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Thursday, January 28, 2016

American Hypocrisy and Ignorance – Feelings on Oregon Refuge Situation - James Sanders

DRAFT - American Hypocrisy and Ignorance – Feelings on Oregon Refuge Situation
American Hypocrisy and Ignorance – Feelings on Oregon Refuge Situation
We awoke to a new year learning about unrest in Oregon. It came quick in media spin that often left out pertinent details, not only about the unrest and protest at an Oregon refuge, but also lacking complete facts concerning what spurred that protest to begin with. Media spun things, as it typically does, to malign those involved, including the heart of the issue that sparked the protest to begin with.
In almost any other story, at least those matching the official narrative of brutality on dark skinned people at the hands of law enforcement, and a fear of it during protest situations, there was no mention about this possibility and the protesters were framed as terrorists and militants, leveraging ideas of extremism and fear of domestic terrorism.
It didn’t matter that things were peaceful, the focus became more about the protesters being armed than it was about the reasons they were actually protesting. And even when they did mention Steven and Dwight Hammond, much of the full story and details were left out. They painted the Hammonds like criminals deserving of their fate, a fate the protesters were there to help change.
Nobody in media mentioned the conflicts of interest between BLM management and the Malheur wildlife management. It wasn’t until much later that connections were made to Congress as they were during the Bundy situation previous. There was no mention of the USGS reports showing a motive for government over reach, which is typically the norm in these BLM mismanagement cases nationwide.
There was no mention that Steven and Dwight were resentenced under 1996 terrorist guidelines. No mention that these men never had a trial to determine the terrorist accusations.
Federal press releases would suggest that nobody accused either of them of being terrorists but the act and fact of re-sentencing them under those guidelines is an accusation in and of itself, without trial, just an arbitrary label tossed around by some “official” somewhere in government that deemed them so.
There was no outcry about this arbitrary accusation. They re-sentenced the two men to serve mandatory minimums required by the terror stipulations in the “law”, potentially an unconstitutional double jeopardy, yet there was no mention of this either.
Lamestream media did all they could do to hide facts and suggest to everyone watching that the conduct of “government” was just. How is it just when someone, without trial, can label you a terrorist? What happens when you do something someone in government doesn’t like and you wind up with that label and no recourse?
Many didn’t even seem to reason this huge flaw and the unconstitutionality of it let alone have the information to know it happened that way.
The Bundy’s were vilified from the start, and so too were any that stood with them. Not like government had any vendetta given Bundy’s last stands that gave government a black eye?
Not like Bundy’s going to various meetings in Oregon talking with Constitutional sheriffs and their townspeople wasn’t a huge threat to government interests.
But none of this seemed to reach lamestream media, nor the people it is to serve. Not even government made this information available during the many press releases “agents” gave media.
Have you ever wondered why they call them “agents”? A brief sidetrack here. They’re agents because they are agents of a corporation operating under charter. Some of you might want to dig in to that.
What astounds me the most from the ignorant with their drivel, is how these people standing at the refuge were terrorists. What strikes me funny is how armed people standing in Ferguson Missouri, a while ago, in the defense of protesters, protesters that even rioted, that those people defending there were somehow something different than the people standing to defend themselves in Oregon.
It’s funny how the inept can’t seem to rationalize and reason, that they might have been armed in Oregon for the same reasons they were armed in Missouri; defense from excessive force and “law enforcement” brutality.
For the supposed intelligence, some people really do amaze me. The same ones cheering for what patriots did in Missouri to defend protesters vilified the people standing armed for the same reasons in Oregon.
NY occupiers got free food, tents, and other supplies but some of you thought it fun to send dildos and such to Oregon.
Protesters took over streets, yet that was OK.
