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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Harney County Judge Grasty is violating "Open Public Meetings Law" Sheriff Ward Enforcing Violations

Carol Bundy shared Citizens for Constitutional Freedom Support Group's photo.
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Citizens for Constitutional Freedom Support Group
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Harney County Judge Grasty was outraged that Ammon Bundy showed up at the last public meeting. He was also upset that these meetings continue to reveal a... lot of local support for what Ammon is doing. So Grasty has issued a press release dictating a number of newly imposed restrictions on who can attend future meetings. He is gerrymandering the audience to suit his own personal tastes and making it difficult for people who support Ammon to be able to attend the meetings.
Only 150 tickets will be issued per meeting and those tickets are to be issued by his courthouse. A photo ID and proof of residence is mandatory - so visitors are not welcome. However, visitors are unwelcome unless they support Judge Grasty's position. He has reserved 30 of the 150 tickets for himself to issue to special guests. Something tells me that none of those guests are going to be supportive of the efforts of Ammon Bundy. Grasty is stacking the public meetings with fellow pro-BLM supporters and snuffing out voices of dissent.
He also is imposing a firearm ban for the civilians who attend - further weeding out pro-2nd amendment supporters who are mostly favorable to the efforts of Ammon. The judge's position on limiting guns is quite hypocritical. He doesn't mind guns being carried. As you can see in this photo, a citizen in Burns cannot walk to the courthouse right now without passing by one of the armed guards that Grasty has posted. No, he doesn't mind guns - as long as he is in charge of who gets to carry them. It is Grasty and the FBI, not the men out at the refuge, who are inflamming the community and putting them in a state of fear by turning the town into a militarized zone and bringing in hundreds of FBI vehicles.
What's worse, future town hall meetings will now be moderated by PBS, which we all know is a staunchly left-wing, government controlled station. The PBS moderator will be the one asking questions, not the audience members as in previous meetings. He will direct his pre-scripted questions to the audience and the entire charade will be recorded to be broadcasted by the government-run station.
This is an incredible assault on freedom of speech. It is nothing less than the effort of a radical left-wing politician to stack an audience full of pro-government residents (63% of the local population is employed by the government), weed out the voices of the opposition, and control the conversation in a way that serves their leftist, big-government agenda. In short, Judge Grasty has turned the public town hall meetings into a controlled, pro-government propaganda show.
Speaking of his own plan, Grasty said: "I can’t think of a better way to give Oregon a taste of the real Harney County”. Well, I can think of a better way - and it starts with Judge Grasty obeying Oregon's "Open Public Meetings Law" which he is violating:
Judge Grasty has made his phone number available on the press release for feedback on this issue: Steve Grasty 541-573-3071. If you call to express your outrage, please be courteous.
Watch a video report on Judge Grasty's actions here:
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You can read Judge Grasty's full press release here:…/News%20Release%20-%20January%2…