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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Commentary: Words from Waddie on the Oregon protest - Elko Daily Press

Commentary: Words from Waddie on the Oregon protest

2016-01-07T03:30:00Z 2016-01-07T14:42:04Z Commentary: Words from Waddie on the Oregon protest Elko Daily Free Press
11 hours ago
What is going on in Oregon with the protesters, ranchers and Feds, has finally got the country watching and listening. That is a good thing. It might get a conversation going about the back story, about the decades of ever aggressive Gov. agencies overstepping their powers. People might talk of the many cases of abuse and tyranny.
Gov. agencies have been used to put ranches out of business to acquire the water rights. Why would the Gov. want to put a rancher out of business, people will wonder? Why has the Gov. been acquiring large amounts of land for many years? Think about it, how would it look or sound to people in a State like Nevada, where over 85% of the land is already owned by the Fed, if that Fed were to spend tax dollars to buy more land? People would be livid.
Why does the Gov. need more land? Spoiler alert: Gov., we know it’s your underhanded, illegal, low life way of stealing water rights and let’s not be naive, he with the water will rule the West. I, for one, believe the water within a State should be that States’ water, not an inefficient Gov. bureaucracy’s.
In this country, a law is brought forth by representatives of the people and goes through a process with arguments before being voted on, implemented and enforced. The Feds, on the other hand, write rules with no checks and balances, impose them on their boss (taxpayers), enforce them (to their liking) and are the judge in disputes over their rules. How does that happen? Isn’t that the very definition of tyranny? Isn’t that what we whipped the British for?
One of the Gov.’s M O’s is to write some rules, say the rancher has broken them, take grazing RIGHTS away, devastate the ranch and ranching families, put them off their land and take over. See how nicely that works for Gov.? They acquired more land (to mis-manage) and, more importantly, water rights.
They then write the press releases that, of course, makes villains of the land owners and heroes of the bureaucrats. It might have cost three times more in the courts then had they bought the ranch legally but that’s their back door way around to obtaining land and water rights. The toll on humans, the land, the animals and the generational legacies brought about by public troughers is shameful and they should be held accountable the way we would be by them.
Whatever the real goals they have in mind are, they have not been deterred by their losses in courts. They have all the time and Gov. lawyers they want (at our expense). If you break a family monetarily and emotionally, and are able to wait them out, through your own court system, you win. Does that sound like it is pretty well stacked in their favor to you?
In the Bundy case, it comes down to the Gov. saying the rancher owed a bill. Now, if I were to owe you money, couldn’t or didn’t want to pay you, l could go bankrupt. The Gov. would prevent you from recovering the money I know and admit I owe you. We have no more debtors prisons in this country, we’ve evolved past putting people in prison for debts. If, on the other hand, the Gov. determines that you broke their rules and owe them money, they will jail you, confiscate personal property, use third-world, martial law, strong-arm tactics against Americans. In short, bully citizens with rules they made, not laws, to collect a bill.
That is what all the scuffle in the Bundy case was about, a bill, for money! To collect that bill, our brilliant bullies budgeted SIX million tax payer dollars to recover their bill of ONE POINT THREE million. Let me see, that’s FOUR POINT SEVEN MILLION taxpayer dollars more than they had hoped to recover. This, folks, is the way the BLM spends your money. Then, with the help of a dirty politician, they skewed the media and America’s perception and buried the real story. Had they won, or when they do, they would, or will, have accomplished everything they wanted, the water rights, the dirty politician would make out well financially and the people would now be safe from a 70-something (no criminal record) generational, respected rancher and his family.
When were any of these all powerful leaches elected to rule over us? Just claiming long enough you have power doesn’t make it so. When did these supposed “land managers” become deadly force bill collectors? What would the Gov. do to you if you showed up with an armed group of thugs to collect money you say is owed?