People in Oregon didn’t block roads, loot or impede anyone trying to do business etc., but you cheered Missouri and vilified Oregon. The hypocrisy of such people sickens me utterly. It is disgusting the way people cherry pick to condone one thing then yet turn around two faced and condemn something similar. Occupy said “Who’s streets? Our streets” yet such supposedly intelligent individuals can’t seem to realize the same thing about the refuge.
For those of you with your crass comments about the death of LaVoy Finicum, you specifically anger me.
You will support “Black Lives Matter” or “All Lives Matter” yet turn around and justify, through your cognitive dissonance, the death of a man standing against some of the same things you stand against.
You screamed foul at an aggressive man’s death, Brown who attacked police, yet you cheer the death of an unarmed man standing against government and tyranny.
How on earth you fail to be able to reason that LaVoy stood against some of the very things you stand against, and so did the protesters in that refuge, yet you’ll cheer his death, and possibly even their death, and suggest he or they deserved it, and think of yourself as American doing so. You sicken me. Your ignorance and inability to reason offends me.
LaVoy Finicum’s blood isn’t just on the hands of those that assassinated him, it’s also on the hands of all of us that failed to stand together to reign in our government.
Some are more culpable than others, some actually have been trying to stand against the corruption in said government, far too many others play armchair quarterback doing nothing, and there are others that simply have no clue at all.
At least the man had the balls to stand and gave a shit about our country.
He has family he left behind because he felt that stand was important and was willing to give his life for it. Few have such character or integrity anymore and yet some cheer his death too ignorant to see the loss as the result.
To those that suggested “psyop”, infiltration, staged event, etc. Did it ever occur to you, above your own self-interest, to bring things back to the reality that no matter what we do, infiltration is always going to happen given this police state we live in? Did it ever occur to you that it didn’t matter what it was at the start because if enough good people got behind it, a great many would be rallying now to take back our government?
Did it never occur to you that sheer numbers there, thousands, the additional live feeds, the extra family and friends that would have potentially pressured “government”, and given that lamestream media was there and could have shown THOUSANDS, what might that have done for the people sitting on their asses?
Think it might have given them the idea that maybe there was a reason they should support things in Oregon?
For those of you that want to talk “trap”, would it still have been one if THOUSANDS were there, the thousands you and your screaming the things mentioned prevented?
I think public opinion would have been swayed if you’d have thought these things. Also, now, public won’t really give two shits about a couple deaths, but, no way in hell public would have supported air strikes of THOUSANDS of our own people. And given they KNOW that the public wouldn’t have supported war or airstrikes against thousands of our own, they’d not have done so. They’re arrogant, not stupid. None of you could reason any of this?
To the Paiute that allowed themselves to be manipulated, and the others pushing the “land desecration” issues, you are also culpable for a man’s death, a death that could have been avoided and had people stood behind this like they should have, a great many things could have changed.
I hope you’re all proud of yourselves too because in the end, do you really think government sanctioned mining and such is going to do less damage than protesters who might have accidentally desecrated some land?
I guess you’re not aware of the USGS reports that show URANIUM, PRECIOUS GEMS, GOLD, NATURAL GAS, OIL, and other resources beneath that land. I guess you weren’t aware that just as Bundy ranch issues were tied back to politicians in DC, things tie back there again with the Clintons as well. When they grab the land and they start letting the companies come in there to rip those resources out, I don’t want to hear a peep out of you. Your ignorance amazes me as well.
To those judging the merits of the stand, ie “Oathkeepers” and III% leadership, and others of this notion, too busy bickering because it “wasn’t the right stand”, or it wasn’t what YOU thought should be done, you are an albatross and weight around the neck upon a nation struggling in a sea of tyranny.
 While you are so busy playing armchair quarterback helping divide the nation instead of helping unify it, things continue to get worse. You have left your self-interests, and biases, further push the wedge of divide and conquer and you seem to be too ignorant to realize you’re helping do so. You are also culpable in this man’s death.
