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Those leaders who seek to 'Keep their Oaths of office' and those who seek only self glory, power, tyranny and the destruction of America as it was founded, hoping to turn it into a Dictatorship, Marxist or other state of Tyranny.

For a long while I was unsure of putting a blog together with my thoughts on this, however Truth must be shared, if not to Awake American's to their dangerous situation then to record the folly of the ways of the wicked who do exist in the leadership of our Nation, States, Counties, Towns. Sad that I must add this page.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

It is your God given right & duty to Vote ! Nov 2 2010.

It is your God given right & duty to Vote ! Nov 2 2010.

It is your God given right & duty to Vote ! Nov 2 2010. And any Future Elections!

by Stephen Huls on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at 9:03am
To my fellow American's, I would encourage anyone of legal age and legal eligibility to VOTE on November 2, 2010.This year is by far one of the most important elections of your life time. Why ? America has come to a cross road of Freedoms of our Founding Fathers who with Gods blessings & influence created the US Constitution. We live in a day when the Political Class of Elites in Washington DC, lead by elites of billionaires who seek only Riches & Power have and today do attack anyone who refers to the US Constitution of Law. You see they demean it, trash it, and ignore it. Many in the Senate, Congress do in fact Refuse to Keep the Oath of office, to protect and defend, to follow the Laws of the US Constitution, instead they go around, use lawyers, and Judges to create New legislation's (outside the bounds of their Constitutional restraints) to force American's to bow to their will. We have a Presidency who has gone beyond the mark, for even tho others have walked the line of Socialism in our days, he and his minions have jumped into the mire of Marxism. And American's remain asleep. The only way to prevent your children, Yea your grand children from Slavery to the Elite rulers of a Marxist style Tyranny is to Vote Honorable men / women into office in the Federal system, the State system and the local county, city. If we allow those who will lie, deceive, smile while they force you into financial slavery for the next hundred years so they can force us to become slaves, to their personal agenda's then those who are asleep all you need not do is vote. Remain in your stupor, watch the Government media, play your games & forms of entertainment, ignore the brain washing now sweeping American Schools via the NEA (historically founded and supported Communist group & progressive agenda) Utah may be slower to abide by it, however I have seen it in action in other states. Read what your children's history books are about they seek to Change fundamentally America that starts with YOUR children. They know by example and history one must win the future of a tyranny, Marxist anti freedom anti god agenda by starting with the children, and the destruction of the Family unit. Replacing it with the Government as parents and teacher. Time and time again we see this happening all over America. And people refuse to see. History IS repeating itself and how does this happen ? by you keeping a blind eye, you see but do not want to see truth. You see a lot of Jews in Germany, Poland, and those area's refused to believe what was happening, no that's not possible and such, it cannot get any worse, even as they stepped out from the cattle train cars at the death camps some did not, could not face the truth staring them in the face.People do not want to face the facts, the truth and that is how a small group of radical revolutionists and anti humans, anti god come to rule nations. Truly when good people do nothing evil does succeed for a season. In YOUR White House you have now a Obamination, the Czars, and appointees of Obama do not intend to follow the US Constitution they have written books on how to and why the world should be depopulated. Why older people should be euthanized, and why abortion is justly needed. These false ideas are Not new.In the great councils of Heaven before the Earth was populated with Human beings there was a great meeting on how we should be able to live here on Earth. In that council one of the great leaders spoke up and spoke most eloquently about how he would assure everyone's happiness, everyone would live and then when done with physical life return to live in Heaven with our Father in Heaven, he only asked that we would give him all the glory, power, and praise for so doing, to give over our freedom of choice, to allow our lives to be ruled by his system of beliefs, to be forced to be good. That is the only way he stated as if we had our own agency many of us could be lost, and via sin never return to Heaven. With such speak he did lead many to his side of thinking, the easiness of it, the idea of wow, we don't have to work, or be accountable for our actions, we only have to let others do it for us, life will be so easy, freedom is to dangerous a thing, we are not able to act for ourselves anyways, we are children and this man knows best, for we are weak. The fear of failure allowed 1/3 rd of the hosts of Heavens spirit children of God agree with this program. A form of tyranny so they can be assured safety in Earths life. So even then they were willing to give up their Free agency for security. The author of this plan was by a great spirit one of the elite of Heaven his name is Lucifer. Another plan was presented.