This Oregon case boils down to a “land management” agency’s ability to arbitrarily declare American citizens “terrorists.” In this case, accidentally burning 104 acres, when the BLM caused fires around the West consisting of many thousands of acres. Not one bureaucrat has been held accountable. The two accused “arsonists,” sentenced in a civil court, did their time in prison. Vindictive troughers took them back to their own “Fed” court, which ordered the two back to prison to serve out a five-year mandatory sentence for terrorism. (Isn’t this double jeopardy?)
How are these mentally under-endowed, overpaid grass mis-managers’ equipped to pronounce citizens “terrorists”? Who told the idiots they could? They’ve proven they can’t do the job they are there for, land, so who would give them more power? I don’t believe the BLM mucky mucks in Elko are smart enough to work at Micky Dee’s, let alone have the power to deem Americans “terrorists”. I call those low life, no conscience, law breaking Gov employees that would, traitors, but that’s just me.
We are also seeing op-eds from around the country echoing these protesters as “‘terrorists,” written by uneducated, big Gov. loving “columnists” armed with nothing more than agency press releases. You would not think in today’s environment the word “terrorist” would be thrown around so freely by coyote scat BLM’ers and their lazy press buddies. We all know what a real terrorist is and the Feds come a lot closer to that word than the two ranchers they convicted of it.
The so called “press” never looked any farther than the Bundy standoff for the back story. None of the professional news gatherers asked the Gov. why they would come with an army, threaten peaceful protesting Americans with lethal force, to collect a bill.
We sure don’t have to agree with the extremist right on all matters, but we should educate ourselves enough, on all sides of the issue, to explain our dilemma and help others to get facts. We should not allow these unconstitutional, martial law minded BLM globs to abuse power THEY GAVE THEMSELVES, against citizens who, unlike the tax suckers, actually produce something.
We simply have an infestation of freedom hating bureaucrats willing to lie, cheat, steal, cover up evidence and ruin good families and are willing to murder American citizens for their big Gov. motives. Ask yourselves, what would the politically correct press’s response have been if those rioters in Missouri (destructive and violent) would have been called terrorists by the Gov. or these same arrogant opinion setters? Yeah.
Why is it that some won’t believe it could be a dirty Fed agency when every single Gov. agency has been caught overreaching their powers, lying, breaking laws and tried to cover up their wrong doings. (CIA, FBI, IRS, USFS, BLM, EPA, DOD etc., etc.) Do they forget? Are they too dumb to put it together, or, do they just not want to believe? How do these columnists, who do not live under this kind of Gov., dare pass judgement and call good people terrorists? Why do they immediately take the Feds’ account of issues over regular citizens?
             One hundred and four sagebrush acres burned. They were using commonly used methods in land management and fire abatement. Toward their own goals these incompetent, tax wasting Gov. morons were able to accuse and convict two respected Americans, that started a sagebrush fire, of terrorism, while the Gov. spills thousands and thousands and thousands of gallons of toxic waste into a river, shifts guilt, lies, gets caught in their lies, fined (our taxes) yet not one public troughing, pandering piece of porcupine poo BLM-ist is held accountable. They all need firing, that is if you could fire any of the working man’s parasites, but they are immune to being fired.
See why the Fed puke puddles feel so powerful? See why Americans, seeing what the puke puddles are getting away with, feel so threatened?
We are not radical extremists, we are Americans. We don’t want to overthrow the Gov., we are just tired of being overthrown by that Gov. and believe citizens should not let these kinds of over-reaches occur.
We have got to know where our elected officials, and candidates, stand on these important issues. We have got to get educated responses. We have got to see some movement. I’m afraid this whole thing is coming to a head and might escalate out of control. We are not to that point yet. We have not explored these new possibilities of being heard.
This is important stuff, folks, and if our representatives bow to these injustices, they need gone right now.
Thank you kindly.
Waddie Mitchell
This Oregon case boils down to a “land management” agency’s ability to arbitrarily declare American citizens “terrorists.” In this case, accidentally burning 104 acres, when the BLM caused fires around the West consisting of many thousands of acres. Not one bureaucrat has been held accountable.
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