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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Burns Oregon--Shawna Cox Testimony of the Death of LaVoy Finicum - Oregon Judge Orders her to return after this interview!

Published on Jan 31, 2016
Mark McConnel is a liar and a murderer--he is Judas

End Times News Report:

Sarah Redd Buck
8 hrs
I have been told to go ahead and share from Shawna Cox's step daughter. Shawna got 400 miles outside of Oregon.
After she spoke out and did the interview her attorney called and said the judge said she had to come back to get an ankle monitor.

When she got back into town they then told her she had to stay for a court hearing tomorrow morning.
She isn't sure what will happen in the morning.
Please pray for her tonight.
Her voice has been heard around the world and the truth sh...e has shared has many people opening their eyes.
They feel their phone conversations are being monitored and that she may receive a gag order tomorrow but is hoping to be able to return home to be with her daughter soon instead of being detained again.
They are trying very hard to silence the truth. Lots of prayers needed.
Please share.