called it global warming, global ice age in the early 1970s, now just climate change.
They have been caught in their lies, the scientists, politicians worldwide, the United Nations, all have openly refused to listen to the actual real experts in the fields of climate science. This year, over 250 screamed foul at the U.N., and were ignored. They said it was a scheme to defraud the nations of the world monies, freedoms, the goal it would seem was to gain control and power over the western nations, America, and have them pay/extort trillions and give it to elite rulers around the world.
Now, it has been proven that the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”was actually a lot of false claims, junk science, and some straight out lies. The creator, Mr. Gore, has earned over $100,000,000 but does not believe in his own story as his carbon footprint exceeds that of many homes in America, sad your children here, around America have been indoctrinated with the religion of global warming.
Now that the truth is out, will we continue to accept this hoax. It will cost everyone as they pass local, state, national laws to regulate this hoax. Needlessly changing your life, income, increasing your taxes and, if our President Obama next month at the world climate summit signs this accord/treaty then the sovereignty of Americans is over … for a hoax.
Lord Monckton of England has proven the lies of the global warming zealots in the high courts of England, and was refused to debate Al Gore on the Congress house floor on this issue when the cap and trade bill was discussed. They try to silence the truth. Search it yourself,, Lord Monckton and the global warming scheme. A basic area to start your search.
Now go educate yourself via truth. Since these leaders, movie makers, junk scientists, have knowingly defrauded America, will anyone be punished? Oh remember CO2, auto emissions do not cause climate change, that is the real science.
God bless the republic of America.
Stephen Huls