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Friday, January 29, 2016

James Vaughn goes to Son's Detention Hearings

James Vaughn
I attended several of the detention hearings with my Son this after noon. It was fascination, grueling and disappointing.
I got to talk with Shawna's sister for over an hour before the hearing. Met Ammon's wife Lisa and warned her about the lurking Oregonian reporter. And I sat next to Santilli's GF Deb during the hearing. It almost brought her to tears when I told her how I thought what they did was historic and significant. I told her I was a very vocal critic of Santilli but damn, at least he was our guy and he was always there and usually the only one reporting.
She did no say so but they are almost broke. Go to their youtube channel and give them anything you can spare.
No one is getting released till the Standoff ends. Period.
Ammon Bundy - my guess he will remain in jail till his trial. Over an hour of arguments were presented, but as noted above. till the standoff is finished - will not even consider release.
Ryan Bundy - Made no request for release because his attorney on only a few hours to prepare. Will be heard Tuesday.
Ryan Payne - Judge does not trust his behavior ... no release anyway do to ongoing standoff.
Brian Cavalier - Continued till next Tuesday his attorney to prepared
Joseph Donald O’Shaughnessy - probably one of the few who will probably be released but is being held till US Attorney can appeal on Tuesday. Charges should never have been filed against him in the first place based on attorneys excellent arguments.
Peter Santilli - Wants very badly to be released but there are concerns based on his past that he might be a flight risk. Seemed over stated as was the case against him. He is very good spirits. Judge seems inclined to release him to a half way house in Portland and not back to his home town in Ohio.
Shawna Cox - at the outset the Judge expressed willingness to consider release ... after the standoff ends.
Women get a presumption and consideration that is unheard of for men.
At this point my bum was sore, legs tired, and I needed water, coffee, and anything to eat.
I did not expect the hearings to be finished till 7 or 8.
Uniformed and plain clothes police were a huge ominous presence. They sent us back to our car twice. First to leave my camera. Then to leave our cell phones. They we found out they were screwing with us. As they let everyone after us in with cell phones but took them at the court room door.
Every one was well behaved the entire time. They warned that some may not get seating but with some standing room it looked like everyone got in.
Most of the spectators were
and a few like me actual spectators.
There was appeared to be a large group of what looked like law students or young lawyer looking types who got special seating in the jury box.
I would love to play poker with the judge. She telegraphed her mood with sever to soft features. She was clearly sympathetic to O’Shaughnessy, Shawna Cox, and grudgingly to Santilli. Everyone else are going to have to wait in jail for justice.
Clearly the court is yet unwilling to consider the distinction between guns for protection and guns for threats and intimidation.
Whether Waco was a real possibility is not whether the court thinks it is reasonable but rather did the occupiers.
The arguments by Ammon and Santilli for the occupation to end was lost on the judge.
I have pages and pages of notes.