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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Glenn Beck "I am not going to play the game anymore"

Glenn Beck says "I am Not playing the Game anymore! watch and learn

With Glenn’s last show on FOX News happening tonight, many are wondering why he would choose to leave his highly rated, highly successful program to go into the untested waters of an digital video network. Not wanting to wait until 5pm, Glenn decided to adress the issue on radio this morning.
“You cannot solve anything if you are not dealing in an honest system,” Glenn said. While FOX is the most honest system out, Glenn said that he wanted to operate in a complete different fashion than every other cable news network.
“What Netflix is doing right now to movies,” Glenn said, “We’re about to do to the news and information systems.”
“The world is changing. And I don’t think people really understand that. And it’s going to change in the blink of an eye. I’m not going to play the game anymore.”
“I know enough now to know it doesn’t work.  It doesn’t work.  And so we have to reach out. Our footprint every month is estimated at about 30 million Americans. That’s an enormous footprint.  But you know who’s really not included in that is anyone under 30 really.”
Mark Halperin’s apology for making a disparaging remark about Obama is a perfect example of why traditional cable networks will fail. “I’m more offended that you’re apologizing for something that you actually believe.  Say it.  That’s why these systems are going to fail,” Glenn said. The fact that Halperin has now been suspended for telling the truth is baffling to Glenn.
Join Glenn tonight at 5pm ET for the Fox News finale and then at 6pm ET at for his first post-TV interview!

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