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Monday, October 3, 2016

Heartbreak for our children and their daddy - Marylynn Bundy

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Today, I would like to share with you some of the heartbreaks that our family has faced recently. When our daughter had her birthday in July, she came home from a shopping trip to a beautiful bouquet of flowers that were sent to her from her daddy.  Her daddy had a little helper to help him get this delivery done.  She loved her flowers.  She cried about her flowers.  She even got all dressed up and had me take her around town and take pictures of her with her flowers so she could send to her daddy.  She wanted her daddy to see how pretty her flowers were and how happy they made her.  She placed these flowers right by her bed so she would be able to see them every night. 

  Yesterday, I saw my daughter bring these flowers out of her room.  Now, remember her birthday was in July and now it is October.  I thought she was going to throw them away.  But instead she filled the vase up with water.  I was puzzled at what she was doing.  These flowers are completely dead. They are over three months old.  She then went into her room and I followed her and saw her spraying these flowers with a spray bottle of water.  I asked her what she was doing and she said, "I read if you water your flowers and spray them with water that they will last longer.  I don't want them to die because dad gave them to me."  I had to quickly leave the room because I started to bawl.  She is afraid and scared that these flowers from her daddy will die.  She doesn't want the memory to die.  She loves her daddy and misses him so much.   These flowers bring her so much comfort during this hard time in her life.

Another heartbreak, is that today we had a birthday party for our son.  My sister said to me, "Do you realize that Dave has now missed everyone of his children's birthday's this year?"  Our children's birthday's start in March and go until October.  This also broke my heart.  Dave loves birthdays.  He loves spoiling his children on their birthdays and making them feel special.  He would never miss a birthday.  It breaks his heart to not be able to spend everyday day with his family especially their birthdays.

Lastly, as I was talking to Dave tonight I mentioned to him that I was thinking about taking our four year olds training wheels off and seeing if he could ride a bike.  After I said this, I noticed Dave was very quite and then I could hear him cry.  Again my heart broke for my husband and our children.  I do not like to hear my husband cry because he can't be here to experience moments with his family.

I try to do my best to make people believe that I am strong and a brave women.   But I am definitely not as brave and strong as you think I am.  Tonight my heart is breaking for our children and their daddy.   When people ask me if I am ok I just really want to tell them that I am not ok.  How could I be ok with what is going on with our family and other families in this country?  My heart is breaking for all of the children and their daddies.  Then, I begin getting really frustrated and asking the questions of Why.  Why would the country that we love lock away our daddy/husband for absolutely no reason at all?  Why would they want children and families to suffer?  Why would they not let him come home?

I continue to ask you for prayers and support for all the families involved.  But, also please become more involved by educating yourselves on this issue and make your vote count so that these daddy's don't miss out on anymore birthday's or events in their children lives. Thank you to all of you that do pray and support our families.  We are indeed grateful for your love and support.