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Saturday, January 23, 2016


By: Rene’ Powers - investigative journalist and hostess of One Mom On A Borough
The Cave is a topic of conversation across the social media, you may not know about it, but the Cave is where the meetings for the Free Masons are held in the Harney/Burns area. Both Sheriff Ward and Judge G(N)asty are members. Here is a picture before i get into the story, see for yourself . The cave is blackened with soot from fires inside used to light it when the meetings are held and it has stadium like seating. The stories i am being sent regarding this cave leave me questioning the moral fiber of the men within what i am calling, “The Pandora’s Box”:
The Pandora's Box?
The night of January 19th the Harney County Sheriff Ward and his cohort, Steve Grasty (now known as Judge Nasty by many who see him as a tyrannical figure), hosted a town hall meeting, which had very few in attendance until some came over following the KrisAnne Hall Seminar. KrisAnne ended her seminar prior to the town hall meeting in order that any who wished to attend the town hall meeting could attend. The number in attendance was minuscule, possibly 200. In two nights KrisAnne drew over 1350 attendees, over 350 on the first night and from witness acccounts, 1000 the second night.
KrisAnne Hall teaches about the Constitution and the people of Burns celebrate
The Mainstream Media was very bias in their reporting of the townhall meeting that followed KrisAnnes Seminar and having sat through the entire live streamed event it was obvious the audience speaking out was stacked by someone wanting the Refuge vacated. At one point a woman stood up, known as a relative of Steve Grasty, and was puppetering Grasty’s cause. The Main Stream Media is being extremely dishonorable and to call themselves journalists leaves out the word, “Fictional”, as they are now “Fictional Journalists” delivering stories packed with lies and manipulation to sway belief that the town is all one sided and against Ammon. It is not.
Ammon attended both the seminar and the town hall meeting, his courage and ability to stay calm when the Grasty firing squad began firing was admirable. What was anything but admirable were Ward and Grasty. The show they put on, without allowing Ammon to even speak, appeared staged with comments and those helping their narrative come out.
The meeting was divided, between those saying they wanted the Mitigators to leave and those voicing they wanted them to stay. One thing they ALL had in common was they wanted the FBI to GO! The unity was in the fact all want less government and more local control in their delivery of their opinions. As more residents of Harney and the surrounding communittees research and learn about the Constitution and how it is to be the true Law of The Land, their opinions are that the Federal Control must go, while those in bed with the BLM are doing everything in their power to hang on and keep the secrets hidden.
A woman named Donna Hammond, no relation to the Hammonds attached to this story, speaks out and says send the BLM packing.
Those who have watched the interactions between Ammon and the FBI on January 21st and 22nd saw that the FBI is posturing with the Sheriff to create confusion and intimidation, scare tactics. The FBI says the Sheriff is in charge, the Sheriff defers to the FBI. Then when pressed the FBI says they are in charge and the Sheriff gave them permission, yet no written proof will be produced for the people to see. Ammon remained calm in his communications even as the negotiators attempted to manipulate him to aggression.
one independent civilian reporters findings, Don’t be a KNUCKLEHEAD: (on the 22nd the FBI negotiator know only as “Chris” was again a no show. Ammon determines that to continue to seek to negotiate with a man not willing to come to meet in person may mean he truly does not have the ability to negotiate without the okay from someone above. He is most likely not the right man.)
As this story continues there are many caveats to consider, such as the Indian Artifacts. The interesting events with the Indian Artifacts have shown that the volunteers and the BLM left the artifacts in “ruins”, literally in ruins. Yet, stories have come out with lies about the people at the refuge damaging and destroying the artifacts, when in fact that is not true. Le Voy Finicum and Ammon Bundy have put out many requests for Tribal members to come and take care of the artifacts, seeking to bridge the communication. Just today i saw a distrubing letter sent out by the Pieute Tribal Committee that was not at all in accordance with peaceful remedy, but was full of misinformation. i fear the Federal Agencies are using tactics against the Tribal members to seek their own agenda rather than release the truth. i fear the threats may be more sinister than most could imagine.

