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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Corrupt Judge Cancels Propaganda Show

Corrupt Judge Cancels Propaganda Show
Judge Grasty has received so much negative attention over his violation of Oregon's Public Meetings Law that he has decided to cancel his gerrymandered, PBS-moderated town hall meeting that was scheduled for January 25th. Of course, Judge Grasty is continuing to play the victim card and is claiming that he was forced to cancel the meeting because of a secret plot to block the doors so that locals would not be able to attend the meeting. ...
But the truth is that Grasty has had to cancel the meeting to save himself from the negative fallout of his own illegal actions. Many people in Harney County agree with the actions of Ammon Bundy and the Citizens for Constitutional Freedom. Attempts to stifle these voices is an attack on our freedom of speech.
The public has a message for you, Judge Grasty: OBEY THE LAW! These meetings are required, by Oregon law, to be open to the public. You do not have the authority to cherry-pick your audience or prohibit the public from openly attending and expressing themselves.
We call on you to stop trying to manipulate these public meetings to suit your own personal agenda. It is morally reprehensible, legally indefensible and it violates the constitutional rights of the public to peaceably assemble.
Judge Grasty, if you cannot operate within the bounds of the Constitution and the laws of the state of Oregon, we call on you to step down so that a suitable replacement can take your place and conduct these public meetings in a just and honorable manner.
We, the people, will not be intimidated or silenced.
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