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Let it be known to all the World, I love all Humankind, however the poor actions of the few that take away the Freedom's of the many wear on my soul. I don't hate them I feel sad for their foolishness before God and humankind.

Those leaders who seek to 'Keep their Oaths of office' and those who seek only self glory, power, tyranny and the destruction of America as it was founded, hoping to turn it into a Dictatorship, Marxist or other state of Tyranny.

For a long while I was unsure of putting a blog together with my thoughts on this, however Truth must be shared, if not to Awake American's to their dangerous situation then to record the folly of the ways of the wicked who do exist in the leadership of our Nation, States, Counties, Towns. Sad that I must add this page.

"We often search for things in life, yet seldom do we find.

Those things in life that really matter, until we make the time." S.T.Huls

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We have Got To Stand Up!!

Monday, January 25, 2016

A possible resolution:

 Pacific Patriots Network
1 hr
A possible resolution:

 #1 Sheriff Ward, Issue a universal order to stand down, Everyone including the FBI.

 #2 The Harney County Safety should agree to take control of the Wild Life Refuge compound, They should also agree to continue working towards creating and enforcing limitations on the BLM. Make those limitations permanent. And work at making satisfactory restitution to the Ranchers that have been injured by the previous actions taken by the BLM.

 #3 Sheriff Ward, Take dul...
y authorized control over your county. YOU Sir are the highest Law Enforcement officer in your County, That includes the Oregon State police and the FBI.

 #4 FBI, Begin investigations into who is issuing orders to the BLM to acquire the lands in and around the western states. FOLLOW THE MONEY. Somebody is giving orders to the BLM to get that land one way or another, who is it?

 #5 Harney County Safety Committee must continue to work through legal channels to free the Hammonds. Everyone knows that they have been rail-roaded into prison so that the BLM can get that land. Make it right. And that includes the FBI Investigations into the Money trail.

 #6 Ammon Bundy should then agree to peacefully hand the keys and control over the Refuge to the Safety Committee, and leave in peacefully order and terms. That should include speaking with the Indians who own those artefacts. Do they want them to stay where they are - OK. It's up to them. Not the BLM.

 #7 Sheriff Ward; That order to Stand Down is to extend to all aspects of any legal actions against any and all individuals currently occupying the Refuge compound, and it should include safe passage out of the area and State for those men and women that have gone there to help the people of Harney County in the fight against a corrupt Government overreach.
This can all be accomplished within hours, not days or weeks.

Ammon Bundy and his men have done a good job of awakening the public and the people of Oregon to the atrocities and UnConstitutional actions of the BLM and who ever it is that is giving them orders. It is now up to the People of Oregon and Harney County to continue that fight and to protect their lands and life and liberty against corruption at the hands of a rouge Government and Federal agencies.

 Sheriff Ward; this all starts with you Sir. YOU have the power and the Authority to do these things and to achieve this proposal for a peaceful resolution. Enough is enough. And everyone (except the BLM) can walk away knowing they have accomplished what they set out to do and it was done with out bloodshed.

 Stand up to your oaths and defend the Constitution, that's what that Oath was for.