Paiute Tribe responds without communicating with La Voy or personally researching the truth at the refuge themselves. This should be of concern to all who read this letter and post from facebook. Especially after you watch the video showing that the artifacts were left to rot in rat feces and urine, thrown onto shelves being destroyed. The Tribe states the Refuge is a Federal Crime scene? Last i remember we live in America, innocent until proven guilty and by the Law of the Land these men have broken no laws. Why aren’t tribal leaders going out to see for themselves? Have they been threatened to stay away as employees of the BLM and other agencies have? Are you okay with this game of lies? As one who is looking at both sides of this i am shocked at the following letter and post followed by a letter posted by a Malheur Refuge Volunteer:
page one of the Paiute Tribe letter
page two of the Paiute Tribe letter
Facebook page
Here is the letter posted by a Malheur Volunteer, though they did not give their name, saying they were speaking for the staff. i do know the writer is saying they speak for all, when in fact the deck is not stacked in the manner they are portraying. Will someone answer who the “we” is that wrote this?
An open letter to our friends, our supporters, and many curious about what's going on here.
From: The Staff of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge To: Our Friends, Partners, and the American Public
Dear Friends, Many have asked us to comment on the ongoing situation at Malheur NWR. We have refrained because we care deeply for the community, and want to ensure our words do not inflame an already heated situation. However, we believe it is important that our views and position are known.
We believe many in the media (as well as those sympathetic to the illegal occupiers) were surprised to hear that the community—while frustrated with the Hammond situation—did not leap to the support of the militants. We are not surprised.
For over 100 years, our Refuge employees have been members of this community. We study, watch our kids play basketball, worship, commune, and interact with our fellow Harney County citizens—not as a ‘we vs. they’—but as an ‘us.’
In a community with nearly 40% of working adults engaged in some form of government, we are all touched or involved in the public process. In Harney County, that means we talk. We have cups of coffee. We have arguments. Together we knit our brows, and together we knit scarves. We understand what those currently occupying the Refuge don’t understand---that Harney County isn’t afraid of tough talk.
We can have effective disagreements and either find resolution, find compromise, or simply agree to disagree. But we do it with respect for the rule of law, and know that our areas of agreement and cooperation are infinitely more powerful than the differences we may face. Mostly, we face those differences together with open dialogue and open gates—not intimidation and threats. We have access to each other, because we are not afraid to confront difficult situations or have difficult conversations.
It pains each of us that we are missing our obligations to you—as church leaders, as 4-H advisers, as friends, and as school volunteers. We hope to be back soon and pick up where we left off. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support. We know (as you do too) that it is not our Refuge that has been occupied; this is Harney County’s and America’s Refuge. We are excited to be part of the eventual healing process for our community. We believe that this difficult situation will lead to even stronger bonds between the Refuge and the community that has supported us. We feel for you, because we are you.
We will get through this—because: We. Are. Harney. County.
People around the nation are opining about why this is happening, we see many, what is thought to be, paid trolls on blogs and MSM articles. We hear facts about a Russian based company Uranium One and ties to the Clintons, Human Trafficking, BLM stories of destruction to lives and land, and there are stories that would lead you to believe there is nothing wrong in Harneyville, that the Hammonds got what they deserved. The lies and disinformation being disseminated to the public at large is actually very damaging, as the psyops of the Federal Agencies intended it to be, and Judge Grasty seems to be right in the thick of all of it.
HUMAN TRAFFICKING & NATIVE PEOPLES IN OREGON: A HUMAN RIGHTS REPORT: This report, entitled “Human Trafficking & Native Peoples in Oregon: A Human Rights Report” (“the Report”), focuses specifically on Native populations within Oregon. This Report, like the 2010 Report, is not a social science study that attempts to measure the level of human trafficking involving Native Americans. Rather, it is a human rights legal fact-finding report that sets out to measure whether federal, state, and local government officials are meeting their obligations under international, national and state law in prosecuting traffickers, protecting survivors, and preventing trafficking as it involves the Native population in Oregon.
