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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Restoring Honor to America By: Emma Huls (my daughter age 15 wrote about 8/28/2010)

Restoring Honor to America By: Emma Huls (my daughter age 15 wrote about 8/28/2010)

Restoring Honor to America By: Emma Huls (my daughter age 15 wrote about 8/28/2010)

by Stephen Huls on Monday, September 6, 2010 at 6:46pm
Restoring Honor to America
By: Emma Huls

On August 28, 2010 in Washington DC at the Lincoln monument, an amazing event occurred. I watched live on face book along with thousands of other people online and thousands in the crowd. We had all gathered across the country to hear the words of Honor, Faith, Hope, and Charity. They had gathered on the base of greatness; all around them were are past leaders monuments who were are hero's. I listened intensely as Glenn Beck asked, "where are the hero's today?" For today America finds itself at cross roads, where Faith, Hope, and Charity are falling dim. Who are we? Who can we become? Are we who we are said to be? In the past "America" as one would work together to help other countries around the world. Time and time again are troops put there lives on the line for the liberty for people in distant lands. America has always solved the world's problems. And it is America who will continue to help solve the world’s problems again. Yet we need to wake up and stand as one, as one Nation. Captain Derick Rogel of Combat Control at the age of 11 or 12 wrote and essay on "why we should Honor the Flag" And in that essay he wrote; " Although are stars are separated on the flag they all come together in the blue background. All together under the eyes of God, never to be separated again, as we were in the Civil War. I believe and know for sure that this is true, with all my heart. But we need to be united in are Nation. Glenn Beck and his team put together " 3 medals" for 3 citizens in the U.S.A who have done something great. So that our children can see and know what Honor is. The first medal was given to Pastor Jackson who is described by a Native American to be a convent warrior of God and a peacemaker. He is a leader of a church and many other things. He has written 18 books. He is one of the first preachers to have a TV program, and he has 19 church’s in the Houston area. He was given the medal of "Faith." Pastor Jackson called Glenn the son and servant of God. Then there was the medal "Hope" that was given to Albert Pujous. Hope represents integrity, honesty, hope, truth, and trust. Success is hard to earn. Some one who refuses to give in. Albert in best known for his baseball. His total commitment is to his family, faith, and tireless in and out of service to his community. Albert Pujous's closing words are " As long as i am alive I am going to do the best that I can to follow Jesus Christ and do what is right." The last medal , the medal of Charity is given to Mr. John Huntsman from Salt Lake City Utah. John did not go to the meeting because his granddaughter was getting married and he could not miss it. John is honored with is award because of his works. He is a very wealthy man. Yet his goal is to die broke. He gives over 2 billion dollars to charity's. But a quote from Mr. Huntsman was "Glenn Beck is one of America's most trusted and honored citizens." He is known through out the world. He has given all of his money to charity causes. He began doing this at a young age. He helped fund and build one of the biggest buildings for abused women and children. He donated hundreds of money to build the Huntsman Hospital for cancer. Another goal of his is to eradicate cancer from the face of this world. That sounds Wonderful to me! This Restoring Honor Rally was a blessed event. There was not one bad thing said about the whites or the blacks. In fact Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece spoke to us. And she said something along the lines of all of us no matter what our color we are united together. Or should be. This was a peace filled event. And as I looked at comments made on it, I found a poem written by "Edward Pettitt" I sent him a message asking if I could use it in an article and he said yes. I will close with this poem "I was there by Edward Pettitt."
Author: Ed Pettitt
“I Was There”A force upon my soul that I could not resist, though gentle in its pull, it surely did persist. And caused me to take a step, that turned into a stand with others of like mind, joining hand in hand. In the shadows of the monuments of those that made us free, we stood to restore honor and preserve our liberty. Strengthening our foundation with Man and our Creator, with focus on it now to fortify us later. Governance by We the People, threatened by transformation, we either let it happen or stop it through restoration, of the values of our Founders that led a revolution who pledged their lives, their Fortunes and honor to create a unique solution. The right to life and liberty, and to self-determination, with faith, hope and charity had built our precious nation. We sensed the loss of values would lead to relinquishing our rights, so we formed a single beacon from the shine of a million lights. Standing side by side, souls a million strong, standing by what's right after witnessing so much wrong, sensing that the time is upon us now and here, when posterity asks where we stood, we all can say. "I was there".
Edward D. Pettitt,
shared with permission,Daughter met Mr. Pettitt on FaceBook during/after the 8/28 event while researching her article.

Note:Emma Huls age 15, Monroe, Utah South Sevier High school Date: 8/29/2010

Stephen Huls These are the words of my daughter, she wanted to write to our local newspaper, unfortunately only 600 words allowed in their letters to editor so had to shrink it. But she spent along time researching, re watching and asking others questions as she put together what she felt impacted her that day. She was very touched by the gathering. September 6, 2010 at 6:50pm

Mimosa Cain You encapsulated the event Emma, good job, shared.