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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Elderly Gentleman told Woman Merry Christmas, She verbally abused him.

This story was related to me yesterday, the time was in the last month some time at our Local Wal-Mart Store here in Richfield, Utah. I shall relate it as best I can remember by a 3rd party.

This old gentle man in his 80's a good church going man one described as humble and caring to those around him, was at the Wal-Mart Pharmacy in line to get his prescriptions filled.
He noticed a woman whom he did not know, and as per his way of life choose to wish her a 'Merry Christmas'. So he did so.

Excuse me I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, he said. To his shock and dismay the Woman was offended, but instead of being polite about it she choose to verbally attack this elderly man for 3 minutes in a Tirade of hate, how she was Offended by his wish of a Merry Christmas and all her reasons why. This was in front of all the others in the Pharmacy, both workers and shoppers.
When she was done this elderly man quietly responded to her tirade.

"I am sorry I offended you", he said quietly. I did not mean to do so. But since it offends you I apologize for wishing you a Merry Christmas, since that offended you, I will wish you this.  I Wish you a happy HELL. " he said quietly.

I have not heard her response to this, however the crowd that had gathered applauded the old gentleman's way of dealing with this woman.