Opinions, as they say “are a dime a dozen, everyone has one”, but, not everyone bases their opinion on facts, many just like to gossip and love to kick people just for the sake of opining. Those who opine without facts is wasting your time in debate, seek out those who chose to seek the truth, even when threatened for their actions. One has to ask, “why would anyone threaten you for simply asking about the Constitution or seeking to find truth?” If your opinion is based on knowledge of facts it is worth it’s weight in gold, or the lies may possibly be worth Uranium.
i ask all that opine consider researching and you will find a foundation of more questions than answers. The answers you do find will create less confusion as you see the ones causing the chaos are not at the refuge, but right behind the real terror..your own government. That my friends is the hardest part to digest. Those of us who are not anti government, but pro transparency are shaking our heads in saddness that America has been so duped.
Ammon Bundy and KrisAnne Hall have changed the way the rest of the world views Harney County, Burns County, the Oregon Governor, the Federal Government, the media and the people. The world is watching as the sheeple in a small town wake up and realize that the ones they have been following are being outed as “Wolves in Sheep's Clothing”. The one who is showing himself as the Wolf with the largest teeth is Judge Grasty and it is apparent his fangs are about to be pulled.
in closing;
Sheriff Ward has been called a good man put in a very bad situation and he is way over his head in this. He is not experienced enough to deal with the negotiations or responsibility. It was stated by a retired Law Enforcement Officer, who was a negotiator for 15 years, that Ward was way out of his league. Sheriff Ward appears to be led by another person, one standing behind him pulling all the strings. The man many say is pulling the strings is Judge Grasty.
Judge Grasty is both engrained and ingrained in all aspects of Harney county. From Grasty’s seat as a commissioner and judge a conflict exists, as a committee member of too many committees for me to name here, as now the Public Health Administrator (with no resume for such after firing the previously qualified one, and that is a whole other can of worms as this position gives him access to all health records and vital records, direction of actions that include children's health too.), his conflict in decision making due to his affiliation Palmer Excavation Inc., with the Center for Biological Diversity as he has ties back to their work, high ranking in the Free Mason’s that hold meetings in an eerie cave full of blackened walls and stadium seating and much more. Grasty’s attitude that he is untouchable is noticeably troubling to anyone who takes the time to see, this Pandora's box is HUGE. Why so many pedofiles are dropped off in Harney County? And, what amount of discussions is Grasty having with the FBI and Governor Brown?
Judge Grasty decides only chosen people can attend public meetings:
What has given Grasty the thought that he is too big to fail, untouchable? What does he have on so many above him that he can stand as the ruler, rather than the public servant? Is it that he can cover his own behind by giving up so many others?
With a town that is so obviously hidden behind a dark curtain it is eerie as we watch the interactions within the town hall meetings. Once you start a simple journey to knowledge, to form a literate opinion, you may find more than you cared to see. The residents that are seeing the facts revealed are standing up and being heard. In this journalists opinion the town of Harney residents have been led by the Wolves for far too long.
i pray for all who have not taken the time to reach out and meet the men at the refuge to go, talk to them, learn for yourself. Are you not going because you have been threatened to stay away? If that is the case i hope to see you hold your tongue with opinions to these men and women as it is unkind to assume rather than know. i pray for anyone, any child, any victim of any wrong doing within the Burns area who is afraid to come forth, that you come forth and tell your story.
My concerns and opinions are based on research and it is my opinion that this town will heal, the truth will come out. The people of Burns will be standing up with their new found knowledge of the Constitution because of two very key people sharing it, Ammon Bundy and KrisAnne Hall. Thank you both.
irish lass/rp
Additional thanks;
i would also like to publicly thank Pete Santilli, yes i am saying it! Thank you Pete for your continued coverage of this unbelievable story. Like him or not, he is there and the camera continues to roll. Without Pete, Deb, and “Orange Hat Man”, covering this story around the clock we would not be seeing the truth. Thank you to Pete, Deb and Ken.
and thank you to Brandon Curtiss and his crew with Pacific Patriot Network (PPN), the Three Percenters, Militia, OathKeepers, Minutemen, Guardians of the Oath, the independent people uploading the evidence to you tube, all those at the refuge center helping, Civilians and to all the honorable public servants who are stepping up for the people.
and a shout out to Cori Gunnells who assisted me in getting pictures and research. as they say, "it takes a village".

Free the Hammonds :