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Those leaders who seek to 'Keep their Oaths of office' and those who seek only self glory, power, tyranny and the destruction of America as it was founded, hoping to turn it into a Dictatorship, Marxist or other state of Tyranny.

For a long while I was unsure of putting a blog together with my thoughts on this, however Truth must be shared, if not to Awake American's to their dangerous situation then to record the folly of the ways of the wicked who do exist in the leadership of our Nation, States, Counties, Towns. Sad that I must add this page.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

On our Independence Day let us Praise God and thank him for helping bring us this day.

On our Independence Day let us Praise God and thank him for helping bring us this day.

On our Independence Day let us Praise God and thank him for helping bring us this day.

by Stephen Huls on Sunday, July 4, 2010 at 7:35am
Today we once again celebrate our Independence day from the Tyrannical control of England our European brothers of old. Let us all remember is was by the grace and blessings of God, Jesus Christ the Messiah, Etowah Who granted us this land of Promise for our grand fathers grand fathers in days of old.
Let us remember the no longer taught stories of Gods providence, his hand in the many battles that were fought in those days long ago. When the very elements did help to win the battles at times.
When a group of imperfect men and women of all races, kindred's, tongues, & faiths came together to unite to fight tyranny from a King who would not listen to the peoples here in America. But instead thought it better to treat them as servants, slaves, and a form of income for his treasuries.
This is all known history all though not taught much in today's schools for once again the dark forces of nature & of the spirit realms do unite to pervert our history to once again steal our liberty, our freedoms, our rights to worship God as we each desire to do in a good way as our hearts lead us in the spirit of God.

This land was granted to us, the Constitution of the United States was inspired of God.
Our founders were men and they have their weakness' however they did grant us a Free land for all of the children of Adam & Eve across the face of the Earth to come and be free, to have the opportunity of success, to have the God given rights of freedom, of the right to choose to follow light and peace the laws of God, or darkness and the laws of the jungle. And to have the ability to succeed or fail by our own choices in life's journey.

Today we remember the millions who have suffered and died in defense of our independence day over the last 230 + years.
We as a nation are not perfect, however some distract from our history with the stories of harm done to each other and to my ancestor's the earlier natives of this land. Yes we did conquer those called the First peoples the Native Americans. And during this time of old many wrongs were committed by men full of the laws of the jungle of darkness in varying degrees, however one must realize in days of ancient lore, amongst my people this was foretold to happen. It was the prophecies of the old ones whom Etowah had chosen to lead and guide my ancestor's in times past when he came from the east and brought the laws of peace and love and taught to no longer follow the laws of the jungle and darkness.
Etowah has promised as long as we people he principal peoples of this land did serve him who was the God of the land in peace and love and good ways he would bless an protect them. However if they were to return to the laws of darkness and of the jungle then we would no longer be protected by him, for we would have chosen our path, and would reap the consequences.
Etowah left, eventually our principal peoples did return to the laws of the jungle, of hedonism, the natural man has always been an enemy to God and himself. For thus was the days of the ancients.
There was a great war and few of my peoples survived we were exterminated for the most part, we of the remnants of the Hopewell cultures as the Europeans call us, We are a remnant of the house of Israel, for our fathers speak of our journey across the eastern sea to this land in the ancient days, we have a mixture of race as is expected, however our history speaks of this land as a Promise land and one of Freedom to all that will inhabit these lands and serve the God of the land, who is Jehovah, Yahweh, East Star Man, Etowah and many other names we today call him the Messiah, the Jesus Christ, this is the true ruler and God of America's lands.
This history is known by some, the recalling of it is to share that facts that when the peoples of this land turn away from the teachings of righteousness of light and peace and seek the darkness for self glory, riches, power, and control the laws of the jungle, the laws of Lucifer that old serpent the devil then when we as a people ripen in iniquity we shall be punished as Gods laws teach, and as history proves this point.
Now my ancestor's did refuse to follow the teachings of Etowah, Christ and did embrace the laws of the jungle, Lucifer. This lead them to their own destruction. We were swept off from these lands as a dew before the morning sun. Nations united against us those from the Western lands, the southern lands all allied by the millions to come to the lands known to us as the mountain of death, where the blood ran all day, the place of the skull or death. Many still tell the stories of extermination of the once fair skinned race who turned against their God.
In ancient times we know of these things, I remember these times this day, for we here in America are at a cross roads once again, we are at the same place where my ancestor's where so long ago. Will we serve God or the laws of the jungle and destruction. It would seem we no longer teach openly so much our religions of peace, of Christ to our children, we teach there is no god, there is not but the pleasures of the world, there is no sin, so there can be no punishment, we teach in our media, schools, everywhere that we should seek and please our natural natures, the laws of the jungle, this is sad.
As a nation our leaders stand with their fist towards the heavens and denounce the God of this land even Jesus Christ. They seek to be Kings and rulers over us, to have tyranny and control instead of free agency and peace.
They seek to pervert and distort the teachings of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, Etowah and in doing so lead these peoples into bondage both physical and spiritual. Thus shall their rewards be that of their own making.

Be warned peoples of America, seek out of the best books, the best history, the best truths of our birth and of Gods hand in preserving us to this point. Turn to the God of the land even Jesus Christ, in prayer ask for righteous men and women to return to lead our Nation in a good way.
Teach your children truths of history, and truths of God.

I see the same pattern of that of my ancestor's who are no more as a people, we are scattered and live in small nations, tribes, peoples who's own history has been distorted and deleted or forgotten.
Once a great an mighty people even as we today in America are, and yet the ancestor's where punished for their acts, for such are the wicked punished by the wicked. The history of our ancient people our ancient family was written upon metal plates in our old languages, and forgotten, buried in the lands of the north, in a hill where the great extermination took place. We have many records on plates of metals, of tablets of stone that tell our history scattered all over this land. This history is forgotten or hidden so we cannot learn of it. However I tell you this to let you know our history is real it is true, and so shall the future of America be, Serve the God of the Lands even Jesus Christ, by word and deed, be as Christ was, act as Christ acted, treat others every day in our schools, work places, every where we meet our fellow peoples, for we are all of the family of Adam, as Christ would treat them. Living Gods laws to the best of our weak mortal bodies can do, for being subjects of the flesh we are weak, and such need help continually to stay on the paths of Christ's teachings.

Remember my fellow brothers and sisters this day, as a day of independence and freedom and remember to preserve such freedoms we must act. No longer can we stand idly by on the side lines as witness' to the dark forces looming control over the lives of our children. We must peacefully act and seek to turn the laws of the jungle back into the laws of God and peace.

Great blessings await the righteous peoples and followers of God in this land, however in the future workers of darkness shall be rewarded for their acts, so shall America be cleansed in the near future.

There is so much more to share, but know this Great and marvelous things yet await your children
God grant us the ability to remember him daily, and let us all pray for our lands to remain free.

God Bless the Republic of America, our Promised lands of both now and ancient days.

I am Tsul' Kalu, I am of what you call the Cherokee, the Principal Peoples, Ani-Kituhwagi, who are of the ancient ones who came across the sea's from the eastern lands of our ancestry so many thousands of years ago.

Pray for your children, pray for your future, and act as best you can in a good way of light and peace to preserve our lands for our children's future.

I Tsul' Kalu have spoken.