To the apathetic bitching, while watching your dancing with the stars and other bread and circus entertainment, you also bear responsibility for this man’s death. While you keep numbing yourselves to the realities, oblivious it seems to things like 11% approval ratings of Congress, which should clearly tell you that something should be done, and people must stand, you choose to ignore or be oblivious, yet you call yourselves Americans.
To Black Lives Matter with your “all lives is a given” bullshit. If that is the case, then where are all of you on this death? Where are all of you in screaming excessive force in this situation just as you have in the many killings of dark skin toned people nationwide?
At this point, I will give you pause since the event is recent, but realize, I am watching you as well. Should you decide to NOT speak out on this death like you do on so many others, I will FOREVER refuse to support you. Why? Because In that it will show me what I’ve long suspected given the women that started this and the fact of the one being a Marxist. See, I’ve read Marx, and I know what he said about using the dark skin toned people of America to do certain things.
Lastly, to “law enforcement”, most specifically alphabet soup agencies like FBI, DHS, CIA, etc. You are corporations operating under charter.
Most of you that took oaths to uphold the constitution have no damned idea what that document says and have never read it.
 You suffer from a bastardized concept of patriotism that suggests obedience to government, which is always in the right, whether it oppresses and victimizes it’s people or not.
You, and some of the others already mentioned, share this mental affliction failing to know, for whatever reason, that said government has, in recent times, had a mere 11% approval rating.
Most of you are too ignorant to understand what this means because of your mentally deficient ability to realize that patriotism isn’t about absolute blind support of government, it’s about absolute support of the people you’re supposed to serve, you violate your oath on a daily basis.
What is it in your false fashioned patriotic minds that prevents your reasoning that if said people only 11% approved of said government, then you are in violation of serving those people to begin with?
Once again, get this through your thick heads. Your twisted sense of patriotism is easily proven flawed simply by knowing what our forefathers fought against, and the fact that they stood with the people.
Patriotism, for the last time, is standing with your people ALWAYS, and your government ONLY WHEN DESERVED. If your mental state thinks that an 11% approval rating is a sign of deserved support, then I’d sincerely suggest you do some soul searching and re-evaluation.
For my part. Yes, even I have blood on my hands. I couldn’t find a way to get to the refuge to stand with the rest. Although I’ve done everything possible given my financial and medical limitations to try to get people to see truth, provide additional information left out by the lies and manipulations of lamestream media and the “officials” within the alphabet soup agencies, I failed to say things in such a way that many more realized the need to support those standing in the refuge, or why unity is our only recourse and answer.
Many others like me, joining the fight to educate people and help them understand what the land grab was all about, the resources beneath that land, the games that BLM plays with ranchers throughout the US, we failed.
At least, like the brave people standing at that refuge, we tried, and we tried to tell all the rest of you why we should all be there.
America, as a whole, you sicken me and force me to hate the fact that I once put my life on the line to defend you.
“Americans” supporting Occupy or Missouri yet vilifying Oregon, you should be ashamed. Those with your ignorant comments about the death of a man standing for justice, our liberties, freedoms, our future generations, and our constitution, you should be ashamed too.
Those of you supporting government land grab and worrying about desecration of land should also be ashamed for your ignorance in not realizing how much more damage will come after said land grab.
Those raising alarms without recognizing the rest, you too should be ashamed. In all these things, your ignorance and hypocrisy sicken me. If this doesn’t apply to you, then move on.
For those of you that want to argue, I’d suggest you get some balls and look at the rest of what I wrote instead of that ONE POINT you’re going to argue in order to dismiss your own culpability. How many of the other points made above DO fit you? Maybe you should be looking at those rather than attacking me because you don’t have the balls to look at what I was right about.
Many thanks to Jessica, Mike, Tammy, Jerry, Pepper, Michael, Joshua, Jen and Therisa for helping me spot flaws of information during the draft process and some grammar issues as well. I much appreciate you people, as I do all my friends, who participate in helping keep me on point with valid information.