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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rocky Hall working with PPN in Burns. Pay attention

From Rocky Hall working with PPN in Burns. Pay attention, real and valuable work is being done while some of you sit and complain about nothing being done. Every op has folks like this working their butts off in the background.
Subject: Burns Oregon
One casualty, one with minor injuries due to a flash bang not a gun shot, as of this minute we still have some in the compound and we are desperately trying to talk them out. The feds are so thick here you could stumble over them. They drive by our motel all times day and night. Neighboring Counties have loaned some of there Sherriff's and so they are thick as thieves. All our cars have had there plates ran, all out of state cars are SUBJECT TO BEING PULLED OVER. We are doing our best.
Mark McConnell Has posted a video on his face book page as to his first hand account, I personally interviewed Mark but as of yet I don't know if Oath Keepers has released it, he was in the vehicle with Bundy when the were abused by the Feds and the video will go into detail as to what happened there.
There is also a audio video out with the 18 year old young lady (Victoria) that was in the vehicle that took on the gun fire, her first hand account should also be listened to. I interviewed her as well but the audio video is what is on the net. We received a call that there was one of our people dropped off by the local police In the Safeway parking lot. After this 18 year old young lady was involved in a gun fight, watched a man she loved get killed, searched by a male Officer, handcuffed and placed in the back of a patrol car, taken in for questioning with out being read her Miranda she wouldn't talk to the police so they dropped her off in the Safeway parking lot with no money (because they took her purse) The checker in the store saw a " VERY SCARED" young lady in the parking lot. She took her inside out of the cold (15 degrees) took her in the back room and somehow we got the call. When we got there this young lady was SO SCARED and shaken. We took her to a safe house and that is were I interviewed her. We made contact with her mother and she was then moved to an undisclosed location and is at this time very safe and out of state. Last I heard she is now wanted by the F.B.I Patriot Network face book page has this interview as they interviewed her after I did, I am also posting it on my face book page To be viewed by those on there. Roxanna Hall from Zimbabwe
After we moved her to a safe house we got ANOTHER call that one of people had been dropped off at Safeway, we arrived to find Mark (guy listed above) standing in the cold. He was not in the vehicle that was involved in the shootout but the car behind them. They confiscated everything he had with him (car, cold weather gear, clothes, weapons) There were NO motels left as the media has swooped down on us like buzzards on road kill. He's with us, food shelter, shower. If we were not here I truly DO NOT know where he would have stayed as the weather is COLD!!! When he was dropped in the parking lot the cops told him" good luck finding a room"
We got another call.................2 young kids that were at the reserve called 911 and wanted out, the girl is pregnant and he wanted her out!!!! 911 connected him to the crisis line, they connected him to the F.B.I and they called us. 2 A.M these kids dove a ATV MILES to a R.V park in the freezing cold were we picked them up and took them in, hot bowl of food, HOT coffee, HOT chocolate LOTS of tears as they knew the deceased man very well and the grief was to much. A warm bed is something they haven't seen in a month was a welcome site and they SLEPT. Transportation being arranged so they can go home.
Yesterday when we got the info that we had a casualty I was assigned to hospital coverage, upon arrival the hospital had been placed on lockdown, military police, local P.D and Sherriff Officers were there, all were HEAVLY armed and well you know ME, I just walked up like I owned the place. They wouldn't give me ANY info as to who was in there, if it was one of ours and bla bla bla. I saw an employee head to the parking lot so I followed, got the info that there were NO causalities (this proved later to be false) But she was helpful.
Non-stop, LOTS OF CALLS, no sleep and sleeping in a bunk house with 8 beds and men that snore but not as bad as me.. Thank you to those that donated, IT HELPED!!!! and you are awesome. So due to lack of sleep please forgive me if this is a ramble but I'm trying to get the info out like I promised.
Rock Hall