Another great spirit one who was full of love and honor, who was respected by all stood forth and said this is what we shall do on Earth. I suggest that we remain in a state of Free agency, so we can learn the good vs evil, for how can one know the good with out the evil. Human kind will be tested, or allowed to choose during the physical life Father will grant us so we can progress in our eternal existence. Now I know that many will make mistakes, many will choose to follow the dark side and not be able to return to the presence of our Father, But that is our choice to make. We shall have our Freedom to do so.Freedom is an eternal principal, so since we shall have our freedoms, and all will make mistakes and fall from the presence of our Father, I shall offer myself as a means of sacrifice to be made the lamb to take upon myself the all your sins, and allow you to then via repentance return to live with Father. I shall be the way the truth the light, and when it is all said and done and the time of Earth is over I shall give all the glory to my Father who is in Heaven, for he is our God. And I do not need any glory for what I am willing to do, for that is the way, it will be my honor to be the sacrifice for your sins. All you must do is choose to accept my Fathers teachings in Earths life, and follow me, Follow the path that will return to your Heavenly Father.
The way will not be easy, it will be difficult and hard and almost unbearable at times, yet I will be there with you if you but ask. I shall help and encourage you along the way. Such speech was given and after a time 2/3 rds of all the spirits in Heaven did follow and agree with this plan for our lives here on Earth.The author of this plan was Jesus Christ our Messiah and Savior of all Human kind.
After the vote in heaven those who lost were not happy, they started a war in heaven as spoken of in Revelations, by their rebellions they were cast out of heaven and cursed to live upon the earth with no hope of receiving a physical body, and they became Satan the devil and all his angels. And today they remain to cause trouble and to entice human kind to follow their evil ways of darkness.
All who have come to Earth and all who live in a physical body choose to follow Jesus Christs plan. We have our free agency to choose, and we do make mistakes however via Christ we can by repentance be made clean, and return to Heavenly Father some day.
I see a great correlation between the teachings of Lucifer in the pre-earth life and all the tyrannical governments that have ever existed upon the Earth. Today they say, give us your monies, your paychecks, and we guarantee your protection, we will force you to be good, for your not capable of doing it yourself, give us your freedoms, we shall promise you your security from harm, give us your wealth and we shall protect and support all and benefit all equally, all will be safe and feed, under our communal way of governing. You see the teachings of Lucifer in tyranny, communism, Marxism, Maoism, socialism, athiestism, anti humanism, earth is god isms, many many such teachings and now Obamaism. Does he not sound the same, it (your pay check which you have earned by the sweat of your labors) belongs to him ! it is His monies, you wont spend it on what is important to the whole, you are not smart enough to understand the best ways, we must change America to a new ideal way of living, we Do not need the US Constitution its an old document, and of no meaning today. You do not need your freedoms, you are children who need us to guide you, Give us your wealth, power, and allow us to control your every breath of life, for we know what is best for human kind and mother Earth, and such is the speeches of this tyrant and his minions. He does follow the tyrannical beliefs of Lucifer by action. As do his associates he surrounds himself with. Removal of personal freedoms, with your blessings.Removal of all personal responsibility of actions, and grant them to the governing body (progressives, Obamanites) Removal of everything, and allowing them to choose, what you will eat, where you will life and how, and how long you will live.While these rules of his form of laws will affect the whole of the Earth you will notice that none of them affect him.He will glut himself upon the labors of others, and live as a King or God on Earth, taking upon himself all the glory, power human kind will grant him. And the rest will be alive but to serve him and his kind.
This is what it is, history is history, and we are following the courses laid out as plain as day, some choose to not believe some not to accept it.Today those who have eyes do not see, those who have ears do not hear, and that is how Evil gains power and controls the worlds peoples. That is how tyranny is successful. Good people do nothing. And millions even billions will perish spiritually, and physically in the years to come if it is not delayed, not stopped.
America is the hope of the world, the light set upon the hill of freedoms granted us by no man, no government, but by God yea our Father in Heaven. If America falls to tyranny and into darkness then the world will have no light, it will fall.
I suggest everyone who can to vote on Nov 2, and to take all who can vote to the area to vote, learn of your candidates of the local, state, national elections, and the ballot measures as well. If you choose not to vote, not to learn or guess what to vote for, then your willingly choosing to turn your freedoms over to another. You actions or inaction's will by default choose tyranny and to embrace slavery of your own person and that of your posterity.
Vote !
Vote for good honorable people, look to their actions Not their words for today it is natural for political s to lie and deceive to remain or gain power. Learn about them, pray about them and vote.
God Bless the Republic of America ! (Never was founded a democracy another accepted falsehood)
Stephen Huls
How will your children remember YOU, did you stand for Truth, Justice & the Real American way ? or did you cower in the corner and let tyranny rule.